Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy 10 months little man

Happy 10 months to this little man.
So, im really behind on this post. He turned 10 months on Thanksgiving (11/24/11)
But, I took this pics only 1 week late so that's good right?
So, my mom is all ready for Christmas, and Hudson loves the tree/presents so I thought this would keep him entertained for pics. Not really. Most are blury or of his but as he walkes away.

Hudson, you are just growing way way way to fast! At ten months you:
-Weigh around 19/20 pounds and around 29/30 inches long! (home measurements)
-You are in mostly 12 month clothes. Some 9-12 month still fit. 12-18 month jammies. Size 3 diapers. And between a size 3 & 4 in toddler/baby shoes
-You still get up at least once a night. and cat nap. But with daddy on the weekends you nap for an hour. whats up with this mister?
-You are walking and running all over the place! Its so cute to see you move around. You like to squat to pick things up, or look in places you can't see. I don't know why but I find this adorable.
-You carry everything. It doesn't matter how big, awkward, tall or heavy you try and most of the time succeed at picking it up.
-Were getting better with finger/thicker foods. You have eaten Puffs, bread, banana, eggs (you love eggs!), noodles, cheese, olives, avocado, stuffing & some more I just cant think of them all
-You are on regular similac formula. You drink roughly 6-7 oz ever 4ish hours
-You can now throw balls. Its so cute!!
-You can shake your head when we say "no no no no no"
-You now clap the right way. Its kinda sad, but still adorable
-Starting on 12/4/11 whenever we say 'dance' you spin in circles till you fall over
-On your official 10 month birthday you still had no teeth! But on 12/1/11 you FINALLY cut your bottom right tooth. Then on 12/2/11 your left one cut through.
-You absolutely love dogs! Its your new word. You call them "dah". You follow greeley around the house pointing at him and say "dah dah dah"
-You are starting to give real good hugs! You wrap your arms around my neck and it melts my heart!
-You blow kisses & wave bye bye & hello & can point
- You 'talk' all the time. Its so cute that you just babble and babble and I laugh at how cute you are
-You are the biggest flirt ever. When we go shopping tons of people stop to say how cute you are.

Hudson, I can not believe I have a ten month old son! When did this happen? Pregnancy feels like forever. But these last 10 months have gone in the blink of an eye. I try so hard to hold on to each moment, and each stage. Which is so hard with you since you are an over achiever and before I know it you are starting to do something new. Always remember you mean the world to me & I would do anything for you. I love you more then you will ever know!

Love you Huddy Buddy
Mommy & Daddy

some pics of your 10 month 'photo shoot'

 You weren't very happy to have your hat on!
You also have a fascination with toilets. gross.
Reminds me, I need to get locks for those!


  1. Cute!

    Make sure you read reviews or something before buying toilet locks. We just picked some up at Target when Raya was little and they were the biggest joke ever! They'd constantly fall right off the toilet and if an adult sat on the toilet it would poke into their leg haha. We eventually gave up and just kept the bathroom door shut!


  2. What a cutie. I love his onesie. My little guy is almost 10 months and still no teeth.

  3. Oh my goodness, that onsie with the tie is way too cute! Happy 10 months to your guy. Enjoy every second with your sweet baby. He will be big before you know it.