Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Color Me Rad

We did the Color Me Rad race again this year. This was our 2nd year and its so much fun!! 
Last year was just me, my mom and sister. This year we took Hudson. He had a blast! 
My favorite part, is they encourage walking ;) 
It isn't timed, its just for fun! There are a ton of moms with strollers, and just all kinds of people. 
Some running, some walking, but all having a blast. 
We will for sure be going again next year. 
I really want to start actually running though. I was starting to kinda at the beginning of the year.
Then I got prego and super sick. 
Now that I'm feeling somewhat better Im trying to be a little more active.
Ill hold off on the running though, until next year! 

Hudson and Aunt Jade. He looks great with pink hair ;)

we didn't go crazy in the color. After the race everyone is in a big crowd and loud music and they spray the color on you with fire extinguishers. Hudson was hungry and I think a little nervous of the crowd so we sat out on the grass and watched everyone. 

this is what happens when you let someone take a pic of you and don't check till after the race :/

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Bumpdate 14 weeks

Hello 2nd trimester! 

How far along? 14 weeks
Baby's size? A lemon!! that just seems so big to me 
Total weight gain: Nothing...still. I lost 5lbs then gained it back and now I'm just sitting at my pre prego weight still. No complaints...last time I gained 52lbs.....ugh!! so lets not do that again. 
Maternity clothes? Yes. haha...I love my maternity jeans a little to much. Even though I have no weight gain, things have definitely shifted and my pants are getting snug. 
Sleep: Its the same. I still get up to pee a couple times.  
Best moment(s) this past week: The color me rad race last Saturday. I went with my mom and sister and brought Hudson. SO much fun. 
Miss Anything? Just feeling normal. Im still dizzy, and headachy, and no energy. My nose is swollen too :(
Movement: No...Sometimes when Im laying down in bed I think I feel some light flutters. But nothing "for sure" yet. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: yes. everything it seems like lol. Meat isn't a big turn on, cooking eggs still, just random things. The smell of the garbage.  
Cravings: I haven't had any this week actually...nothing I had to have anyways. I always want chocolate milk though.
Labor Signs: nope.
Gender: No clue, and I have no feelings as to whether they are a boy or a girl....we find out in 9 days though!
Symptoms:  Tired, queasy, dizzy, headaches, peeing, tender booobs...lol the whole shabang.
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? on.
Happy or Moody most of the time: both, I have noticed myself being a little snappy sometimes. I hate it. 
Looking forward to:  finding out the gender! 
How is Hudson doing?: He is so excited. He always asks about the baby. Some days he says he wants a sister, other days he wants a brother. When we ask him what we should name it, its usually firetruck, or dump truck, or dinosaur ;)

I spy with my little eye...a baby bump! 
I think ill be enlisting Tanners help for the next pics.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New blog design

Notice anything new? 
My blog got a much needed makeover.
[be sure to check out the about me page...so cute!]
A super cute friend of mine Kaylie designed it for me! 
She is starting a little blog design business, 
so if your in need of some freshening up go check her out!
There is a little button over on the side >>>>

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*post written on May 21, 2013*

Well as of today (may 21st) I'm 9 weeks and 1 day prego! I haven't done a bumpdate yet, and I didn't do a single one while pregnant with hudson as I didn't start blogging till after he was born. so I want to start these. Since this is my first and I have known about this pregnancy since we were only about 3 1/2 weeks along I will answer these questions as a combo from the last few weeks. 

How far along? found out at 3 1/2 and now I'm 9 weeks
Baby's size? currently a grape...or cherry depending what app I use. It is an inch long :)
Total weight gain:  right now I'm back to pre prego weight. (at least at home scale) I lost about 5 lbs from being so sick, but I think I'm slowly gaining them back. My next apt. is in 3 weeks so I will go off of that.  
Maternity clothes? haha! yes ;) I have major bloat going on, and the other night I whipped out some of my forever 21 skinny prego jeans for the night. best decision ever. 
Sleep: meh..not good. The first few weeks I had major insomnia, I just could not sleep. plus I would get up 2-3 times to go pee. Im falling asleep a little better these days. But still getting up to pee. 
Best moment(s) this past week: may 13th was the best! It was our first ob apt. I had to get a new ob and hospital this time around since we have new ins. But thankfully the new ob is amazing. We got an ultrasound and saw the little baby and a strong little heart beat. I was freaking out because ive been having lots of cramps...but thankfully everything looks great. 
Miss Anything? feeling normal. ugh..I'm so sick 
Movement: nothing yet. but the other night in bed my belly felt kinda like a mix between driving down a big hill and what I remember when Hudson would flip around in my belly. It was crazy. Pretty sure it was just things moving around inside and my insomnia ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick: yes! everything. Ive been so sick...its ridiculous. This pregnancy so far is night and day compared to Hudson. I tried cooking eggs the other morning and it was awful, Also the smell of the garbage is nauseating. its not like its horrible, tanner can't smell a thing but for about a week I could not open our pantry with out gagging. 
Cravings: random stuff! the first couple weeks I just wanted a park salad from cafe rio :) I also have made tanner go on more then one dive to hot dog on a stick for fresh lemonade. The other night I had my mother and father in law take us to cracker barrel for dinner so I could get some biscuits and gravy. This is so different for me to. With hudson I just craved chocolate milk and peanut butter. Which was at home lol
Labor Signs: nope...and better not for 7 more months
Gender: no clue. I had a dream it was a girl...but I feel like its another boy. 

Symptoms:everything in the book! The only real symptom I had with hudson was soar boobs, some dizziness and peeing a lot. This time around I have horrible headaches, way dizzy, nauseous all day long, throwing up every day  (I only threw up 1 time with hudson the whole pregnancy), extremely tired and exhausted, insomnia, bad cravings. Probably others but I cant think. 
Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy...but some irritable mood swings :/
Looking forward to: Our next apt! Finding out the gender at 16 weeks :) and finally telling people!! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

say what?

Yup.....I'm prego! 

as of today (june 17) I am 13 weeks. Im finally starting to feel better. FINALLY. This pregnancy has been night/day compared to Hudson's. With Hudson my worst complaint was a little tired and soar boobs. This time around I have been soooo sick. Ive started getting headaches alot and being really dizzy. Ugh...maybe its a girl?? haha

We get to find out (hopefully) the gender at our next appointment.  Its  on July 3rd...our anniversary :) Ill be 15 1/2 weeks. I really have no idea if I prefer a certain gender over the other. Its no secret I would love a girl at some point. But I know Hudson would love a brother (and a boy would save us LOTS of money lol). With Hudson I just knew it was a boy. So did Tanner in fact. This time neither of us have any clue. I have referred to the baby as "he/him" with out realizing it. I hate saying 'it' though. So maybe its a boy again? Oh well, we will find out in a couple weeks. 

Our due date was originally dec. 24th!! Christmas-freakin-eve. (you can see how well we planned things) I never wanted my kids to have winter birthdays...now they both will! At our first ultrasound the baby measured 2 days off (due dec 22) usually unless its a 7 or more day difference they wont change a due date. But my doctor agreed with me that we would really like to be home for christmas so he changed it to dec 22. And since its my second as long as its an easy low risk pregnancy I have the option to induce up to a week early. I may be taking him up on that offer!! With Hudson I finally went into labor 41weeks! Never again please ;)

Anyways...this is what we have been up to . Hugging toilets and barely getting off the couch. I feel so bad for Hudson. He basically has been watching WAY more TV then I care to admit. But I figure a few weeks of extra TV isn't gonna hurt him.