Friday, April 27, 2012


Well I would say it is about time to share our Easter post! Better late then never.

Easter was a great day! Me and Tanner both had they day off and that hardly EVER happens :)

We started of the morning by going over to mimi and papa's house (higley grandparents). We had a yummy breakfast, Hudson was spoiled & we had a little egg hunt in the front yard.

 Hudson's Easter loot from his grandparents

 As you can tell, very excited for his looney toons

 The Beagle Bunny

 Hudson was an EXPERT egg getter-er

 By far the cutest face ya'll have ever seen!

Next we headed home so Hudson could open his Easter basket and we could all take a nice long nap!

 Hudson's Easter Bunny loot!
A new lawn chair, my first crayola crayons, new bucket, fruit pouches, bubbles, a book and a robot dog "follow me max"

 He LOVES the bubbles
 First ever bite of a chocolate bunny
We took a break outside to try out his new chair & blow some bubbles. He wouldn't let anyone else blow the bubbles.

Then, a little later we went to the Danielson's for dinner and and egg hunt with cousin Ella!
My camera was practically dead when we got I only got a few pics. I need to remember to charge my camera more!

 Hudson and Ella looking for eggs
 blowing more bubbles! Hudson was laughing so hard
 They just love each other

                                                           We had a fabulous Easter!

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