Saturday, August 11, 2012

one week down

 so its been one whole weeks since my "no junk food" for 21 days have started
so far so good! I haven't had a single cookie, candy, chocolate, soda, doughnut, ice cream, etc
the only thing I have kinda failed at was the white bread, we had enchiladas with flour tortillas from my in laws and at work my boss ordered pizza and I had a slice
but over all, I think I have been doing fabulous
I have been 'working out' at home
lots of sit ups, crunches, the plank, squats, lunges, those kinds of things
I found a zumba class firday nights that I want to start going to
I have done zumba classes before and they were so fun, I wish I never had stopped
I feel like I have a teeny tiny bit more energy
like just enough to do my workout  HA!
but I know this will only increase as I continue
I weighed myself this morning, and I have lost .5 lb
but....I know you can fluctuate a few pounds every day just depending on the time of day and water weight
so I'm not getting to super stoked about it yet.
the one thing I have noticed though, that makes me so happy, is its getting easier to turn down sugar!
the first few days I was practically battling myself
but yesterday, I turned down a cookie and didn't even think twice about it
woot woot
I am however looking forward to the 17th!
next friday is my birthday :]
and I will be allowing myself some sugar that day
[but don't worry ill add an extra day on the end of my '21' days]



  1. Wow. Congrats! That is awesome. New follower.

  2. That's awesome! I admire you as I have a hard time with self control sometimes with junk food. But when you really get on a diet, it does make you REALLY look forward to the "splurge" day. :)