Monday, June 17, 2013

say what?

Yup.....I'm prego! 

as of today (june 17) I am 13 weeks. Im finally starting to feel better. FINALLY. This pregnancy has been night/day compared to Hudson's. With Hudson my worst complaint was a little tired and soar boobs. This time around I have been soooo sick. Ive started getting headaches alot and being really dizzy. Ugh...maybe its a girl?? haha

We get to find out (hopefully) the gender at our next appointment.  Its  on July 3rd...our anniversary :) Ill be 15 1/2 weeks. I really have no idea if I prefer a certain gender over the other. Its no secret I would love a girl at some point. But I know Hudson would love a brother (and a boy would save us LOTS of money lol). With Hudson I just knew it was a boy. So did Tanner in fact. This time neither of us have any clue. I have referred to the baby as "he/him" with out realizing it. I hate saying 'it' though. So maybe its a boy again? Oh well, we will find out in a couple weeks. 

Our due date was originally dec. 24th!! Christmas-freakin-eve. (you can see how well we planned things) I never wanted my kids to have winter they both will! At our first ultrasound the baby measured 2 days off (due dec 22) usually unless its a 7 or more day difference they wont change a due date. But my doctor agreed with me that we would really like to be home for christmas so he changed it to dec 22. And since its my second as long as its an easy low risk pregnancy I have the option to induce up to a week early. I may be taking him up on that offer!! With Hudson I finally went into labor 41weeks! Never again please ;)

Anyways...this is what we have been up to . Hugging toilets and barely getting off the couch. I feel so bad for Hudson. He basically has been watching WAY more TV then I care to admit. But I figure a few weeks of extra TV isn't gonna hurt him.



  1. Yay, congrats! Fingers crossed for a girl---because I have so much at stake in your pregnancy obviously ;-) I just want to see where you shop for a girl and steal ideas lol. Hope you start feeling better soon! I was sick until almost 20 weeks with both my girls---ugh

  2. oh my goodness i am seriously so excited for you guys.. can't wait to follow you along this pregnancy.. isn't it crazy how different pregnancys can be.. Can't wait to hear what the little pumpkin will be =))