Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on Mr Hudson

I can not believe in just over a month I will have a 2 year old son.
Its insane how big this little guy is and I thought it was time for an update. 

Weight: [according to home scale] 25 lbs
Height: [according to home scale] 35 inches
Teeth: 12 yippeee
You have 4 on top, 4 on bottom and then a couple spaces back you have 4 molars [one on each side]
You still have 8 teeth to get before you have a full mouth of teeth, and then after that you will need your 2 year old molars
Diaper: 4
Clothes: 24 month/2t they are still kinda baggy, but you too tall to wear anything else
Shoe: 8!!!
Hair: blondie. Your hair grows sooo fast. Im constantly trimming it. 
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods: Peanut butter on basically anything.
Favorite toys:  cars, trucks, busses, cho-cho tains, tractors, dump trucks. if it has wheels you love it
Favorite activities:  coloring, hide and seek, running in circles and singing/dancing 

 What you've been up to:

You are truly THE definition of a toddler boy. 

You are talking NON STOP! I can honestly hold conversations with you. You talk in practically full sentences. You know so many words, and words I didn't know you knew. We got gas this morning and as we pulled up you said "momma get gas?" and I said "yup, Im gonna get gas" to which hudson replies "stupid gas!" HAHAH ooops...apparently I must say stupid gas alot lol. 

You know ALL of your colors. red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, white, green, orange, brown, and black. 
You tell us the color of everything. I love when were driving and out of the back seat I hear "yellow bus" "red car" "blue truck" "mama big one black truck" its so cute!

Were working on our shapes and you know circle and triangle pretty good! The other ones are hit and miss. 

You can count 1-5 and 10-14..were working on the middle numbers ;)

You love looking for the moon. Its hilarious during the day, you ask where the moon is and I say its sleeping. So you look towards the sun and say "hot moon"

You love your basketball hoop. You always tell us your going to dunk it. 

You had a bit of a foot growth spurt!! For the most part of this year you were a size 5. So I bought winter shoes in 6's and some 7's hoping if your feet grew we would be ok. Well in september/october you were finally getting to a size 6. Then all of a sudden a couple weeks ago you kept telling me your shoes were tight. So finally we were at the nike store with dad and I had them measure your foot. You are a stinking size 8 and have NO shoes that fit you. What the heck kid?

I have so many cars/trucks/tractors/etc all over my house. You love getting new cars and drive them all over the house. 

Your memory is intense kid! We were at the store the other day and I was letting you play with a couple of the little dollar hot wheel cars. At check out I put the green one back and just bought you the red one. Later that night you threw a fit because he wanted the green car. When I asked what car you said " in the bag green car! momma buy it!" I was so sure you would have forgot about it. So I calmed you down and you did. But then about 2 days later you started freaking out for the green car again, so finally I just went back and bought it for you. How you remembered that I will never know. 

You talk in your sleep. I love it. You talk about some crazy stuff. The other day you kept saying "all gone" in your nap. Then as you woke up you said "all gone, fly away" and I said what fly away? and you said. "the colors, fly away all gone" 

Your eating is still hit and miss. But that is just who you are, and your alive and well so I guess I cant complain too much. 

We love you so much little man!! 

Thank goodness for instagram to catch all these fun moments of our little guy

Awesome lime pants!

Merica' Merica'

Playing out side

He refuses to sit in his booster most days

This cho cho catalog kept him busy for a half hour

This is a sneak peak of our family pictures we got done

Love my boys

This was the night we put the tree up

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas

We saw santa  again


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We Saw Santa

I feel like have been neglecting my poor blog. Its not that haven't wanted to blog, I just can't. We have no computer :(  It really is hard. & with only 5 more weeks till I am officially jobless were pinching pennies just in case. Hopefully come spring we can get a new computer! There are some great things coming on the horizon. It just a matter of getting through the low period. I have a new venture that I am going to try, but I don't want to jinx anything. so wish me luck!! haha 

Anyways, we went and saw santa last week. Im IN LOVE with our santa pictures. There is an amazing photography studio here in Utah. They take amazing pictures just in general, but their santa pictures are to die for! Such a fun experience, way more for your money & not to mention they are cheaper then the mall santa. Your husband gets to dress up as Santa, or you can use the real santa. We ended up doing both. First Tanner dressed up, then we got a traditional one on santas lap. The idea is children are less afraid when their parents are "santa". But the real santa is there too, so you don't have to worry about anything ;) you can check the company out here [fotofly santa

For a fun comparison click here for hudson last year