Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas

*please bare with me, Some of these many pictures did not upload in order & I don't feel like doing it again so it may be a little out of order. Also this is my babies first Christmas so I am documenting everything & this will be long. You have been warned*

 We started of Christmas eve at Tanners grand parents, or mor mor and far far as they are known to the great grandchildren. They are sweedish. technically "mor mor" and "far far" are not completely correct terms but I think its fun and it differentiates the grandparents from the greats. I love them to pieces. On Christmas eve they make a big dinner of Lutefisk. It tastes just like it sounds ;] actually, I love seafood and it isn't too bad. Pretty mild actually. Its a type of fish from the Sweden region.

 Hudson helping Far Far find some music.
 This is a tradition Tanners grandpa would do as a boy, and Tanner did as a boy as well. After dinner you would go outside and dance around the trees and in the streets to celebrate the day and welcome Santa. Normally they would have a women playing an accordion. We settled for a boom box and an old tape.It was a surprisingly warm Christmas for Utah.

 This was mine and tanners presents from his grandparents. He got a t-shirt and I got a windmill.

 Hudsons very first Christmas present! A stuffed Lion. 

After we headed to my parents house to open our Christmas Eve presents and put out some milk/cookies for Santa.
 Isn't our little elf adorable? His hat says "my very first Christmas"
 He got to open a present from his great aunt Shantel. He got a toy truck and a froggy hooded blanket.

 My little sister was so excited to open her one present. She opened clothes! HAHA she was a little disappointed and I had to laugh.

So Christmas day I had to work [blah...] So we had to plan our day.
We woke up bright and Early to go to my moms for presents and breakfast.

 This was Hudsons corner of presents. The car was such a hit!

 My sister jade opening some presents.

 He sat in that car forever!

 My daddy opening his gift! We got him a braves baseball cap.
 I love my mommy
 My sister is about to open her big gift for the day...
 she was so excited....
 The lucky little lady got a.....[oh and that vacuum? yup thats ours. Our first real vacuum im stoked!]

So from my parents Hudson got his cozy coup car, a mini baseball t-ball, an abc/123 musical dog, a toy that you put the different shapes into, a big toy dump truck, shoes, swim suit with floaties and shoes, and tons of clothes!! Aunt Jade got Hudson this adorable Rain forest musical play thingee. Hudson loves to make the monkey dance. Me and the Hubby got our new vacuum, a new comforter for our bed, some cool games for our new backyard!!! some work clothes and shoes for me, byu [booo!!] shirts and hoody for Tanner, A whole bunch of different teas and the cutest owl tea pot!  Im sure im missing some, but thank you so much mom and dad! and auntie jade! you made Christmas so awesome.

After my moms we headed to Tanners moms for another breakfast and presents. These pics are some that uploaded weird and our at the bottom of my post. so I will tell more about that in a few.

We then opened our presents. I got the hubster a new shaver/beard trimmer, some cologne, a new shirt, Sunny with a chance DVD, some new pjs & candy :D

And he was just amazing and got me EXACTLY what I wanted.
A sewing machine! YAY!
Now it's nothing fancy, but its perfect for a beginner and from what I can see does a lot of different stitches. In our family my husband sews. Yup thats right. He can sew pretty much anything. He mad our car seat cover, a comforter for our bed and more. So he will be teaching me. I have lots of ideas planned!!
[are you a sewer? do you have any tips for a beginner like myself? I would love any and all help!]
& Hudson got me a bunch of sewing accessories. It was perfect and I was legitimately surprised.

Santa brought Hudson an awesome wooden rocking moose, some really cool monster accessories for his new bathroom & some Christmas books. He also got a steering wheel dashboard thingee that lights up and makes noise and a pop up tent with a tunnel.
as you can see he got spoiled!
 [the rocking moose I forgot to bring down and wasn't in the picture :( but there is one a little later]

 Little man with all his toys!

 Can not believe my baby is sooo big!

 Hudson loves to give loves to everything! This is his awesome guitar Aunt Ash, Uncle Bri, and Cousin Ella got him.

 He seriously has to carry EVERYTHING!

 This was Hudson tryin to say "ho ho ho" Cousin Ella would walk around saying it, and he would follow saying "oh ho ho ohhh"

 His lion he got from mor mor and far far

So after my moms we went to Tanners parents....yea its time to back track now.
We had such a good time with everyone and seeing the littles open their presents.
Tanners parents got all the boys a new GPS. Tanner is in love I think. He used it to go to Ikea, which I am pretty sure I could drive there in my sleep. But he had to "check how well it worked". Whatever, he is happy. All the girls got a brand new kindle!!! I am so beyond excited for this you have no idea. I just can't decide what book to get first!! any suggestions?! I would love some.
We also pick names with all the kids for who gets who a present that year. Tanners brother got me a sweet pair of shoe slippers. I love them. And Tanner got a ukulele from his brother Brian. He has been addicted to it. It's fun, but sometimes I already wanna hit him over the head with it.
Our little niece Ella and Hudson got spoiled by everyone! Ella got a brand new dolly fully equipped with horsey, stroller & crib. A recordable story book that her papa read to her [hudson got one too! I love it] and a new pink trike from grama and papa. Hudson got her some play dough, and we got her some cute clothes.
Now uncle Jason and Aunt Jamie got Hudson and Ella them same thing, but a boy version and a girl version. They got them pop up tents. It was HILARIOUS when they opened them. Ella opened hers a littler faster and was so excited for the princesses, then Hudson got his open and it was toy story. Needless to say Ella was a little more excited over buzz then her princesses. Ah Kids!
Hudson got some blocks, a remote control police car, and a new high chair from his papa and grama. And Ash, Bri, And Ella got him his awesome guitar [see about photos] and a new guitar shirt he is wearing below.
 We had fun with Hudson's new blocks!

 Showing everyone his new rocking moose!
 The car dashboard thing I mentioned earlier.
 The two best little cousins! I love them.

 We even got to go outside to enjoy our new toys! Of course they want to play with each others toys more.

Now this was actually the weekend before Christmas, but I didn't take my camera [again! this needs to be a new years resolution for me!] so I only managed to steel 2 pics of us! But This is the Woods family party. It is SO much fun. We have dinner then play this awesome Christmas present game. Simply put there are hundreds of presents. Usually dinky stuff under a dollar [candy, erasers, dollar store toys, etc] and one grand prize 25 dollar gift card. You start by passing around dice [we use quite a few sets of dice] and whenever yo roll a double you go pick out a present from the middle. Then once all the presents are gone you start round two. In this round you have to have all your presents in front of you and we time for 3 minutes and whenever you roll doubles you get to steel a present from whoever you want. At the end of the 3 minutes you get to open your presents. We got lots of candy, holiday socks, and a puzzle. Hudson got a pretty sweet toy truck.

Overall we had a fantastic Christmas and got so spoiled by our loved ones! I was so happy to have my little man and our little family this year! It was so fun that he was so big for his first Christmas so he could get a little more into it. He wasn't the biggest fan of opening them though. He would rip of a little strip of paper then either wave it in the air or try to eat it. So momma ended up opening most of them. He loves all his new gifts, and I wish I could know what he was thinking when they just kept coming!

If you actually read this whole thing, WOW. Sorry it was so long. But it's my babies first, I just couldn't miss one single detail!

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas filled with love and family.


  1. Looks like Hudson made out pretty well! Have fun with your sewing machine! I really want one too... I would love to learn to sew.

  2. The cozy coupe is always a big hit! :-)

    yay for your new sewing machine! I'm sure you'll learn fast, especially if your hubby is there for tips...have fun!