Monday, August 6, 2012

Our Weekend Recap

we had a pretty fun weekend.
On Friday after work I took Hudson to my moms house. Tanner has been working at a theater here doing the sound for their plays. This was the closing weekend for the play Rent.
I had never seen the show/movie/play before, so I was very excited.
They did an AMAZING job. It was just fabulous.

On Saturday, after I worked Hudson and I met my parents and some other family for lunch :) That day was also the final sold out show of Rent. So in between the matinee and the evening show Hudson and I went to visit Tanner and bring him dinner.
I got Hudson all ready to go, is hair is SO LONG. So I thought I would try a full mohawk, instead of just the normal faux hawk we do. He rocked it! LOVE THIS KID.

Training him young
Everyone in the play was sweet and nice with Hudson. They loved his hair and just played with him. Hudson was a TOTAL flirt with the ladies too. I think I am in trouble.
I was also so flattered. There was one actor who is a photographer here in Utah. He was so impressed with Hudson's friendliness, and smile and wants to take his pictures!! That made me pretty happy.

Hudson isn't ready to sit through a hole 2 hour show, so we headed to my moms.
His new chair from his great grandma

brotherly he gives the dogs kisses. yuck.

On Sunday I had to work extra long, we had a meeting. So Tanner and Hudson spent the whole day together. When I finally got home though (around 6 at night!) we went to our friends house to have a little BBQ. Hudson was a hoot as always. Keeping us on our toes.

Overall it was a pretty great weekend, low key but fun. Just love my little family.



  1. LOVE his long hair! And he's quite the stud posing in that green chair from great grandma. :)