Friday, February 17, 2012

Im Baaa-ack!

Ok, so I didn't really go anywhere. But its been a crazy couple of weeks here.

To start of we had a major sick-o fest! Full of soar throats, nasty coughs, stuffy noses, Hudson's very first ear infection, and loooooong nights. Glad that is over!
I also took a refresher course on eyelash extensions since I haven't done them since school. That was a long day, but so worth it. I need more practice but I'm excited :D

Then however we got some spectacular news! After six very very long months we are officially homeowners!!! WOOOT WOOOOT! We closed on our house, then got the keys. We have spent the last week just cleaning like crazy, bought a fridge, have been taping so we can paint and all that good stuff. Our plan is to have everything done and start moving in next weekend. We are getting the vents cleaned tomorrow, then its paint and cleaning the carpet in between work the next few days. People do not kid when they say as soon as you move in there is a list of expenses and things you will need to fix. Like our toilet. It clogs every time you flush it, and leaks. So we have to add that to our ever growing shopping list. We also found out our new house came with a pet. A MOLE! well, its either a mole or a gofer. Either way its destroyed the back yard and keeps poking its stupid little head up taunting us. Were 99% sure its a mole, so if you have ever dealt with one and know a great way to get it out and stay out of my yard I am open to suggestions! All in all though, were thrilled and couldn't be more excited. Even all of the little hiccups don't bother me because its finally our house!

I have some pictures I need to load, but this is a picture I stole off of real estate website.

I have some posts I really need to catch up on. Bare with me, one more week and we should be moving in and getting settled and I fully expect to be blogging in full force again. I miss it, dearly. I honestly have been having withdrawals. Maybe this [however tiny] break is good for me?!


  1. Yay, congrats!

    As for the mole, my parents get those in their yard constantly. They use the "traps"....not humane though so not sure what you think of them. But you stick them in the ground above one of the most traveled paths and there is a pitchfork looking thing you set and it hovers above the path....when the mole comes by the next time it springs the trap which sticks into the ground and kills the mole.

  2. Congrats!! It's a way cute house, excited to see inside photos!

  3. Congratulations Lacey! Cant wait to see more pictures!

  4. Yay... Congrats.. So excited for you guys :)