Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Little Boy Fashion

I was talking with one of my friends the other day about boys clothes vs girls clothes.
I always hear people say girls clothes are "better" and boys clothes are "boring & ugly"
don't get me wrong. I will forever drool over the girls toddler section at Target.
and girls do win in the cutesy category, and having more options [skirts, leggings, dresses, etc]
but I would not say they are better in any way.
boys clothes have come a very very long way in recent years
and there is no reason little boys [and big boys] cant sport the latest fashions. 
I found some of the best pictures on pinterest to show you guys not only
some of the latest, greatest, cutest, and handsome boys clothing trends
but that there are more options then just a shirt and shorts.
[sorry in adv...pic overload]

if Hudson ever needs glasses...they will be THESE glasses

this just makes me smile, little skater dude

hats & shoes...to die for

school boy style

these pants...I NEED them for Hudson NOW!!

little boy swag. this kid is way to cool for me

boys and beanies

everything about this. jacket, shoes, newsboy cap. He is so darn handsome

colored jeans. he pulls them of so well

Hudson will be sporting some sweet scarves this winter

every little guy needs a bow tie

he can rock the 70s look

Hudsons next Christmas outfit? I think yes

love little vests

like I said, NEED these pants

every boy needs a dino hoodie

maybe not the 'tattoo sleeves' but the glasses and suspenders are perfect

newsboy caps...nuff said

the pants are super cute. and that jacket is just awesome! not to mention ear flap hats!

everything about these outfits

the one on the right is my favorite. a perfect first day of school outfit

my favorite! I love baseball tees

more adorable bow ties

skinny jeans!

his mom deserves a high five for this outfit

cuffed skinny jeans and boat shoes :)

more colored jeans!

Hudson will own this outfit. everything about this outfit make me melt.

little rocker babe

see...cute right? 
not incredibly boring??
there was basically nothing this cute when my hubby was a kid, so I cant blame my mother in law ;)
but fashion has exploded and is catching up with our little men!
Its a little harder I think for the younger boy crowd
but Hudson is getting to the toddler stage where he can start sporting some awesome outfits
I know that a lot of these are more "high end" model type outfits. 
and maybe not your everyday play type of clothes
but I'm planning out a post where ill be putting together some amazing little man outfits
but from pocket friendly stores like target, old navy, baby gab, carters, and 77 kids :]
hopefully I can have it all finished in the next couple days.



  1. Great finds!

    My problem with boy clothes is that (at least around me---granted rural small town) when they get into school the girls can continue to wear adorable stuff, but the boys basically all switch to a boring tshirt and jeans or else they are picked on. Most of those outfits would never fly in school here unfortunately---I guess the boys in Iowa just aren't cool enough!! :-)

    However Hudson totally radiates stud....so if anyone can pull these looks off I have my money on him!

  2. great finds.

    I love the skinny jeans rolled up with the converse, so cute!

  3. There are definitely some cute boy clothes out there…you just have to search for them. Seems like every store has more girl stuff than boy stuff, no doubt. But you can definitely find cute stuff. One of our favorite places to shop for Mason is Children’s Place. They have cute stuff that looks more little boy than baby! We’ve never dressed Mason like a little baby – always like a little boy! I love dressing him. It’s my favorite.

    These pictures are entirely too cute!!

  4. i'm a dance teacher looking for boy's fashion for a dance. i have all girls. please tell me some good sites to order from. i've tried all the popular ones like old navy, gap, aero, 77 kids, ect. with not much luck. any ideas would be helpful. thank you.

  5. Absolutely adorable!!!

    Anybody know the name brand of the jeans in pictures #6 and #22?

  6. This is such a cute post and such adorable clothing for boys! I love boy's clothing and definitely think more can be done with their aesthetic, and so I created a clothing label dedicated to boys, Lil' Gents :) We have got amazing printed shirts & jerseys for boys, which all you mums will absolutely love! I love seeing mums dress up their lil' man in cute clothing that spark fun, quirkiness & style!
    Looking forward to more posts with boy's clothing!
    xx www.lilgents.co.nz

  7. Love to see them all naked some hot boys