Friday, August 31, 2012

Comfort Zones & Insta Life

First, I have to say YAY for stepping out of my comfort zone
Im a home body, I like my comfort zone
I stay in my comfort zone
but tonight, I did something crazy
okay, so maybe not "crazy"
but out of the normal for me
A few girls I know were having a bunco night
I haven't seen/talk to the girls since jr high or high school
 we do keep in touch on face book and what not though
So I went.
I was nervous because I only knew a couple of the girls
and even then, I knew them a while ago
But I had lots of fun. 
and next time it will be even better :D
I am very glad I tried something new
its a step in growing for me

Insta Life 
{since im on my husbands computer again I can't use picmonkey to create my collage, so ill do the pics one at a time}

 Hudsons Papa H got him 2 new cars toys. He never puts them down! & in the car he drives them on his legs while making car noises
 Me and My orange pants
 Throw back Thursday, Hudsons was only 5 1/2 months old
 Husband and his darn MW3. That couch is normally the opposite direction on the brown wall!
 mmmm....morning nana's
 we have been working on colors. We took a red bath!
 we got to dog sit this cutie! Hudson loved her so much
 buzz sippy, chips, and mickey mouse. in heaven :D
 daddy and hudson on our bike ride
 messy spagheti night
 five guys is now open right next to my work!
 super bored at work today!
 I love love love my adorable cheesey husband

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  1. We have those colored bath things too and the girls LOVE them. Unfortunately they started staining our tub so we had to ban them :-( Watch out for that!

  2. Can I just say, your blog is one of the only ones I keep up with on my list. You are such a cute mom! This post reminds me of my self. After high school and getting married and having kids, all friends went out the window. Staying friends with people that live the single life is just to hard. I need to get out more lol!