Thursday, March 22, 2012

St. Patty's Day

So this no internet thing kinda stinks. I know I should really get on that, but lets face it im to busy lazy. ;)

We had a great St. Patricks day! I was so happy to FINALLY have a day off (I worked litereally 20 days straight....and after that saturday I am in the middle of working another 19 days straight....oh joys). That morning I got to sleep in, till about 700, it was heaven! Then I made a super yummy breakfast for my boys.

Bed Head, Jammies, green pancakes, golden eggs and a rainbow of fruit! YUMMY

We then visted our inlaws, and got a few of the last boxes still left in their basement. When we got back home we gave daddy a surprise we made for him.

He thougt it was pretty cute...thank you pinterest.

 After that the hubs had to go to work :(  so I hung out with my mom and sister. All in all it was a great day, I have more pictures on my camera, but they are on my laptop not my moms computer so I will have to post those soon.

Hope everyone is looking forward to weekend. We are supposed to have great weather so im thinking some serious outside time needs to happen.

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