Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Joys of Home-Ownership

So far we have had our keys almost 1 1/2 weeks. And man...home ownership is just full of fun little surprises. We have slept in the house since Saturday :D granted were living out of boxes and have had no time to do anything else but work so hardly any unpacking has occurred. 
 We bought our new fridge, a new toilet since the old one wouldn't flush. Our garage door currently wont open. We know there is power going to the power box thing-a-ma-jig [honestly do I have to know what this is called?], its just not leaving it to open the door. The sink in the hall bathroom was pretty gross. Well the faucet was. We bought a new faucet and upon replacing said faucet the valve under the sink broke. Then where we would connect the new faucet to the old sink was so rusted out and it was braking. Insert late night trip in the snow to get new sink and valve so we could turn the water back on. 

Through it all though we are still happy and laughing and hoping the majority of this weekend will be unpacking and getting things organized. I still feel like I'm in limbo and don't really have a place to live yet. Hopefully this will change soon. Hudson seems to be doing well. There's a lot more stairs here so were working on going down feet first on our belly.

Were supposed to get our cable tomorrow, and hopefully our internet sometime next week so I don't have to keep borrowing my moms. If someone will please just come unpack and help us get into a new routine that would be great. Thanks

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hudson's Birthday Fun

Hudson had a very fabulous birthday. His birthday landed on a Tuesday and me and Tanner both took the whole day off to spend it together as a family. Best decision we ever made.

 To start off the day we stayed in bed extra late! (like till almost 830 late!!) We just played around and enjoyed not rushing to get ready for work. We had some yummy breakfast then we watched one of moms favorite shows. Good Things Utah. Every day they post post pictures of babies first birthdays. I have been waiting to put my kids picture on here since before I got married! I think I re-wound it like 5 times. It was so cute and surreal. I have a one year old. It still seams strange to me to say.

Next up, I had a little fun dressing up Hudson. Yes, I am that mom. I made Hudson try on the outfit he came home in. Well, the shirt anyways. His pants and Jacket are tucked away in his box and this was the easiest to dig out. 

 "really mom? why are we doing this?"

That afternoon we headed to the Museum of Ancient Life. Seriously the best dino museum out there! I haven't been for a few years but it was so much fun with Hudson. Being a Tuesday afternoon it was the BEST time to go. There was no one there at all. We probably saw the same 10 people the whole time. Hudson had a ball just running around.
We started out with lunch. Hudson got a big boy cup with some fruit punch (first time ever, and he loved it!) And his kids meal had dino nuggets, which he eat 1 1/2 of im amazed he ate so well. He also had some of moms tomato soup.

 It was then time to head into the museum

 This child loves water fountains
 They have this little room full of science experiment thingees you usually see in a planetarium. Hudson had fun with this!

 So tiny compared to 'long neck'

 again, loving that there was no one here! I have never even seen this play are as it usually crawling with kids. We had it all to ourselves. Hudson loves playing with the little toys. Also, every time he sees a rug he lays his head down for 'night night' and goes 'ahhhh'

 Just playing some dress up

 This sand was a great idea for about 2.5 seconds. Right after this picture he grabbed a handful of sand and put it down my shirt. In case your wondering, baby wipes clean up sand real good.

 He loved that he was just his size.
 Is that shark not terrifying?

After the museum we went to gift shop and let Hudson pick out a present. He chose and adorable stuffed Dino. He carried it around the whole little store. I really wanted to get him a new book, we found one called "How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday" it was perfect. We also got him a little squirt toy for the bath.

That evening we headed to dinner. My mom always takes everyone out for a birthday dinner. We tried to a place kid friendly. We were originally thinking of Chuck E Cheese because I couldn't think of anything else. Then someone told us about Planet Play. This place was so awesome. It has a full Pizza/salad/pasta buffet which was really yummy. They had a TON of games to play, mini bowling, mini golf, go carts, lazer tag and a toddler zone. The toddler zone rocked! It had a car that  was Hudson's size he could ride around a little tack. Pretty sure we rode that 20 times. I'm not even kidding. It also had a slide and little jungle gym and merry go round. He was so good at the slide. He could climb up and go down all by him self over and over. We won enough tickets to get a big bouncy ball and some army men. We had a blast and will for sure be going back.
(my camera died after the first few pictures...darn it!)
 Best picture we could get by the birthday cake.

 mmm pizza :D
 Mimi and grandpa Higley, and Grandma Danielson (papa D was at work)
 Aunt Jaida and Mimi
 Dad being silly
 Me and my sister
 Being a dork like always

Tanner looks a little silly, but doesn't Hudson have the best smile ever?!

Happy birthday little man. I still can not believe you are one year old! A toddler! How did this happen? Try not to grow up to fast ok? I love being your mom, and I love that I'm your favorite ;) I need a few more years to soak this in before you get embarrassed to be seen with me.
we love you so much!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Im Baaa-ack!

Ok, so I didn't really go anywhere. But its been a crazy couple of weeks here.

To start of we had a major sick-o fest! Full of soar throats, nasty coughs, stuffy noses, Hudson's very first ear infection, and loooooong nights. Glad that is over!
I also took a refresher course on eyelash extensions since I haven't done them since school. That was a long day, but so worth it. I need more practice but I'm excited :D

Then however we got some spectacular news! After six very very long months we are officially homeowners!!! WOOOT WOOOOT! We closed on our house, then got the keys. We have spent the last week just cleaning like crazy, bought a fridge, have been taping so we can paint and all that good stuff. Our plan is to have everything done and start moving in next weekend. We are getting the vents cleaned tomorrow, then its paint and cleaning the carpet in between work the next few days. People do not kid when they say as soon as you move in there is a list of expenses and things you will need to fix. Like our toilet. It clogs every time you flush it, and leaks. So we have to add that to our ever growing shopping list. We also found out our new house came with a pet. A MOLE! well, its either a mole or a gofer. Either way its destroyed the back yard and keeps poking its stupid little head up taunting us. Were 99% sure its a mole, so if you have ever dealt with one and know a great way to get it out and stay out of my yard I am open to suggestions! All in all though, were thrilled and couldn't be more excited. Even all of the little hiccups don't bother me because its finally our house!

I have some pictures I need to load, but this is a picture I stole off of real estate website.

I have some posts I really need to catch up on. Bare with me, one more week and we should be moving in and getting settled and I fully expect to be blogging in full force again. I miss it, dearly. I honestly have been having withdrawals. Maybe this [however tiny] break is good for me?!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hudson's little man mustache bash!

Im going a little out of order on Little Mans birthday posts, but I was messing around on picnik and decided the "retro" effect worked really well with Hudson's Little Man Mustache Bash! So I had to edit ALL the pics [ok, so I didn't do all but I did most]. His party was SO much fun and I have to thank everyone that came and made his birthday so special!

So our little man is ONE! This is a huge deal not only for him but for us, his parents, as well. We survived our very first year as parents ever! We came out sane, and happy, and have a happy little toddler! This alone deserved a big celebration. Hudson had a mustache bash with all our friends and family & he of course got sooo spoiled. I also have to say, we had 7 kids under the age of 3 and it was a fairly quiet and easy going party!

Lets start with the decor.

 This was the table/food set up
 His "one" banner I made

 Photo Booth Props

 I made another banner with his birthday pics and some tie's I made
 This welcome sign was originally on the front door
 "sign in" table

 Yummy Food
 Real Men <3 Cupcakes

 We had delicious little man subs
 Mustache & Tie Cookies
 Cake & Chocolate stache' pops
 Huddy Buddy & Little Man Water Bottles

Next up we had all the guests get a photo in our home made "photo booth"
 Hudson and Keira decided to start things off
 John, Tiff [my bff ;P] & their girls Keira and Haylee
 Cameron with his little boy Weston
 Aunt Ash, Uncle Bri & Hudson's favorite cousin Ella Mae
 Uncle Jason & Aunt Jamie
 Our friend from high school Taco [jacob] & his girlfriend Nicole
 The Hubster Tanner, mister Hudson & yours truly
 Mormor & Farfar
my mom Jamie, my sister Jade & dad Dusty
 Birthday boy just wants to go play!

 Great Aunt Shantell & Great Grandma Shirly
 Papa, Ella, Grandma [tanners parents] and the birthday boy!
 Sam, Trista & their ADORABLE twins Nolan & Mackay
 My mom, sis and me!

 Sam......it's not nice to eat your babies

Just to recap all those adorable littles we had Keira, 3. Ella, 2. Weston, 14 months. Hudson, 1! Haylee, 8 months. Nolan & Mackay, 4 months.

The kids played some ring-a-round the rosies while all those pics were being taken

 all fall down!

Next up, Presents!

 yes, my child loves Yo Gabba Gabba....oh brobee why must you creep me out?

 We got Hudson the hit toy of the night! I was excited about that. We got him a city rug and some super cool cars! All the kids had so much fun and played for a good 10 min! A miracle to keep them all entertained at one time.

Hudson got so spoiled by everyone! He got an outfit and a toy hammer/peg from farfar and mormor. Some clothes, an alphabet apple toy, and one of those singing bears from grandma shirly. A basketball hoop from aunt shantell. Bri, Ash & Ella got him some cool jammies and overalls. The lloyds got him the cutest shoes ever. Aunt jade got him a drum and instrument toy, a brobee doll and made him a dino blanket and pillow. Jamie and jason got him his first belt, a cute shirt and an adorable skull beanie. Weston got him a fisher price airplane. Higley grandparents got him some cars books and place mat and also went in with Danielson grandparents and got him a sweet radio flyer delux wagon! Danielson grandparents also got him some clothes and books. We got hudson his cars and city rug, and a a big pirate ship bath toys. [I think I got everything..phew!]

A couple randoms....
 Little Weston, one of the most relaxed kids I have ever met!
 Love that little guy!
 Austin & Taco, some friends from high school
 These boys are perfect babies! I swear I didn't hear a peep out of them all night.

 Two of my favorite little ladies!

Finally it was time for cake! There were 30+ people all singing happy birthday to our baby boy! I almost started crying just having everyone there that cared so much about our little guy
 What a face Hudson!

 Happy Birthday to you......

 Ok mom, im done. Get me out. NOW.

 Just cleanin off in his favorite place. Seriously the sink is his favorite. He cries to get put in the sink and he could care less if water is on. Just wants to sit there and hold the faucet. Weird kid. 

After we got all cleaned up, we had a dance party! All the kids just danced, Hudson would sit and spin in circles hehe. Then we played with some of his cool new presents & hung out the rest of the evening.

 The blanket and pillow aunt jade made!
 Cute cute cute little lady with her daddy.
 Checking out his new wagon!!

 Ella Mae doin a sweet dance
 Aunt Ash rockin some hot cross buns

Hudson and Ella are the best cousins ever! I love that they are so close. Hudson is like a little duck just following her around everywhere, and trying to do everything she does!!

Hudson had a fabulous birthday and slept sooo great that night! Didn't even get up once [he always wakes up at least once a night]. 

Happy Birthday Little Huddy Buddy! We love you and can not believe your already one year old!!

Party wouldn't have been nearly as cute without