Thursday, August 9, 2012

Aquarium & Moms be nice!

Last Tuesday was $2 Tuesday at The Museum of Ancient Life [same place we took Hudson for his birthday]
My friend Tiff and I wanted to take our kids.
So right after work I picked up Hudson and went to pick up Tiff and her girls.
We drove all the way there, and let me just say I was expecting busy.
I was expecting a long line, and a full lobby.
I was NOT expecting a line out the door and literally halfway around the building.
People were litteraly standing in this line with kids ranging in age from baby, to 10+ years old.
They had strollers and everything waiting in line out in 100+ degree weather.
I have one thing to say to you people...ya'll are NUTS!
We were not about to stand in that line...not to mention the entire time inside the museum you would be in a line, just to save a couple bucks.
Ill pay the extra and come back another day.
Hudson and Haylee are both 1, so they could care less and had no clue.
But poor Keira, she will be 4 next month, so she was very upset.
I couldn't blame her one bit, but we had to make it up to her.
It was way to hot for the park, plus we have ANOTHER huge fire so the air plus Hudsons asthma does not go over very well.
We ended up deciding on the aquarium.
It was a great choice!
While we were there I ended up buying a year pass. Hudson is free since he is under 3, and if I go 3 times in the next year it will have more then paid for itself. Very worth it.

Hudson loves fish, all things fish! We went to our neighbors for dinner a few weeks back and he stared at their fish tank probably the whole night.

[sorry my pics are dark, darn camera! fingers crossed for Christmas I can get one ;) ]

cute little guy! love his hair, it kills me.

he was so fascinated with the fishes.

miss Keira

little lady Haylee

They could have sat on this frog all day long

The best attempt at getting all 3 to look at me

their newest exhibit is the river otters. Probably the cutest animals their

checking out the jellies

the sea turtle was HUGE
Checking out the penguins. We went to the aquarium when Hudson was just about 6 months. I have a picture of him standing next to this same penguin. I can't believe how big you he is now!!
see..cute boy!

he is now as tall as the medium penguin.
I can't believe there are penguins as big as the one behind him! crazy big. 

checking out the eels. gross.

this shows how big the anaconda is they have. I do not do snakes.

me and my little guy

playing in the play place.

he was nervous about the tunnels at first. he would bend down and peek in and go "ohhhh"

finally brave enough. getting so big

another blast from the past.....

he is getting just way way way way way to big.

hudson & haylee

they were having so much fun

he could have drove the boat all day long

I have to share this story though.
There is a this little tank out in the middle of one of the rooms at the aquarium where you can pet sting rays.
There is a good 2 feet of water on the floor around this tank, with 'caution wet floor' signs.
Basically, expect to get wet.
There are nothing but kids and open water. 
[also, I didn't get any pictures cuz I was helping Hudson, and because of the water risk I wasn't going to risk my camera]
So, to set up the scene. Im standing there holding Hudson while he is trying his hardest to reach the sting rays
There is a lady standing next to us, kinda, with her daughter who I would say is about 5-6 years old.
Out of nowhere, because lets face it he is a 1 1/2 year old Hudson splashed the water.
I didn't let him continue to splash.
I immediately grabbed his arm and said "no no Hudson, we don't splash that's not nice".
Well, apparently it got this mom a little wet.
She threw her hands up in the air and let out this very loud and exaggerated "uuuuggghhhhhh!!!!! seriously?!"
& she started walking over to the hand washing sink to grab a paper towel.
I called after here that I was sorry.
Then I can hear here telling some lady [i only caught bits and pieces but something like:] "let her son splash me....didn't care....i cant believe it....blah blah blah"
I mean really, did this just happen?!
I was a little embarrassed, but at the same time so mad at this lade.
It clearly wasn't intentional, I stopped my son and told him it wasn't ok.
I said sorry.
Your standing in a "CAUTION WET ZONE" surrounded by kids! Is this really surprising to you?
Not to mention you have a daughter, im assuming at one point in time she was a toddler.
After she started telling other people, I was furious.
I wanted to say something, but at that point I didn't even know what to say.
What should I have said? Is there anything at all you can say in that situation?
I would understand if I was just letting Hudson run wild, or splash to his hearts content.
But I didn't.
Its been bugging me for the last couple days, even though I know it shouldn't.
I just wish moms, and women in general, could just be nice to one another.
And be compassionate.
Everyones kids have meltdowns, or random moments that make you go "really kid, make momma look like a fool why don't ya!"

Anyways, all in all it was a great success. Im so happy we got our membership, I see lots and lots of trips to see the fishes in the future.



  1. Umm, you are definitely in a splash zone if there are kids + water.

  2. LOVE aquariums! Yours looks super fun. Oh and I'm sure that lady's little girl had never splashed, hit, kicked, bit, etc any other kid or adult. I'm sure she was a perfect angel. Um... not.

  3. Some people are just so ridiculous. I would have been pretty upset too if I were you. You didn't do anything wrong so don't feel bad.