Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2012 Resolutions

It's 9:14 here. Baby is in bed sleeping, Hubby is watching the Jazz game & im blogging. Yup, sounds like any other night here in our casa. But tonight isn't just any night, it is New Years Eve! Taking a look back [check earlier post for official look back] I can't believe its almost over.Just 2 hours and 46 minutes to be exact. This year started out so slow, then on January 24th our little man joined the world and then it's like life decided to go into "hyper-active-hyper-drive...and uhh astro-uh-turf" [sorry...I just couldn't help myself, also I hope someone besides me knows what im talking about ;)]. So like any other new years, I have some resolutions. But this year is different. I am actually planning them, writing them down, and am DETERMINED to follow through. Usually I just through out some random resolution when someone asks and it lasts all but a day, all this planning has to mean something this year right? With a house [hopefully...everyone is on vacation this last week or two and its been a pain and mess to get anything done...but if all goes well, mid January we can move in!] in the works, I really need to do some planning and goal making. You have to 'ink' it to think it, So with out further adieu my resolutions for 2012.

First off, and probably the most important is be the best momma to my son I can possibly be! Spend as much time as possible with him, teach him new things, make him laugh, and make sure he is extra loved and spoiled.

I want to get healthier. A life style change as one would put it. My major goal is to loose the baby weight. I want to be down to my wedding weight by our anniversary. Doing the math, that's about 6 pounds a month I would need to loose. I think this is doable & attainable. I want to stop with all soda, and majority of the juice I drink. Strictly water. I need to start exercising again & stretching every day. No gym membership, they don't motivate me. It actually has the opposite effect since I have no clue what I am doing. So just some simple routines at home, or borrowing the in laws elliptical.  I hope these mini goals will help me attain my main goal.

I need to get better at taking my camera with me. Don't get me wrong, I take lots of pictures but I miss out on some fun outings I wish I would have pictures of.

I want to floss EVERY DAY. I floss, just not every day like I tell my dentist I do ;)

I want to cut back on my TV/Internet time. As much as I love my blogs, FB, pinterest, etc I need to invest more time in real life [yes I realize I am blogging as I type this].

I WILL be more organized. I'm the farthest person from organization you have probable ever met. And OCD is something I actually WISH I had. For next year I already have plans for a family planner and Budget binder. 

I want to spend more time with my friends! This year has been a tough one on my friendships. Between having a baby and then moving into Tanners parents and working two jobs it has been hard. I plan to set aside time just for my ladies! And actually having a place of our own to invite friends over to will be a blessing.

We are going to start budgeting and following most of Dave Ramsey's money make over. We have been reading his books and I am super excited to start this one. It's going to be hard, and take discipline with our money, but we can do it!

I want to read atleast one book every month.

I need to take my dog on more walks.

I want to set aside special date nights for me and the Hubby. The year we had has been a tough one on our marriage, as it would any ones marriage. We need more time as a couple, just going out and enjoying being together.

ok, I think I got them all. Now that I have put this out there Im giving you all a special job. You are now going to be held responsible. If I ever mention giving up any of these please remind me of this post. It's ok to fall of your horse, as long as you get back on and keep riding!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope 2012 brings you all kinds of joy and memories!


  1. All great resolutions. I still need to make mine. You gave me some great ideas. We can keep each other accountable. I'm so excited for 2012 and yours is going to start off with a new exciting!

  2. Date nights, budgeting, and getting healthy are all on my list too. :)

  3. Great resolutions. I havent made any but need to also cut back on the internet/tv time. I also want to do date nights. I know their important to keep the flame alive. :)