Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hudson's Birthday Fun

Hudson had a very fabulous birthday. His birthday landed on a Tuesday and me and Tanner both took the whole day off to spend it together as a family. Best decision we ever made.

 To start off the day we stayed in bed extra late! (like till almost 830 late!!) We just played around and enjoyed not rushing to get ready for work. We had some yummy breakfast then we watched one of moms favorite shows. Good Things Utah. Every day they post post pictures of babies first birthdays. I have been waiting to put my kids picture on here since before I got married! I think I re-wound it like 5 times. It was so cute and surreal. I have a one year old. It still seams strange to me to say.

Next up, I had a little fun dressing up Hudson. Yes, I am that mom. I made Hudson try on the outfit he came home in. Well, the shirt anyways. His pants and Jacket are tucked away in his box and this was the easiest to dig out. 

 "really mom? why are we doing this?"

That afternoon we headed to the Museum of Ancient Life. Seriously the best dino museum out there! I haven't been for a few years but it was so much fun with Hudson. Being a Tuesday afternoon it was the BEST time to go. There was no one there at all. We probably saw the same 10 people the whole time. Hudson had a ball just running around.
We started out with lunch. Hudson got a big boy cup with some fruit punch (first time ever, and he loved it!) And his kids meal had dino nuggets, which he eat 1 1/2 of im amazed he ate so well. He also had some of moms tomato soup.

 It was then time to head into the museum

 This child loves water fountains
 They have this little room full of science experiment thingees you usually see in a planetarium. Hudson had fun with this!

 So tiny compared to 'long neck'

 again, loving that there was no one here! I have never even seen this play are as it usually crawling with kids. We had it all to ourselves. Hudson loves playing with the little toys. Also, every time he sees a rug he lays his head down for 'night night' and goes 'ahhhh'

 Just playing some dress up

 This sand was a great idea for about 2.5 seconds. Right after this picture he grabbed a handful of sand and put it down my shirt. In case your wondering, baby wipes clean up sand real good.

 He loved that he was just his size.
 Is that shark not terrifying?

After the museum we went to gift shop and let Hudson pick out a present. He chose and adorable stuffed Dino. He carried it around the whole little store. I really wanted to get him a new book, we found one called "How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday" it was perfect. We also got him a little squirt toy for the bath.

That evening we headed to dinner. My mom always takes everyone out for a birthday dinner. We tried to a place kid friendly. We were originally thinking of Chuck E Cheese because I couldn't think of anything else. Then someone told us about Planet Play. This place was so awesome. It has a full Pizza/salad/pasta buffet which was really yummy. They had a TON of games to play, mini bowling, mini golf, go carts, lazer tag and a toddler zone. The toddler zone rocked! It had a car that  was Hudson's size he could ride around a little tack. Pretty sure we rode that 20 times. I'm not even kidding. It also had a slide and little jungle gym and merry go round. He was so good at the slide. He could climb up and go down all by him self over and over. We won enough tickets to get a big bouncy ball and some army men. We had a blast and will for sure be going back.
(my camera died after the first few pictures...darn it!)
 Best picture we could get by the birthday cake.

 mmm pizza :D
 Mimi and grandpa Higley, and Grandma Danielson (papa D was at work)
 Aunt Jaida and Mimi
 Dad being silly
 Me and my sister
 Being a dork like always

Tanner looks a little silly, but doesn't Hudson have the best smile ever?!

Happy birthday little man. I still can not believe you are one year old! A toddler! How did this happen? Try not to grow up to fast ok? I love being your mom, and I love that I'm your favorite ;) I need a few more years to soak this in before you get embarrassed to be seen with me.
we love you so much!

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