Wednesday, March 18, 2015

4 years old!

 Mr Hudson turned 4 whole years old back in january!! I still am in disbelief he is four! I totally agree with the saying "the days are long, but the years are short". never has something been more true. I swear I only blinked. This boy is just growing up so fast and is my little side kick. He still loves his mom and dad, but is starting to get the im a big kid and i don't need your help attitude. I love seeing him grow up and become independent but I also want time to just slow down.

Weight: 34lbs
Height: 40 inches
Teeth: all of the ones you need so far anyways. haha still cavity free and does great at the dentist.
Clothes: 5t! We got you a whole new 4t wardrobe before Christmas, then BAM you hit a growth spurt and now they don't fit
Shoe:10 and some 11
Hair: still our little blondie.
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods: your still pretty picky! But you love pizza, hamburgers, strawberries, grapes, yogurt, potstickers, and biscuits and gravy
Favorite toys:  anything army man or police man, or animals
Favorite activities: your getting really into indepent play, and your imagination is so amazing to watch. You can set up scenes and just play forever. You love the park, and being outside, playdough is favorite too. 

 What you've been up to:

  •  You loved palying T-ball and are going to play soccer this spring
  • You LOVE animals (especially snakes!) Your favorite shows are octonauts and wild krats recently. You retain so much information on all the animals its crazy! You amaze me by all that knowledge.
  •  Your the best big brother. When porter wakes up you always go up to him and tell him good morning sunshine and ask if he had good dreams.
  • You love playing with cousin ella
  • You will be starting preschool this fall and we have been working hard and doing lots of school work. You can write your own name, know most letters & can count to 29 (almost perfectly).
  • You love that your uncle brian is a police man. You love getting to check out his cop gear, and got to ride in his car. You also will do almost anything if uncle brian does it (like eating certain foods ;) )

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Porter is One!

I can NOT believe Porter is one. I know, every mom says it but they really do grow up so fast. I blinked and the year was over. Porter is the perfect fit into our family. He is a character and loves to make people laugh and tease people. He turned one on 12/16/14. We had his birthday the week before and it was "uno" themed. On his actual birthday we took him to the zoo :)
As of now for the update though Porter is technically 13 months old.

SLEEPING: You are not a good sleeper, just like your brother. Its partially my fault I'm sure. I love to snuggle you boys while you sleep so if I am not in bed with you you wont sleep. You have yet to sleep through the night!! Im praying one of these days it will finally happen. You nap at least once a day, sometimes two times. Usually for around 45 min-1 hour.

EATING:  Your still nursing, and the last week as you were cutting a new tooth you pretty much only nursed and hardly ate anything! I'm not sure when we will stop nursing, I had planned on being done by now but your still going strong!  You will eat pretty much anything. You love cottage cheese, avocados, bananas, toast, peanut butter, eggs. You don't eat a ton though. After a handful of bites you start throwing everything on the floor and wanting out of your high chair.

MILESTONES:  So many milestones since our last update I don't know where to start. The biggest one is that you started walking around your first birthday. By Christmas you were walking great! You can clap, give high fives, give knuckles, blow kisses. 

Weight: 19.5 lbs
Height: 29 inches
Teeth: 4 teeth! (only 2 on your first birthday though)
Diaper size:4
clothing size: 12-18 months
Hair: its still pretty fair, and thin but its coming in more and more. It has a reddish tint so were all excited to see it when it grows in more. 
Eyes: the prettiest blue!


 You love to make everyone laugh. You will pretend to give us things and then take them away and laugh & giggle

You want to be just like your big brother and try to do everything he does

You LOVE to splash in the bath tub

speaking of the bath tub, it's your favorite place. You will go up to the bathroom and start signing "bath" and cry until you get in the tub!

You also love to brush your teeth. You could brush them all day long if we let you

You can say: mom, dad, papa, dog, ball

You can sign: all done, more, bath

You are obsessed with the vacuum. You will cry at the closet door until we get the vacuum out and then you will just sit and try to vacuum forever

You had your first sucker and wouldn't let that thing go!

You are a mamas boy through and through, that is until papa dusty is around


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Huddy plays Tball

Huddy played T-ball this fall
He loved it, and we all loved going an watching him play.
3 year olds are hilarious when it come to sports.
Most would play in the sand, run the wrong way, dog pile over the ball it was so cute!
He was so proud when he got his trophy, it is now in his room on the dresser

I cant tell you how many times he would pick these up to clean them off and make sure they were lined up. We may have an OCD problem

running to catch the ball

Jumping on to third

This little guy loved all the attention he got at the games

Go Green Team!
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Fall Family Fun

Went on a fun little family hike 

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