Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time for a "big boy" toddler bed?

Lets start this post with some back story.

from the time hudson was about 2 months old till he was 13 months old we lived with tanner's parents. we had one bedroom we shared. so, hudson has always slept in our room.
sometimes he would be in his own bed, i could look over and peek at him. if he got up in the middle of the night she just said "mamamamama" till i woke up and could cuddle him back to sleep.
other times we would co-sleep the whole night.
and let me just say, i love everything about co-sleeping. and this post is not about co-sleeping. so please, no anti co-sleeping comments.
once we got our new home, we talked about putting hudson in his own room. but this proved to be a very
big challenge. it means completely sleep training our 19 month old! not only is hudson [and his momma] very much used to being in the same room at night, he is also not at all used to his crib.
I wish I could start with his nap, and get him used to his crib that way.
but hudson goes to both grandmas while I work so he is at a different house every day. 
speaking of work, I work 6 and sometimes 7 days a week first thing in the morning.
so its also a matter of do I really want to be up all night before work for a week or more straight?
and to top off all the reasons i have yet to switch him to his room is the fact that he can climb out of his crib
and that is all i need,
hudson to wake up in the middle of the night, be half awake and try to climb out only to fall on his head
all while im sleeping away and cant hear him.

Hudsons sleep schedule now is pretty much the same..give or take some nights.
he goes to bed between 9-930 and will sleep till around 5-6
then he comes into bed with us and cuddle till i get up at 630

lately though, me and the hubby have been talking and we think were ready to move him to his room
I know this will be a struggle so I want to make this as fun as I can and get him really excited
I am trying to talk the husband into getting a new "big boy toddler bed"
I have looked at just the normal beds
but I have also been looking at some car beds
he is obsessed with cars and I think he would absolutely love one
plus were just getting a toddler size so its cheaper then a twin size car bed
im just worried he would wake up and wonder the house in the middle of the night
is that even likely?

is 18 months to young to move into a big boy bed?
are there any tricks or other ways to get little man excited?
any advice would be very much appreciated.

this is the car bed I was thinking of getting

Disney Cars - Lightning McQueen, Toddler Bed

or do I go for something like these
Kidkraft Slatted Toddler Bed - White.Opens in a new window




  1. I know many people who put baby gates in the doorway (and leave the bedroom door open) so that they can't get out of their bedroom if they wake up and try to wander. I also know people who keep a baby monitor on the toddler bed so you can still watch them :-)

    We switched Raya to a twin bed at age 2 and plan to do the same with Brielle. We actually have a toddlerr bed, but I've heard from other parents that then youjust have one more transition to do when they grow out of that. However I do understand if the toddler beds are more budget friendly! :-)

    I have seen those car toddler beds on craigslist and stuff around me...maybe you could find a used one? They seem to have good resale value too for when you want to move him to a twin.

    1. the gate in the doorway is GENIUS! im so glad you told me that! We have stairs just out of the door way from the bedrooms so I get worried about a sleepy toddler roaming the house.

      And that is the one thing I have noticed to, that car beds re-sale close to the original cost so it could be a good little "investment"

  2. I actually saw 2 of those toddler car beds for sale at a yard sale in my neighborhood on Saturday, I'm not sure for how much but I bet they both didn't sell. You usually get great deals at yard sales if you aren't specific on the color, I believe they were blue. If you're interested in looking at them you could send me an e-mail and I'll let you know where I live :)

    As for my opinion... I'm really not sure. Olivia is almost 13 months and she of course is still sleeps in her crib. She's in her own room and I'm not sure what age we'll have her start sleeping in a toddler bed. Luckily our crib converts into a toddler bed, then a headboard for a twin and full. I'll most likely end up buying a twin bed for her though because I'll want a "change." Sometimes I hear people have their kids sleep in a crib til 18 months and sometimes even after 24 months. So I'm clueless. I'm excited to hear what you do though as a reference for us.

    Good luck! :)

    1. Thanks gina! Ill talk to not sure if we have the money saved up yet for the bed. But ill let you know! if they are still available it might be a good option.

      And hudsons crib does the same, it switches to the toddler bed. But he is not used to his crib, and kinda...unfortunately hates his crib HAHA! I know its my fault, but there isn't much I can do now. oops...
      So thats why I want a new bed, so hopefully he will love it and be excited

  3. Aww, I totally know how you feel on this one! I like the car bed, but I think you'd be able to use the 2nd bed for longer. And you can change it up as his style changes :)

    1. I hate decisions like this! I know, I love the car bed..but i might get more for my money if i go for the white bed....argh! The joys of being a mom ;)