Monday, January 16, 2012

Hudsons One Year Cake Smash!

 We got back Hudson's cake smash pictures, and they turned out perfect! I was debating waiting to put these up till his actual birthday since a lot of these will be on display at his party but I am way to impatient! I couldn't just pick my favorites, so of course I will be overloading you with pictures and posting them all!

The pictures were so much fun, Hudson wasn't to sure about the sucker at first [he has never had one before] but once he discovered how yummy it was, it was hard to take it away and give him his cake. He was barely willing to give the cake a try, he just wanted that sucker! He took a couple licks of his cake then freaked out lol. Oh kids, gotta love em!

 hmmm...wonder what he is thinking about?

 This face made me laugh so hard! He pulls some great faces.
 This is his "oh no" face. Sometimes he gets both hands up, its to to cute!

 Blowing some kisses!

 mmmmm, mom that was good!

 So this cake, I have to brag a little. It only cost me 2.50! I was excited! Walmart has little cake smash cakes they sell for around 5 bucks. I was just gonna grab one of those on our way to his photo shoot. However, that morning I had to run to smiths and thought I would just stop by the bakery and see what they had. They had these giant cupcakes. Most were girly flowers, or butterfllys and what not. But they had 2 that were boysih. They had elmo, and then oscar the grouch! So I got the oscar one. I had the bakery lady ad lots more green frosting 'hair' so it would be extra messy [little did I know my child would barely touch it!] she literally doubled the frosting! Then when I got home we took some black frosting and added the mustache. The mustache kinda melted/and slid down the cupcake so we had to make it thicker then through it in the fridge. I think it turned out pretty good :D

 He had so much more fun squishing it in his hands then anything.

This picture just makes me laugh. In between all his cake pictures he would hold his hands up to me to grab him and cry. Poor thing. This is one of those times. I was a green messy wreck from those hands.

These pictures are getting em so excited for his birthday!! Only 8 more days till he is the big ONE! then 12 more days till his party.


  1. Those pictures are awesome! I really love that green chair too...your photographer did a great job!

    That cupcake was adorable :-)

    Can't wait to see birthday party pics!

  2. So cute! I love his shirt! Cake smash photos are the best.

  3. These are awesome pictures! That cake is great. Can't believe it was so cheap.

  4. LOVE his pictures!!! Absolutely adorable!