Thursday, April 11, 2013

Arizona vacation days 1 & 2

Were baaaaaack. From a very much needed little vacation to Arizona.

Im behind on my blog posts...I still have like a billion pics from easter on my camera that I need to upload. And speaking of my camera, we took it with us to Arizona and I didn't take a SINGLE picture with it. I don't know busy having fun I guess. I got alot on my phone though so I guess that works.

Thursday April 4th 
Today was the day we drove down to Arizona. Its technically supposed to be a 10/11 hour drive. It took us a little over 13 hours. First of all, we are traveling with a toddler. Who, does surprisingly well. I was so impressed he is a champ!! But we did stop once for about 45 minutes to let him play at park. Then again for about 30 minuets while we had lunch. Then, we normally travel straight down utah and go through Kanab UT and Page AZ then to Flagstaff and finally Phoenix. There was a rock slide/sink hole thing in Page so the road had collapsed about a month ago. So we had to take a detour through Jacob lake. That took way longer then we had expected and it was pure canyon the whole time. While driving through we decided we were going through Vegas on the way home.

I woke him up to get his pictures in the infamous big chair in Beaver. He was so not happy!

stopping in Kanab to play at the park.  
does this sign seem a bit off?
or is it just me?

how he spend a good majority of the trip.

Dads Mini Me

Driving over the grand canyon. Hudson was passed out, and we were making horrible time otherwise we may have stopped. But we have seen it a few times each, so were not missing anything. 

Friday Aril 5th
Today we slept in extra late! Arizona time is an hour behind Utah right now, so we woke up at 930 Az time..but 1030 UT time. We needed it though! We spent today hanging around uncle Joes. We splashed in his pool. It was still a bit chilly to fully go swimming (darn it!) Hudson loved the splashing. Then we went to Tanners uncle Chopper for dinner. He has an amazing brick pizza oven that he built in his backyard so we got to make our own pizzas. Hands down some of the best pizza ever! Tanner got to drive their tractor and take Hudson for a ride. He was heaven.

seriously in love with his little suite. So handsome! 

the view of the pool at tanners uncles. Jealous! 

at Uncle chops making pizza! This kid is pro

Riding the Tractor. 

Roasting marshmallows after the pizza 



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