Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kennecott Copper Mines

*Fun fact, this is my 100th post :D crazy stuff*

We took Hudson to see some BIG trucks this past weekend. The Kennecott Copper Mine is just about 15 minutes from our house and we know how much Hudson loves all things cars so we thought it would be fun to take him. The mine is pretty cool, its one of only two man made things that can be seen from space. [in case your wondering, the other is the great wall of China]

He kept climbing up the cement. I was getting nervous there isnt much space to stand on that thing.

These tires are 12 feet tall!!! insane that giant trucks are down in the mine.
..these are also the same trucks that mater and lightening make tip over in cars two..

Hudson would try and climb the little railing and kept screaming "car car car car!"

To get a feel how big this is, that arrow is pointing to a truck whose tires are this big......

crazy huh?

Inside the little museum, a picture once again of the giant trucks.

Just taking a drink brake. He was having a blast running around and pointing at all the cars [cars, trucks, planes, tractors, etc = car]

It was alot of fun! After we left we stopped by the park to slide and swing.

One of our friends met up with us and brought his little doggy. Elmo and Hudson got along great and Hudson would walk him around and just laugh. I think he needs a puppy ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Tour: Hudson's Room

When we got this house the color theme for Hudson's room changed many many many times. We shared a room for almost a year while we lived with Tanners parents so I was very excited to really get to give Hudson his own space. Since Hudson was one when we moved in, I also wanted something that was a little more "big boy" and less baby-ish. Hudson is obsessed with all things cars. After discussing it with Tanner we decided that we would do a car theme (but NOT car's the movie theme) and just make it subtle. We chose a blue and red color theme and once Hudson gets a big boy bed, I'm pushing for a car bed :) Also, whenever we decide to have another baby, if its a boy they will share this room. I will probably move the dresser into the closet and put the other bed there. 

This is Hudson's Room before:

And this After:

I think it turned out so cute!

His cute license plate shelf and cute picture frame my mom got us for Christmas.

I love this table and chairs! When you push in the chairs it looks like a stack of tires.

I was originally looking for a toy box, but i'm SO happy I want with the square shelves thingy. He has legos in the bottom blue bin, the right red one has all his toy cars, the left red one holds some puzzles and some misc. toys. And the top blue one holds some old baby-ish toys he has outgrown. It also has a place for his books, his tball set, his music set and some other misc. toys. I HIGHLY recommend this for everyone! Its so much better then everything lost in a box. 

The mickey lamp was from my great grandma..she passed away before Hudson was born but I was so happy to pass it on to him.

This side of his room is pretty bare...any suggestions??
Also, don't mind the boring crib..we didn't buy any matchy matchy sets..just a bunch of target white sheets.

First off, I promise he has LOTS more clothes..this momma just stinks at laundry and needs to catch up on like 5 loads.
Also, the blue bin on the floor holds all his shoes, and the red one is his dirty clothes hamper.

The two drawers up top hold his clothes as he grows out of them.

Lots of stuffed animals, and the zig zag box on top is his baby box.

Cute little hand prints.

Hudsons room was so much fun to do! The stripes were a major major pain to paint, but so worth it!

15 Months!

Hudson is 15 whole months old now! (well...15 3/4 but who is counting?)

Weight: 21.75 lbs only the 9%
Height: 32 inches
Teeth: 6, 4 on top and 2 on bottom
Diaper: 4
Clothes: 18 month
Shoe: Size 5
Hair: Getting lighter and lighter. Your our little blondie. You have had 3 hair cuts too! It grows fast like your mommas
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods:  You getting better at eating. But still not great. You will eat the first few bites of anything really good, then after that your all done. But you LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter. This has to be your favorite. 
Favorite toys:  books, your slide, your rocking moose, and your musical guitar are your faves
Favorite activities:  You love to go for wagon rides, Hang out with cousin Ella, pet the doggies, run around the park, and watch cars!
 What you've been up to:

At your doctors appointment your doctor was worried about your weight (you have only gained .5 lbs since your 12 month check up) So we have to work and getting you to eat better. Then means less cracker snacks and more solid meals :) Doc said add butter, cream or peanut butter to whatever we can ;) I think you like that idea.

The doctor also says you have reactive airways. You can click here to read all about that.

You eat pretty much ANYTHING, but as stated just little bits of it. Some of the favorites though are yogurt, toast, cereal, pb&j, spaghettios, pasta, crackers and hot dogs.

You got a new slide from aunt jaida, your pro at going down. Now you have learned to climb up the slide and slide down the stairs. Stinker.

You are getting SO independent! You want to do everything by yourself. Feed yourself. Turn on/off all lights. Open doors. Push the grocery cart. You name it. It makes mommas days very long. ;)

You love to climb, on EVERYTHING!

You are talking up a STORM! You constantly say things I didn't even know you knew. Your favorite phrase is I WAN DAT! I hear this many many many times a day. You also have started repeating us if we ask you to say something. Sometimes your response is hilarious.As of now all the words you know and use by yourself  (without us telling you to repeat) are:
momma, dadda, babba, shoeeee, wah-er (water), hi, buh-bye, dogg, cah-cah (yuckky), cracker, birrr (bird), CAR!, papa, maw-ma (grandma), pee buh-er (peanut butter), Ella, day-duh (jaida), ball, buh (book), eeeeh (eat), gee-lee (greeley our dog), no-no-no-no, goo-gurt (yogurt), tuhger (tiger), cold, haugh (hot). I am probably forgetting some!

Speaking of words Momma is VERY baby hungary. I guess its safe to say we had a "scare" about 2 months ago and even though I was relieved when the test said NO, I was also a little disappointed. I have been teaching you to say brother and tell daddy you wanna be a brother ;) Maybe one day it will work. ;)

You know tons of body parts, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, nose, belly button, toes, fingers, and bum!

You know animal sounds. Dinosaur, cow, dog, snake, & tiger.

You will point to your owies and make us kiss them better. It is so cute!

It is safe to say your addicted to the movie cars. Whenever we turn on the TV you start getting exciting going "CARS CARS CARS CARSSSSS". One time you even hopped on the couch, looked at me, pointed to the TV and said CAR! haha

Hudson you are just so so so much fun. We love that your our son, even when you run us wild. You get us laughing every single day and I love you so much. Happy 15 months little Buddy!

You climbed up the bar stool, on to the table to get moms ice cream!
Playing at the park with miss Keira
Your sweet Tat aunt Jaida got you.

You love to ride the scooter.
How you push the carts, it makes grocery shopping pretty difficult.

Monday, May 14, 2012

He got the job....

8 VERY long months in Arizona.
Countless hours interning.
Working 2 & sometimes 3 jobs at a time.
1 1/2 years of data entry.
Months proving he was up for the job, even working a few 19 hour days.
Have FINALLY paid off :)

My husband started his new job today, as an official Audio Engineer

Congrats babe! I am so proud of you!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reactive Airways

Reactive Airways.
Hard to breath.
Coughing every time you play/run/laugh to hard.
Whatever you want to call it, it stinks.

We had Hudson's 15 month check up this week. You may remember at his 12 month visit they gave him an inhaler to use. Well it worked for the most part, but it was more of a "rescue" type in haler. Can you imagine trying to get a toddler to breath in his air treatments while coughing, and trying to calm him down when all he wants to do is keep playing? This is NOT an easy task.

Hudson got a virus a couple weeks ago. Fever. Cough. Runny Nose. The normal stuff. We took him in to the Doctors though just in case because we had had 2 seperate friends babies be hospitalized within 2 weeks prior. One with Bronchialitis and one with pneumonia. So I was a nervous wreck. It turned out just a virus thank goodness. 2 1/2 weeks later though he is still runny nose and his cough that he gets whenever he runs around or laughs to hard had gotten worse. So worse he would throw up EVERY TIME and it took a good 30 min to calm him down. No Bueno.

After talking with his doctor we concluded Hudson has re-active airways. He is to young for it to be "asthma" but basically they are the same thing. The doc said that viruses are the #1 trigger for re-active airways. Then in return the re-active air ways make it harder to fight the virus and it lasts longer. We have decided to put Hudson on steroids for 5 days to bring down the initial swelling in his lungs. Then he will have a daily medicine (singular) used as preventative medicine. He will still have his inhaler if he needs it. In a month we go back in and if Hudson isn't able to run around without coughing there are other medicines we can try that are a little stronger. I'm not sure how long he will be on the daily medicine. At least for the foreseeable future. Hopefully it will be something he grows out of.

After Hudson's 12 month appointment I was talking with my mom and found out that not only did my little sister have to have an inhaler (I don't remember the technical name, but basically exercise induced asthma & I can't believe I had forgotten about this!) but also my dad had Bronchial Asthma up into his teens. He couldn't play basketball for very long with out having to sit out and rest his lungs and take his inhaler. So the genetics along with his NICU stay both contributed and he was bound to get something like this.

I hate it. I know, its like I am having a little pitty party and things could be much much much worse, but I don't care! It is so not fair that my little guy can't even run around his room for more then 5-10 minutes with out coughing. I don't like seeing him struggle. I wish he could just run and play like he want to oh so badly.

My fingers are crossed that this medicine will work and he will be able to be a normal active toddler in no time!

I just love this little man to pieces.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our NEW Home....before

So we have been living in our home just over 2 months now. We love it so much. There have been a few hiccups along the way though. You may remember that there was a mole in the back yard when we moved in. After talking to one of our new neighbors it looks like the old owners were so upset with the bank and wanted to destroy the yard and was hoping it would go to foreclosure. (we bought it as a short sell). This all makes sense now. The yard was trashed, hadn't been watered in over 8 months. There are weeds everywhere. Also, last week we wanted to turn the water on for the sprinklers...low and behold they packed the box with dirt. We still don't know how were gonna get all the dirt out to turn the sprinklers on. Im afraid they will be broken too. For now, we will just turn the hose on and use a cheep sprinkler from walmart. Were slowly getting the yard looking better. We got a new dandelion killer that we are gonna use this weekend. At this point I would just prefer a green lawn over a yellow one!

Since we moved in we have done lots and lots of painting, cleaning carpets and a few new appliances. But before I post those I would like to show you what are house looked like the day we got our keys!

Our home is a tri-level. There is 3 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms. and an un-finished basement. 

 This is the view right when you walk in the front door. This is the main living room.
 Just to the left of the door.
 Looking from inside the living room. The front door is just to the right. The stairs lead up to the bedrooms and bathrooms. 

 This is the kitchen/eat in. Our table is in front of the bay window.
 Our kitchen. I LOVE the island :))

 Looking from the island. The family room is just a few steps down from the kitchen.
The family room. there are 3 doors on the right side. A closet, the garage & basement.
 Back Doors.
Our backyard and patio covered in snow. 

 The garage. We love the built in shelves!
 The basement...they left a bunch of crap.
Other side of basement. 

 Now heading back upstairs.
 This is the full hall bath. Hudsons bathroom.
 Spare bedroom
 Currently used as storage.
 This is Hudsons room! I promise its lots cuter now ;)
Hudsons room looking from window. 

 This is our Master bedroom. Im in love with the window seat.
 This is our bathroom and closet is to the left.
 Our bathroom. I wish it had a bathtub....but its ok. The shower is just fine.
Our Awesome walk in closet.