Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

Hudsons Wish List!

link party from megan, kelly & lindsay

When I saw this link up on two of my favorite blogs (mrs. mommy & girls just wanna have fun) I had to join in! I have a two year old little boy and I LOOOVE dressing him. Boys clothes have come A LONG way if I do say so myself. And now that he is in the toddler stage and out of the baby stage the clothes keep getting cuter and cuter. I have a STRONG distaste hatred for onsies. Am I the only one? I dont know what it is about them, but when I was pregnant I stalked up on them becuase thats what babies wear...well once he hit 6 months I dont think I ever put another onsie on him. It might have something to do with the fact I also hate tucked in shirts. HAHA

Well, if you have followed my blog at all you know we are computerless here at casa de la danielson. It crashed and died a while back (try like summer time) and do to a series of unfortunate events a new computer is being placed on the back burner. We do have a I pad so im not totally with out connections. But I despise blogging on it and I cant upload any pics from my fancy new camera :( So my blog posts have been few and far between...hopefully soon we can fix this. I made the hubby bring his work computer home this time though...just for this post ;)

Since im with out pics of my adorable little guy on this computer I wanted to do something a little differet for Trendy Tot Tuesday. Hudsons wish list :) There are a few stores I LOVE for little boys clothes. Mostly becuase they are not very "babyish" and more trendy. Tareget is great they are for sure getting better boy clothes with every new line that comes out. H&M is fabulous! I got hudson some colored skinnys there for ten bucks! He has red and lime green right now. 77 Kids is probably my FAVORITE for kids clothes. Hands down. However...they are a little pricey so I only shop clearance. & they have some pretty great sales if you can hold off. Old navy is another favorite. I love their basic jeans...they have a great price point and fit hudsons skinny little butt perfect and match basically anything.

Here are some peices I have been eyeing for a while.

These are all from H&M

Here are a few pieces from 77 kids
I really love this place..but they only have like 1/5 of the clothes online,
the store has lots more options.

Here are some from Target.
The shaun white line for toddlers is my FAVE!

Those are just a few of the things I have been longing for for my little guy! I will be going spring/summer clothes shopping for Hudson in the next couple of weeks.  & if you cant tell im loving all these cute graphic baseball hats for Hudson :)


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hudson Says

Kids say the darnedest things, that is for sure.

The other day we were at Rue 21. They have a big section of bras right by their accessories. We were walking through and all of the sudden Hudson says "mommy, Boobies! boobies!" I was trying not to laugh, and just said "yup, they are huh?". Aunt Jaida was with us and she was cracking up! and telling Hudson to shhh. So what did hudson do? He started giggling and basically yelling "boobies, boobies, boobies, boobies!!! HAHAHA boobies!!"

Oh boy.....


Friday, February 8, 2013

Hudson is TWO!!!

Hudson turned the big T-W-O on January 24th!!
I cant believe I have a two year old son.
It really is surreal. 
On Hudsons actual birthday I had a fun day planned. 
We were supposed to go out to breakfast at my moms work, 
then take doughnuts to daddys work.
Then we were going to go play with hudsons friend and then go to the aquarium.
Well...plans changed. 
We got to eat breakfast and Hudson just kept saying he was cold.
He had his coat on inside and was shivering.
It was NOT cold at all. 
Poor thing wouldn't eat anything.
we left a little early and still stopped at daddys work so he could see him.
We barely lasted ten minutes. 
Hudson wouldn't even eat a doughnut.
That is when I knew something was wrong.
So was skipped the rest of the day and just went home to sleep on the couch.
Hudson had a low fever and just wasn't feeling so great.
I was worried because his birthday was that saturday. 
I didn't want him to be sick. 
Luckily the next day he woke up feeling fantastic, and he actually ate. 
Whatever it was im glad it only lasted about a day. 
But it sucks that of ALL the days it was his birthday.
There should be a rule you cant be sick on your birthday. 

His party turned out fantastic! and we went out to eat the next week at planet play. We had a blast!
(those will be a separate post!)

Weight: [according to home scale] 25.5 lbs! 
you have not gained anything in months!
Height: [according to home scale] 35 inches
Teeth:13..almost 14. Your top right canine FINALLY popped through a couple days ago. and the bottom right canine is just barely peeking through.
Diaper: NONE!!!!! we are diaper free. But..just for record sakes. You never got bigger then a size 4
Clothes: 24 month/2t they are still kinda baggy, but you too tall to wear anything else
Shoe: 8!!!
Hair: blondie. Your hair grows sooo fast. Im constantly trimming it. 
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods: peanut butter is still a favorite, toast, yogurt. 
Favorite toys:  anything with wheels, or anything you can shoot. 
Favorite activities: "hide count", imaginary animals

 What you've been up to:
 Two is such a fun age!

  •  You are 100% potty trained! wow...little man I am so proud of you. You have been "day trained" for a while. But I would still put a diaper on you at night time, for naps and if we were going to be gone for a while. But I stopped putting diapers on you for naps since they don't last that long anyways. Then I stopped while we were running errands and you did awesome! The last few weeks you would fall asleep at night and I would just forget to change you into a diaper. But you wake up dry every morning. We have had about 3-5 accidents that I can remember in the last month or so. You are awesome little man!
  • You are getting to be one smart cookie. You know all your colors, you can count to 16. Though you usually start with 3 and skip 1 & 2. You know a few shapes [diamond, circle, star, moon, and sometimes triangle].
  • You have gotten quite and imagination lately. It is so cute! You like to pretend to be certain animals [ie. snake, lion, dog, kitty, elephant] and you crawl on the floor and make the animal noises. You also will tell me "ohhh mom scared! monster over there" or "lion over there" I don't know where you come up with this stuff kid.
  • You are a sponge when it comes to talking. You talk sooo much. I feel like I can actually hold real conversations with you. You have started saying "i do" " I don't" and " I need it". how you learned that? I have no idea...the things your brain picks up on! Or if I ask you a question you go " ummmmm....cuz!" haha. the only down fall is I really have to watch what I say. The other day I stubbed my toe and said "damn it!" well..now you say it all the time. You think its hilarious. If you drop something you will say it. we try real hard not to make a bid deal, we don't laugh or anything or freak out. But we tell you to say " oh coconuts" instead.
  • Speaking of coconuts, Jake and the Never Land Pirates are a favorite right now! as is Micky Mouse, Tangeled, and Despicable Me [or as you call it MINIONS!]
  • You love to read books. although you don't always let me finish before we pick out a new one.
  • You have become a very big mommas boy. I secretly love it! I have been not working now for almost 3 weeks. Lets just say you have gotten very attached. I cant even leave you at grandmas for a couple hours while I run errands with out a total melt down.
  • You can now open our fridge...ugh!...and get your own snack, usually a yogurt then go get a spoon. What? how are you this big!
  • Terrible twos are here...and they are strong! But the good moments FAR out way the bad. So I should be happy :D
  • Your asthma has been horrible this last month. I blame it solely on the crappy air we have been having! It was ranked basically the worst in the nation :( Thats what we get when were in a valley surronded by GIANT mountains on every side I guess. I feel so bad, I want to take you out the play in the 2 foot snow in our front yard..but the air just sucks I don't want to risk it.
  • You know all your super heros! Captain America, Hulk and Spider man are your favorites :) I never thought Id be a boy mom...but I must say super heros are pretty fun and I am learning alot!
  • I love watching you grow and learn. and how you interprut things in your own way. We love playing hide and seek. But you call it "Hide Count". You will yell at me " momma HIDE COUNT!" and if I am finding you I count and say ready or not here I come, then I will say: " is hudson under the table " H: "nope" Me: "is hudson up stairs" H: "nope"...we do this a few times...then Me: "where did hudson go" H: "by the window" hahah I love it! if your finding me you go: "3, 4, not, come!" then you run to me and find me and say "ROOOAAAARRR got you momma"
  • You are still our ball of energy and NEVER EVER sit still.
  • You had your first dentist appointment the week of your birthday. It was a little rough but once you got your prize you were excited. The dentist said everything looks great! and to see you in six months. This dentist is amazing, I wish they would have been around when I was a kid. They are super hero themed. You get a super hero cape on your first visit, then with each check up and no cavities you get to add to your out fit with a shirt, arm bands, head band, etc. They also do themed days and you get a special prize if you come dressed up. They day we went was pajama day. They are incredibly nice and only 5 min from our house! win win

    You are just getting to big for your own good, and im sure your are up to lots more im just forgetting some. We love you so much Hudson, you make our lives so happy each and every day. We couldn't ask for a better son.  

I made a cute shirt for your birthday :D it says "hudson is two"

lock up your daughters ;)

me and two of my favorite boys

being silly at grandmas. Blame dad for the chips...gross!

sagging yo pants.

you got yet another haircut!

this never happens so we had to document!
usually you are a pain in the you know what to take shopping!

future model?
haha! oh boy that smile

practicing shooting your bow and arrow. Your pretty good!

just an average library outing. All car books.

Hudson and Momma!
I love moments like this

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whats for Dinner

Guess who turned two!
Yup...this little guy
I still can not believe it. 
He had a fantastic birthday :)
post up soon about that. 

Todays post is whats for dinner :D
Ive gotten into cooking lately
which im sure my husband is enjoying. 
I decided against a crock pot dinner and went with tacos
But, I wanted to make them healthy
(im on a health kick too...which has lasted over 2 weeks. It might actually be real ;))
Tacos were Wheat tortillas with ground turkey, cheese, onion, and lettuce.
The salad was topped with shredded ranch/taco chicken, avocado, boiled eggs, cheese and 'ancho ranch'.

The chicken was boiled in chicken broth and some dry ranch seasoning. then once cooked, I shredded it and poured the rest of the dry ranch and some taco seasoning right on the chicken. SOOOO good.  [I put leftovers in the fridge and they were good the next day cold too]
The ranch..which I realize isnt the healthiest but its delicious.. was just ranch and taco seasoning.

To drink I made a delicious smoothie I found on pinterest. Basically its any frozen fruit and crystal light. Really easy, approx 1 serving of water and 2 of fruit in each cup plus 0 weight watcher points.
I don't do weight watchers, but if ts 0 points im assuming its good for you.

I used a frozen bag of strawberry, pineapple, and I think mangos. I used mango peach crystal Light and added an Avocado.
Everyone approved!
Avocados are great in smoothies too. They make it creamier like a banana would but you cant even taste the avocado.