Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hodge Podge

Today is a hodgepodge of thoughts kinda day.

Monday was such a nice day out! My ideal weather. Jacket Weather. We can play out side with out getting deathly ill from the snow, and we don't suffocate from the heat. That being said I would take snow over 90-100 degree weather any day. Call me crazy. I HATE the heat. Bring on spring and fall baby! ;)   Anyways back to Monday, we got to watch my cute sister all day so we went to the park.

I just love these two.

Also, forgot to mention in Hudson's twelve month post, he knows some body parts! I love it, he can point to his button (belly button.) He will lift his shirt up and point to it. so cute. He can point to his nose (well more like pick it), and knows where his hair is. On other people he can point to button, nose, hair, eyes and ears. Not sure why he can't point to his own eyes and ears? Silly man.

Do you watch desperate housewives?! I am addicted and have been since the very begining. I can honestly say there are probably only 2 episodes I have ever not seen [big thanks to my DVR]. Im so sad the final show is in 2 more episodes?! How could they cancel it, ugh makes me crazy. Pretty sure I will have to re-watch the entire show just to get my housewife fix. I love a good drama over reality TV any day. 

Lastly, I need some advice. As most of you know we just moved into our home a few weeks ago. So far we love it, and slowly were getting all of our things moved in. Hopefully this weekend we can finish up [Tanner currently has 3 jobs...its not as bad as it weekends are the only time we have to do anything]. I have met 2 neighbors. The lady across the street whose house is for sale and currently has an offer in. She was nice, but needless to say I don't see that friendship going anywhere. The 2nd neighbor I met was so awkward. This super sweet little girl, probably 6 or 7, was playing outside. Our conversation went a little something like this:
Girl: "are you new peoples?"
Me: "yup, we are. We just moved in."
Girl: "Is your stuff moved in?"
Me: "part of it, we have a few more things to move in"
Girl: "OH, I'm moving"
Me: [thinking to myself, where is this girl from? I know she doesn't live in the for sale house I already met them]  "oh you are?"
Girl: "Yea, my mommy doesn't love my daddy anymore. And she said she won't love him again. So I'm moving with my mommy. We live in that white house"
Me: "I'm very sorry, but in can be fun to move sometimes [note total panic in my voice]
Me: [Quickly changing subject] "So I didn't ask, what was your name?"
Girl: "__[insert girls name]__"
Me: "well its very nice to meet you ____ My name is Lacie, and this is my son Hudson. But I better get inside its his nap time. "[please note, its no where near Hudson's nap time].
Girl: " OK nice to meet you, hope you like your house"
Me: "Thanks, it was nice to meet you too! Hudson, wave bye bye"

Yea, not sure how I handled that one. It totally came at me from left field, didn't see it coming. Poor girl, I didn't know who to feel worse for. I'm sure her parents are trying to explain the situation to their daughter the best they can, in a way she can understand. But bless her heart she doesn't realize what she is saying when she tells complete strangers. I really hope she doesn't tell her mom about meeting the new neighbors.

Now on to that advice, more like I need some opinions. I wanted to do something nice to introduce myself to our neighbors. I was kinda secretly hoping for some sweet "welcome to the neighborhood" gesture....but no. My parents have the sweetest neighbor in the whole world. When my mom moved in she baked her fresh bread and came and welcomed her to the neighborhood. They are now great friend of our family. Anyways, this apparently won't be happening in out little culd-de-sac so I want to take matter into my own hands. I found these ADORABLE printable on pinterest

I was thinking of making something for the neighbors and attaching one of these. I am not a cook, or a baker and my hubby thinks it will be a failure if i try to make cookies. So I suggested buying some cookies and doing something like this

The hubby then says if I were to hand a baggy full of Chips Ahoy to the neighbors they will probably laugh at me. Needless to say, cookie idea is out. So I'm trying to think of something fairly inexpensive but a nice gesture to give to all 12 of my new neighbors. I did find this, and if I hand them out on St. Patrick's day I think it would be kinda cute

However, I'm still on the fence.Any ideas you would like to throw my way I am totally open to!

Hope everyone had a fabulous "hump day" were that much closer to the weekend! Woot Woot


  1. Well when *we* moved to this neighborhood someone brought us warm chocolate brownies and it was so nice! They were just box mix---the kind that you really can't mess up---but it was such a sweet thought and they brought it to our door and introduced themselves so now I recognize their face when we are out and about. I'd suggest just baking some cookies or brownies (the cookies that already come in the little balls---you just pop them on a pan for 10 minutes and are done haha) and then take them door to door on a Saturday or something. No one will care if they are homemade, it's the thought that counts :-)

  2. I'm a new GFC follower from Mommy, a work in progress blog. I'd love a follow back! Your site is too cute!