Friday, August 31, 2012

Comfort Zones & Insta Life

First, I have to say YAY for stepping out of my comfort zone
Im a home body, I like my comfort zone
I stay in my comfort zone
but tonight, I did something crazy
okay, so maybe not "crazy"
but out of the normal for me
A few girls I know were having a bunco night
I haven't seen/talk to the girls since jr high or high school
 we do keep in touch on face book and what not though
So I went.
I was nervous because I only knew a couple of the girls
and even then, I knew them a while ago
But I had lots of fun. 
and next time it will be even better :D
I am very glad I tried something new
its a step in growing for me

Insta Life 
{since im on my husbands computer again I can't use picmonkey to create my collage, so ill do the pics one at a time}

 Hudsons Papa H got him 2 new cars toys. He never puts them down! & in the car he drives them on his legs while making car noises
 Me and My orange pants
 Throw back Thursday, Hudsons was only 5 1/2 months old
 Husband and his darn MW3. That couch is normally the opposite direction on the brown wall!
 mmmm....morning nana's
 we have been working on colors. We took a red bath!
 we got to dog sit this cutie! Hudson loved her so much
 buzz sippy, chips, and mickey mouse. in heaven :D
 daddy and hudson on our bike ride
 messy spagheti night
 five guys is now open right next to my work!
 super bored at work today!
 I love love love my adorable cheesey husband

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, Its dead.....

 my laptop that is.
Like crashed. In the middle of a post. 
Black screen, wont turn on.
I really might cry.

I know this has been a long time coming. I have had my 'baby' for about..oh 6 years maybe.
It was my first 'big purchase' after I turned 18.
Nothing fancy, but it served its main purpose.
Facebook, blog, pictures, homework..etc.
The last year the battery life has gotten shorter and shorter
till eventually It had to be plugged in otherwise it wouldn't work. 
It was taking forever ever ever to load anything. 
I knew in the back of mind I had to hurry and get my pictures on the hard drive. 
which never happened. 
Hence why I want to cry.
lesson learned. 
The hubby thinks he can salvage my computer at least for a moment to back up my pictures.
Currenty im on his work laptop
don't get me wrong, its an awesome computer! 
and a mac!
but no pictures or anything :(
and I only have limited use of it
So now I have to try and talk the husband into getting a new computer and/or laptop
and asap
he is very into dave ramsey [which is great don't get me wrong] 
but that means he will want to save first
Im impatient
especially for things like this
I say, put it on my 'no interest for 18 months' card and we can pay it off after we get our taxes
no how to convince tanner?!

On to some fun news!
we got a bike seat for Hudson so we can all go on bike rides together
My cute parents got him a new "ishy" helmet to protect that cute little head of his
Today we used it for the first time
I haven't been on a bike ride in forever, I missed it so much
The only advice ill give though is....
no matter how darn cute the beach cruiser bikes are make sure you don't go for the 'vintage' style
I did, and I love it
But it has no gears
and going up hill makes for some VERY EXTREMELY soar legs
Hudson loved the bike ride.
He would wave at every single person and say HI HI HI
haha love him so much
 as we were getting closer to home it looked like his helmet kept slipping infront of his face
So I made Tanner pull over & fix it.
Little guy was out!
How he was sleeping in that seat I have no idea
but it was the cutest thing in the entire world!

new helmet-check
Cheese smile-check

Look at that im gonna miss it when he grows out of it
hopefully he grows out of it ;)

annnnnnddd he is out!
bike ride=success

 Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Show & Tell, wedding bliss {a day late}

today im linking up with from mrs to momma for the weekly show and tell
this week was all about weddings, and I just love weddings ;)

  1. Are you married? If so when did you get married, and tell us about your special day. If not? How would you describe your dream wedding?
    I have been married to my amazing husband for just over 2 years. We got married on July 03, 2010. Our wedding was perfect. Our colors were grey yellow & white. We were married on a "farm" called Wadley Farms. We didn't have a huge wedding, but we had everyone that was improtant there. Lots of family and close friends. We definetly felt all the love. I remember being so nervous up until the day before the wedding. Then for some reason the night before I was earily calm. Just happy and excited. As we were getting ready I was totally fine. Then as soon as we lined up and I was holding my dads arm I started to feak out. It all suddenly felt so real. The ceremony was magical. Im not a mushy/gushy lovey person. So I told everyone not to cry or I would bawl. As my husband was reciting his vows his voice cracked as he said my name and then cried. There was not a dry eye in the house!   Our reception was so fun, just dancing and spending time with everyone we love. It was one of the best days of my life and I will never forget it.

  2. Show us some wedding pictures. Either yours or of some that you love.

  3. How about the engagement? Tell us your story. If not engaged, what's your dream proposal?Our engagement was awesome :)
    At the time Tanner was in a band. So that night we all went to one of their shows. After the show we were driving a couple of our friends home. One of my good friends is a photographer and she casually asked Tanner if he could go up in this parking lot that was on the mountain over looking the entire salt lake valley. It was night time, and the lights were spectacular and she wanted to get some pics. This was nothing unusual because bethany has a camera glued to her hip ;) and she is always taking pictures. So we all got out and I must say the view is spectacular. We really do live in a gorgeous city. It was then tanner popped the question. Poor guy was so darn nervous he didn't even get down on his knee and barely mumbled out any words. But I knew what he was saying, and of course I said yes!

  4. Show us your wedding rings or an engagement photo! If not engaged/married ... show us your "dream" ring.

    Our Rings
    Some of our engagemnts

    one of my faves :)

  5. Tell us why you think marriage doesn't work out for so many? What can we do to make things last  

 I think that has a lot to do with it!
I think a true marriage based on love, communication, and forgivness can stand the test of time. So if your lacking one or more of these it will cause problems. I think people now a days are to quick to throw in the towel. They seem to forget about the vow and promise they made to each other. for better or for worse. Divoroce is so common so people just do what is "normal". You need to communicate with each other. You need to be comfortable talking to one another. The best test is are you comfortable talking to your spouse about sex? lets face it, sex is a big important and intimate part of marraige. If you can't talk about even that with your spouse, the one thing that is truely between just the two of you, then how are you going to talk about anything? People tend to hold onto things that are bothering them for years, instead of fixing it now.  You need to forgive. We are all human, and WE ALL make mistakes. It is our job to forgive one another and grow together. Never forget, and never repeat. But everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.  You need to love unconditionaly. You cant get married for any other reason then the love for eachother. Becuase in the end, that is the most important thing.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time for a "big boy" toddler bed?

Lets start this post with some back story.

from the time hudson was about 2 months old till he was 13 months old we lived with tanner's parents. we had one bedroom we shared. so, hudson has always slept in our room.
sometimes he would be in his own bed, i could look over and peek at him. if he got up in the middle of the night she just said "mamamamama" till i woke up and could cuddle him back to sleep.
other times we would co-sleep the whole night.
and let me just say, i love everything about co-sleeping. and this post is not about co-sleeping. so please, no anti co-sleeping comments.
once we got our new home, we talked about putting hudson in his own room. but this proved to be a very
big challenge. it means completely sleep training our 19 month old! not only is hudson [and his momma] very much used to being in the same room at night, he is also not at all used to his crib.
I wish I could start with his nap, and get him used to his crib that way.
but hudson goes to both grandmas while I work so he is at a different house every day. 
speaking of work, I work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week first thing in the morning.
so its also a matter of do I really want to be up all night before work for a week or more straight?
and to top off all the reasons i have yet to switch him to his room is the fact that he can climb out of his crib
and that is all i need,
hudson to wake up in the middle of the night, be half awake and try to climb out only to fall on his head
all while im sleeping away and cant hear him.

Hudsons sleep schedule now is pretty much the same..give or take some nights.
he goes to bed between 9-930 and will sleep till around 5-6
then he comes into bed with us and cuddle till i get up at 630

lately though, me and the hubby have been talking and we think were ready to move him to his room
I know this will be a struggle so I want to make this as fun as I can and get him really excited
I am trying to talk the husband into getting a new "big boy toddler bed"
I have looked at just the normal beds
but I have also been looking at some car beds
he is obsessed with cars and I think he would absolutely love one
plus were just getting a toddler size so its cheaper then a twin size car bed
im just worried he would wake up and wonder the house in the middle of the night
is that even likely?

is 18 months to young to move into a big boy bed?
are there any tricks or other ways to get little man excited?
any advice would be very much appreciated.

this is the car bed I was thinking of getting

Disney Cars - Lightning McQueen, Toddler Bed

or do I go for something like these
Kidkraft Slatted Toddler Bed - White.Opens in a new window



Thursday, August 23, 2012


Tanners cousin and his beautiful wife are looking to adopt a baby to join their family
unfortunately for them, they have struggled with infertility and can not have children of their own
they were blessed with their first daughter through adoption
she is the most gorgeous baby girl you have ever seen
they are looking to add to their family and they need to get the word out
you can check out their adoption profile here
or you can check out their blog here
we are praying for them 
they are just amazing wonderful people
they do not live here in utah, so I have only got to meet them a couple of times
but tanner lived with his cousins mom while he was in school in arizona and he loves them so much
they are such deserving parents
I must say, it does drive me crazy how people who are completely non deserving can have kids
and put those children through awful circumstances
or you have shows like teen mom [which im guilty of watching]
but some of those girls don't realize the amazing gift they have just received
yet, very deserving wonderful couples struggle and long for children every day of their lives
I have to remind myself of this when my limits are tested with Hudson
but he is the greatest blessing in my whole life, and im so lucky to be able to have him
Please, if you wouldn't mind, share tyler and bekahs story
the more people they can get to read their story
then hopefully sooner they will get to add to their family 
adoptions can take years
its a very long process
were hoping to speed things up this time around so adorable little ruby can be a big sister!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

a blog giveaway on from mrs to momma

one of the blogs i follow is doing a giveaway! 
check it out!
one of the coolest blog giveaways ever

also check out my post from earlier today!

weekend fun

the last couple days have tested me
they have taught me things i'm not sure i ever wanted to know
things i'm not ready to talk about
and i honestly don't know if/when i will ever be ready to
[don't worry, nothing with my marriage]
but it has strengthened my marriage i think, in a weird third party kinda way
taught us what not to do
i hope it will teach me to be there for my spouse
anyways, excuse my mia the last couple of days
its been an interesting few days

i know its wednessday, and about time to re-cap our weekend! 
last friday was my birthday :D
i had to work that morning, but it was ok
my boss made me a cute cake and the day was pretty easy
that evening my parents took us all out to dinner
we had red lobster and it was delicious
my parents got me money :) basically the best gift lol
when we got home that night i opened presents from tanner & hudson
hudson got me new place mats, dish towels, etc, for my kitchen
in the new colors we chose
black & turquoise 
tanner got me my mirror i've been eying for like ever
were going to hang up the mirror horizontal
its 74" across , so basically gigantic haha
the hubby is not excited to hang it

 on saturday i worked, bur right after work
 my grandma took everyone out to lunch at kfc
then they surprised us and bought hudson a fish!
i gave to ok first, so it was a good thing
i don't know if i have mentioned hudsons obsession yet
but he is obsessed with newts
im not even kidding
there is a newt at the library and every time we go he has to just stare at it
we also have a pass to the aquarium and there are newts there that he loves too
so when the brought the fish in he started calling it newt 
so that is what we named him
newt...the ishy 

on sunday I had to work...again. what else is new?
that night tanners parents had a little birthday dinner for me :D
yummy enchiladas and rice
and for dessert...better then sex cake! yummmm

over all a great weekend! 

I thought I would share a few more instagram pics though!
you can follow @laciebreckon

last week my friend tiff and i took our kids to this is the place heritage park
it was very hot
but we had lots of fun
we got to ride a mini train around a pond

ride the horsey

pet goats and sheep

riding the big train

last night i made pork chops for the very first time ever
the hubby was happy i finally made a "meat & potato" dinner

and last but not least
i don't think i have mentioned this yet
as some of you may know i have never been to disney land
like ever
so my parents are taking us all to disney land/california 
in just a few ish weeks
its all officially booked and im so excited
we even have a countdown at work

hope everyones week is going great
happy hump day