Wednesday, August 22, 2012

weekend fun

the last couple days have tested me
they have taught me things i'm not sure i ever wanted to know
things i'm not ready to talk about
and i honestly don't know if/when i will ever be ready to
[don't worry, nothing with my marriage]
but it has strengthened my marriage i think, in a weird third party kinda way
taught us what not to do
i hope it will teach me to be there for my spouse
anyways, excuse my mia the last couple of days
its been an interesting few days

i know its wednessday, and about time to re-cap our weekend! 
last friday was my birthday :D
i had to work that morning, but it was ok
my boss made me a cute cake and the day was pretty easy
that evening my parents took us all out to dinner
we had red lobster and it was delicious
my parents got me money :) basically the best gift lol
when we got home that night i opened presents from tanner & hudson
hudson got me new place mats, dish towels, etc, for my kitchen
in the new colors we chose
black & turquoise 
tanner got me my mirror i've been eying for like ever
were going to hang up the mirror horizontal
its 74" across , so basically gigantic haha
the hubby is not excited to hang it

 on saturday i worked, bur right after work
 my grandma took everyone out to lunch at kfc
then they surprised us and bought hudson a fish!
i gave to ok first, so it was a good thing
i don't know if i have mentioned hudsons obsession yet
but he is obsessed with newts
im not even kidding
there is a newt at the library and every time we go he has to just stare at it
we also have a pass to the aquarium and there are newts there that he loves too
so when the brought the fish in he started calling it newt 
so that is what we named him
newt...the ishy 

on sunday I had to work...again. what else is new?
that night tanners parents had a little birthday dinner for me :D
yummy enchiladas and rice
and for dessert...better then sex cake! yummmm

over all a great weekend! 

I thought I would share a few more instagram pics though!
you can follow @laciebreckon

last week my friend tiff and i took our kids to this is the place heritage park
it was very hot
but we had lots of fun
we got to ride a mini train around a pond

ride the horsey

pet goats and sheep

riding the big train

last night i made pork chops for the very first time ever
the hubby was happy i finally made a "meat & potato" dinner

and last but not least
i don't think i have mentioned this yet
as some of you may know i have never been to disney land
like ever
so my parents are taking us all to disney land/california 
in just a few ish weeks
its all officially booked and im so excited
we even have a countdown at work

hope everyones week is going great
happy hump day



  1. Love the mirror! ...and have fun at Disney! I've been once in high school, but Lee and the girls have never been. I for sure want to go sometimes--just trying to pick the perfect time when the girls will have the most fun. Can't wait to hear all about your trip! :-)

  2. Loving that mirror!
    Have fun at Disneyland. I haven't been for a few years. We want to take the girls