Monday, May 7, 2012

Pics, Celebration & Fever

 Very Top: Keira at band practice, Hudson's Easter loot,
& having fun at the park!
Top: Hudson loving on the water, His Easter day outfit, and some cousin lovin
 Hudson Got inked!, My little bunny man, and me after the Color Me RAD 5k!

Top: Date night with the Hubbs, @ the Jazz game, and little man loves to scooter!

 Top: Lunch for Hudson, Lunch for mommy & Cousin Movie night
Bottom: Cute Ella Mae, Hudson with is breathing treatments, and my trip to forks!

Top: Hudson's room, Sick Station for poor lil man last week, and Brotherly Love

 this is our view on our nightly walks

 So, im still trying to figure out the instagram-dumping process :) I kinda messed up tonight, and for the life of me it wouldn't let me text before the pictures. I have been off the internet for far too long! But tonight is a great night, after about 2 1/2 months, and a darn internet. company that messed up my installation we FINALLY  have internet. YAY! However, these pics are us the last few weeks.

While, life as of late is pretty great! I have caught a nasty nasty fever and I fear it will not be going away any time soon. BABY FEVER.
 The Husband laughs every time I mention it, and reminds me that Hudson is equal to at least 3.5 children. & that were going to Disney Land in October (this will be my first time! soo excited :D) and he apparently refuses to have a pregnant wife in Disney Land, go figure. I just can't help it though, Hudson is just dying to be a big brother ;) I keep trying to teach Hudson to say brother, and he is getting really close to it being understandable.
 Next up I need to post about Hudson being a 15 month old TODDLER! but tonight, is just a little HO-RAH for internet & me coming back into blogging full force!

Also, see my new header up at the top?! while im having trouble, how do I get it centered? and Possibly bigger? It isn't working for me, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You don't want to go to Disneyland when you are pregnant. Sam and I were going to go before I found out I was pregnant. Then when I found out, I was going to go anyway, and just pick and chose the rides I went on carefully... but then we had two and I decided it was a bad idea. Apparently the rides you can't go on, are the best ones. And they watch for pregnant women and tell you can't go on rides, from my understanding. That's smart of Tanner.