Monday, January 30, 2012

Liebster Award :D

Well, this week has been very eventful. Besides Hudson's first birthday and his fabulous party on Saturday I have been battling a nasty little cough and poor Hudson got his very first ear infection :'(. The doctor says we caught it really early though so that is a major plus right? Im behind on my birthday posts, but I have just felt so crummy I have barely logged online at all this week. But I promise my goal tomorrow is to post all about his birthday, and his party! 
One fun thing that happened though was I got the Liebster Award [woot woot]. Technically Allie tagged my family blog, but I blog here WAAAAYYY more so Im posting it here ;) Allie has the cutest little blog around! I went to high school with her, needless to say we didn't know eachother hardly at all then. But thanks to facebook, and now our blogs I feel like I know enough about her that we woulda got along great in high school! Funny how those things turn out huh?  

I received this from Allie @ A Girl Named [Allie]

About the Liebster Blog Award:

Liebster is German and means 'dearest' or 'beloved' but it can also mean 'favorite'. The idea of the Liebster award is to bring attention to blogs with less than 200 followers in the hopes that it will bring many new friends/followers. So, in the spirit of good fun I am passing this award on to five other bloggers.

Please stop by and visit them.

The Rules are:

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2. Reveal your five picks for the award and let them know.

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5. Finally and the best rule of all..........have fun and spread the love!

Alrighty folks, so here goes... the blogs I tag are:

1.Mommy A Work in Progress
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
4.Bennett Love
5.All The Pretty Things

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One year ago today....

So far today has been a hit! I think Hudson is having a great day, seriously only a couple fits have been thrown. It is a mirical ;) right now little man is napping before we go out to dinner. So I thought I'd share a couple old posts of mine. They were some of my very first posts actually over on our family blog.

First up, hudsons birth story...

Second, his nicu story....


He is one!

I know I have been MIA, but this month has been super stressful. We are hoping for some good news on the house today. Fingers crossed!

Well, today is the day. My baby boy is now one!! How in the world did this happen? We have a super fun day planned for our little man. Check in later to see how our day went, with lots and lots of pictures.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hudsons One Year Cake Smash!

 We got back Hudson's cake smash pictures, and they turned out perfect! I was debating waiting to put these up till his actual birthday since a lot of these will be on display at his party but I am way to impatient! I couldn't just pick my favorites, so of course I will be overloading you with pictures and posting them all!

The pictures were so much fun, Hudson wasn't to sure about the sucker at first [he has never had one before] but once he discovered how yummy it was, it was hard to take it away and give him his cake. He was barely willing to give the cake a try, he just wanted that sucker! He took a couple licks of his cake then freaked out lol. Oh kids, gotta love em!

 hmmm...wonder what he is thinking about?

 This face made me laugh so hard! He pulls some great faces.
 This is his "oh no" face. Sometimes he gets both hands up, its to to cute!

 Blowing some kisses!

 mmmmm, mom that was good!

 So this cake, I have to brag a little. It only cost me 2.50! I was excited! Walmart has little cake smash cakes they sell for around 5 bucks. I was just gonna grab one of those on our way to his photo shoot. However, that morning I had to run to smiths and thought I would just stop by the bakery and see what they had. They had these giant cupcakes. Most were girly flowers, or butterfllys and what not. But they had 2 that were boysih. They had elmo, and then oscar the grouch! So I got the oscar one. I had the bakery lady ad lots more green frosting 'hair' so it would be extra messy [little did I know my child would barely touch it!] she literally doubled the frosting! Then when I got home we took some black frosting and added the mustache. The mustache kinda melted/and slid down the cupcake so we had to make it thicker then through it in the fridge. I think it turned out pretty good :D

 He had so much more fun squishing it in his hands then anything.

This picture just makes me laugh. In between all his cake pictures he would hold his hands up to me to grab him and cry. Poor thing. This is one of those times. I was a green messy wreck from those hands.

These pictures are getting em so excited for his birthday!! Only 8 more days till he is the big ONE! then 12 more days till his party.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Death of Pretty

  A blog I follow [natashala] posted this on her blog the other day. The words couldn't be more true. Oh how I long for a world for my kids where women don't strive to be sex symbols. Before I start rambling, I will let the article do all the talking.


The Death of Pretty

Pat Archbold

This post is intended as a lament of sorts, a lament for something in the culture that is dying and may never been seen again.
Pretty, pretty is dying.

People will define pretty differently.  For the purposes of this piece, I define pretty as a mutually enriching balanced combination of beauty and projected innocence.

Once upon a time, women wanted to project an innocence.  I am not idealizing another age and I have no illusions about the virtues of our grandparents, concupiscence being what it is.  But some things were different in the back then.  First and foremost, many beautiful women, whatever the state of their souls, still wished to project a public innocence and virtue.  And that combination of beauty and innocence is what I define as pretty.

By nature, generally when men see this combination in women it brings out their better qualities, their best in fact.  That special combination of beauty and innocence, the pretty inspires men to protect and defend it.

Young women today do not seem to aspire to pretty, they prefer to be regarded as hot. Hotness is something altogether different.  When women want to be hot instead of pretty, they must view themselves in a certain way and consequently men view them differently as well.

As I said, pretty inspires men’s nobler instincts to protect and defend.  Pretty is cherished. Hotness, on the other hand, is a commodity.  Its value is temporary and must be used.  It is a consumable.

Nowhere is this pretty deficit more obvious than in our “stars,” the people we elevate as the “ideal.”  The stars of the fifties surely suffered from the same sin as do stars of today.  Stars of the fifties weren’t ideal but they pursued a public ideal different from today.

The merits of hotness over pretty is easy enough to understand, they made an entire musical about it.  Who can forget how pretty Olivia Newton John was at the beginning of Grease.  
Beautiful and innocent.  But her desire to be desired leads her to throw away all that is valuable in herself in the vain hopes of getting the attention of a boy.  In the process, she destroys her innocence and thus destroys the pretty.  What we are left with is hotness.

Hotness is a consumable.  A consumable that consumes as it is consumed but brings no warmth.
Most girls don’t want to be pretty anymore even if they understand what it is.  It is ironic that 40 years of women’s liberation has succeeded only in turning women into a commodity.  Something to be used up and thrown out.

Of course men play a role in this as well, but women should know better and they once did.  Once upon a time you would hear girls talk about kind of women men date and the kind they marry.  You don’t hear things like that anymore.

But here is the real truth.  Most men prefer pretty over hot.  Even back in 6th grade I hated the “hot” Olivia Newton John and felt sorry for her that she had to debase herself in such a way.  Still do.

Our problem is that society doesn’t value innocence anymore, real or imagined.  Nobody aspires to innocence anymore.  Nobody wants to be thought of as innocent, the good girl.  They want to be hot, not pretty.

I still hope that pretty comes back, although I think it not likely any time soon.  For every Taylor Swift, there are a hundred Megan Foxs, or Lindsay Lohans, or Miley Cyruses etc.
Girls, please, bring back the pretty. [end]
 Lets all band together and promise to raise our daughters to be pretty & smart, and raise our boys to be chivalrous & smart! I think this is a goal we would all love to see.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hudson is almost one!

We went to get Hudson's first birthday cake smash pictures done over the weekend!!! Im so excited to see how they all turned out :D

I got a sneak peak today & this pictures is sooo cute. I used it for his invitations too. I wanted to share and shout out to fellow blogger Shawna @ Nopaparazzieplease, if you remember a while back when I won a free shirt from her etsy store? Well, this is that shirt! It turned out perfect & I can not wait until Hudson's stache' bash. ;)

Friday, January 6, 2012

House DrAmA!

*Pre warning, this post is a bit of a vent, and thanks in advance for allowing me 
to let out these frustrations*

So far the new year has been somewhat UN-eventful.

Ok, I take that back. It has been eventful just not events I find fun.

House DrAmA!

Ugh, buying a house has seriously been one of the WORST experiences of my life. Don't get me wrong, our real estate agent is awesome. And our mortgage officer is pretty great. Its the selling agent, and selling bank I could punch in the face.

We are trying to buy a short sell. Which, if you have had a chance to look at the Utah housing market, 97% of all houses are short sales, ESPECIALLY in our price range. I talked with a few people about short sales before we started the whole process. Most said you can expect to wait 30-60 days to hear back from the bank, and another 30 days to close. It was a bit of a wait, but worth it for the perfect house.[in case you don't know, a short sell means the sellers are selling the house 'short' of what is owed so the bank has to approve the shortage] The sellers agent on the house we are trying to buy kept promoting "short sell process will go quick" "have answer from bank by 30 days" Blah, Blah Blah. We knew not to expect 30 days, but we were somewhat hopeful. What we didn't expect was the sellers agent to obviously not care about selling the house. I feel bad for the people trying to sell it. It took over a week just to get the SELLERS to approve our offer. She was waiting for signatures. If I was the selling agent I would be driving myself to go get signatures. Just saying. Then to bore you from to many details, It was just one thing after another. Missing signature, Worded wrong, Missing document, etc. It was like we were taking 1 step forward, then 2 steps back. And this was all a mixture from the agent and bank. It took just over 3 months to get an approval from the selling bank. Then we had to re-submit all of our financials since we would hit the 120 max and had to re-qualify for our house. Then we submitted our earnest money. We did our inspection. Next step was just the appraisal. Well before our mortgage officer could order the appraisal turns out there is ANOTHER missing document. We have now been waiting over a week to get this stupid page from them, we have had to put in for an extension on our supposed closing date, since we have done everything in our power, and its the bank we are waiting on. Assuming everything goes according to plan we are now scheduled to close the day after Hudson's birthday.

I'm so upset, all I wanted was to have Hudson's birthday at our new home. Now I don't know if I should wait....because the way things are going we might not get in till march OR if I just have his birthday party at his grandparents. Which I would really rather not.  Lets be honest, I really wanted our first Christmas in our own house, that wasn't even close to happening. UGH...I have been tempted to walk away from this house, many many mannnnyyyy times. I have just invested to much time, money, energy and emotions to give up now. Please cross those fingers for me that they get rolling and we can have our own space soon!

Oh, and don't worry. As soon as this whole process is over I will be giving a very  nasty review to both the selling agent, and the selling bank. This is beyond ridiculous.