Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patty's Day

So this no internet thing kinda stinks. I know I should really get on that, but lets face it im to busy lazy. ;)

We had a great St. Patricks day! I was so happy to FINALLY have a day off (I worked litereally 20 days straight....and after that saturday I am in the middle of working another 19 days straight....oh joys). That morning I got to sleep in, till about 700, it was heaven! Then I made a super yummy breakfast for my boys.

Bed Head, Jammies, green pancakes, golden eggs and a rainbow of fruit! YUMMY

We then visted our inlaws, and got a few of the last boxes still left in their basement. When we got back home we gave daddy a surprise we made for him.

He thougt it was pretty cute...thank you pinterest.

 After that the hubs had to go to work :(  so I hung out with my mom and sister. All in all it was a great day, I have more pictures on my camera, but they are on my laptop not my moms computer so I will have to post those soon.

Hope everyone is looking forward to weekend. We are supposed to have great weather so im thinking some serious outside time needs to happen.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Valentines Day

So I know its technically St. Patrick's day, but I'm playing catch up and gonna let you know about our awesome valentines day!

On Valentines we both had to work so Hudson spent the morning at grandmas. After work I hurried and picked up Hudson then headed to Tanners work. We surprised daddy with valentines and had a special Phineas and Ferb valentine for all his co workers.

After we left Daddy's work we went back to mommy's work to give them all surprise valentines too! Everyone loved getting to see our little man. Then we headed to mimi and grandpas house and gave them and aunt Jaida valentines as well. Hudson was sporting quite the outfit.

After daddy got home we gave you your valentines present. I have been wanted to get you one of these for a while and this was the perfect excuse ;). Hudson loves his new mini couch/bed. He takes alot of his naps on it, and also loves to sit and watch yo gabba gabba on it!

 night night

All in all we had a great valentines. Tanner got me a cute card and some flowers. I got him a card and some candy. We had gotten the keys to our house the week before so it was a busy day and we were just happy to be in our new home!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hodge Podge

Today is a hodgepodge of thoughts kinda day.

Monday was such a nice day out! My ideal weather. Jacket Weather. We can play out side with out getting deathly ill from the snow, and we don't suffocate from the heat. That being said I would take snow over 90-100 degree weather any day. Call me crazy. I HATE the heat. Bring on spring and fall baby! ;)   Anyways back to Monday, we got to watch my cute sister all day so we went to the park.

I just love these two.

Also, forgot to mention in Hudson's twelve month post, he knows some body parts! I love it, he can point to his button (belly button.) He will lift his shirt up and point to it. so cute. He can point to his nose (well more like pick it), and knows where his hair is. On other people he can point to button, nose, hair, eyes and ears. Not sure why he can't point to his own eyes and ears? Silly man.

Do you watch desperate housewives?! I am addicted and have been since the very begining. I can honestly say there are probably only 2 episodes I have ever not seen [big thanks to my DVR]. Im so sad the final show is in 2 more episodes?! How could they cancel it, ugh makes me crazy. Pretty sure I will have to re-watch the entire show just to get my housewife fix. I love a good drama over reality TV any day. 

Lastly, I need some advice. As most of you know we just moved into our home a few weeks ago. So far we love it, and slowly were getting all of our things moved in. Hopefully this weekend we can finish up [Tanner currently has 3 jobs...its not as bad as it weekends are the only time we have to do anything]. I have met 2 neighbors. The lady across the street whose house is for sale and currently has an offer in. She was nice, but needless to say I don't see that friendship going anywhere. The 2nd neighbor I met was so awkward. This super sweet little girl, probably 6 or 7, was playing outside. Our conversation went a little something like this:
Girl: "are you new peoples?"
Me: "yup, we are. We just moved in."
Girl: "Is your stuff moved in?"
Me: "part of it, we have a few more things to move in"
Girl: "OH, I'm moving"
Me: [thinking to myself, where is this girl from? I know she doesn't live in the for sale house I already met them]  "oh you are?"
Girl: "Yea, my mommy doesn't love my daddy anymore. And she said she won't love him again. So I'm moving with my mommy. We live in that white house"
Me: "I'm very sorry, but in can be fun to move sometimes [note total panic in my voice]
Me: [Quickly changing subject] "So I didn't ask, what was your name?"
Girl: "__[insert girls name]__"
Me: "well its very nice to meet you ____ My name is Lacie, and this is my son Hudson. But I better get inside its his nap time. "[please note, its no where near Hudson's nap time].
Girl: " OK nice to meet you, hope you like your house"
Me: "Thanks, it was nice to meet you too! Hudson, wave bye bye"

Yea, not sure how I handled that one. It totally came at me from left field, didn't see it coming. Poor girl, I didn't know who to feel worse for. I'm sure her parents are trying to explain the situation to their daughter the best they can, in a way she can understand. But bless her heart she doesn't realize what she is saying when she tells complete strangers. I really hope she doesn't tell her mom about meeting the new neighbors.

Now on to that advice, more like I need some opinions. I wanted to do something nice to introduce myself to our neighbors. I was kinda secretly hoping for some sweet "welcome to the neighborhood" gesture....but no. My parents have the sweetest neighbor in the whole world. When my mom moved in she baked her fresh bread and came and welcomed her to the neighborhood. They are now great friend of our family. Anyways, this apparently won't be happening in out little culd-de-sac so I want to take matter into my own hands. I found these ADORABLE printable on pinterest

I was thinking of making something for the neighbors and attaching one of these. I am not a cook, or a baker and my hubby thinks it will be a failure if i try to make cookies. So I suggested buying some cookies and doing something like this

The hubby then says if I were to hand a baggy full of Chips Ahoy to the neighbors they will probably laugh at me. Needless to say, cookie idea is out. So I'm trying to think of something fairly inexpensive but a nice gesture to give to all 12 of my new neighbors. I did find this, and if I hand them out on St. Patrick's day I think it would be kinda cute

However, I'm still on the fence.Any ideas you would like to throw my way I am totally open to!

Hope everyone had a fabulous "hump day" were that much closer to the weekend! Woot Woot

Friday, March 2, 2012

Twelve and Thirteen months old!

So I know Hudson is officially 13 months old now [how did this happen!?!] But its been a crazy couple of months and I haven't gotten around to his 12 month post yet. We finally had his one year check up yesterday so I thought it was about time, So this will be 12/13 month stats!

Hudson, you are officially a toddler now! As much as I miss my baby, I am LOVING this stage. I cant believe its a been a whole year since you came into our lives. When you were born we had a couple scares, and you had to spend a week in the NICU but looking at you today you would never have guessed it. You are a crazy ball of energy that just never sits still!

As of 12 months you have 4 teeth, 2 on top 2 on bottom. At 13 months the two on either side of your top teeth are almost popping through. 

You weight exactly 21 lbs (15%) and you are 31 inches long! Mr Tall and Skinny. Basketball player in our future?!?

The doctor says he would like to see you gain some weight. He isn't to worried, but since you never stop moving & your constantly burning those calories he would like to get a little more meat on your bones. It will be a little hard because your a picky eater! The first 4 bites of anything I feed you you do great, then you loose interest and just keep signing 'all done' and making your ewww face [you stick your tongue out and shake your head]. We will be working on this, and getting you some pediasure.

Speaking of food, you will eat pretty much anything. You love toast, its your favorite. You have also eaten/like to eat mac-n-cheese, eggs, chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, spaghetti [pretty much just any noodle and sauce], applesauce, oatmeal, carrots and pretty much anything we give you bites of. You have texture issues, but were working on more finger foods. Right now I give you lots of the fruit/veggie squeeze pouch thingees to make sure you eating more fruit and veggies. These are life savors at the store.

The doctor also wants us to give you an inhaler. If you run around too much [which is all the time] or laugh really hard you start coughing. It isn't really bad, and you don't wake up in the middle of the night or anything so the doctor says that is a good sign and it means it hopefully isn't asthma. But he feels your lungs are just a little weaker so hopefully this inhaler will help. It worries me, but lets hope you just grow out of it!

You can now run, really fast I might add. You also love to 'stomp'. When we tell you to stomp you get your little legs going sooo fast and just start laughing. You try to jump, its more like just bending your knees :D And you are a dance-a-holic. You can turn on the radio and you just dance away.

You are talking up a storm!! All the words you can say:
dada, mama, dog, baba, bye bye, toast [sounds like toe], Jaida [day-duh] & eat [eeee]

The signs your using well are:
more [especially if you get a bite of something sweet], all done, eat, and sometimes mom
You have the best laugh, and are soooo ticklish. You also fake laugh, its a hoot.

Your getting better and better at climbing down/up stairs. It still makes me nervous every single time!

You love all your cars. You make little driving noises [sounds kinda like your blowing a raspberries bbppbppbp, the sound most boys make haha]. You will also "drive" anything [like a steering wheel] and honk the horn.

Your better at sleeping, we were teething and getting up a couple times but the last few nights you have slept all threw the night. Lets keep up with this ;). Now that we have our house you finally have your own bedroom. I'm not sure how I am going to feel about this once it's all set up.

You get along great with other kids. You are not shy one bit, you always walk right up to them and grab their face and give them a big ol' kiss.

You are such a mamas boy. I love it so much. Especially when I pick you up from work and you run up to me with your arms help up saying "mama mama mama"

We ask you "how big is Hudson?" and you throw your hands up, sooo big!

You are still in a size 3 diaper. Transitioning from a 4 to a 5 in shoes, and 12 month clothes. 18 month jammies. 
You had your very first ear infection the day after your first birthday :(
Your still in love with your cousin Ella Mae. I am sad that now that we moved out we don't see her as much, but you two are a riot when you get together.

Hudson, I can't believe you have been in our lives 22 months already!!! And been physically with us for 13 months. I can't picture life without you and can barely remember what it was like before you were born. You are my everything little man!!! Love you more then you will ever know!

From this precious baby

To this little man in one super short, amazing year!