Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Randomes

Still no internet here, This is becoming a big pain! Hopefully soon we can settle down and get back to a normal pace. Im so excited this weekend I will actually get Saturday & Sunday off. This hasn't happened in months. I can barely remember actually. Needless to say I am stoked to spend some much needed quality time with my family.

This week has been pretty fun. My and the hubby went on 2 date nights!!! we saw the Hunger Games. Which was amazing, still not at all as good as the books but still pretty dang close. The hubby even liked it which is a first! Then on Tuesday the hubby won Jazz tickets so Wednesday night we went to the Jazz game. Seats were pretty great! right above where the jazz players sit and only 19 rows up.

We also took Hudson to see the Easter Bunny on Tuesday. He LOVED the Bunny. I was worried he would be terrified but he sat on his lap just fine. He refused to smile those. Stinker, he just gave us the typical 'Hudson stare'. We did get him to give the bunny some kisses. Those pictures were way cute, but you couldn't see Hudson's face so we got the staring one. Ill have to scan that picture in. But I did get a cute one of Hudson's Easter Outfit.

So my son has an OBSESSION with shoes. It doesn't matter whose shoes, or what kind of shoe he has to put it on and walk around. Here he is in his Aunts slippers.

We have been spending lots of time outside lately its been so nice! Well, last week anyways. This week has been to windy to spend to much time outside.

Im now on instagram too! you can follow me @laciebreckon

This little guy just lights up my life! He is so much fun, and I'm loving this age and stage! He can say so many words now. I'm probably forgetting some but he can say mama, Dada, baba, dayduh (Jaida), was dat (whats that), dat! (while pointing and shouting), dog, eeehh (eat), no no no, and his newest is blabba blabba (yo gabba gabba). Hudson isn't much for TV. But boy if I turn on Yo Gabba Gabba I have a solid twenty minuets to clean whatever I need to! He loves it, and has started imitating them as well. He will clap his hands with them, stomp his feet, even try to jump!  Hudson has also been getting great at body parts. He can point (on himself and others) to his hair, eyes, mouth, nose, ears, belly button, and toes. He is learning his hands. He can also tell us what a dinosaur, cow and doggy say!  Oh what a smarty pants!!

Now here are just a few more pics of my Little Man at the park these past weeks.

Oh and another note, I'm incredibly baby hungry. We saw the cutest little baby boy at the Jazz game and I just wanted to eat him up! To bad the hubby says its not time yet :(

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