Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I don't have a good tittle for this randomness

Hudson is currently napping, then its of to the mall for some indoor trick or treating before dad gets home :) that little pirate is really excited.

Its really really hard to be excepting of your lives now a days. Between all the social media outlets [facebook, instagram, blogs, etc] you cant get away from the news of everyone elses lives. I try to remind myself that what people put out there [usually anyways.....] are the good things about there life. The highlights. And all the bad/dirty laundry they keep to themselves [as they should!]. But its really really hard not to compare. "So and so just went on a vacation" "she gets to be a stay at home mom" "they just got promotions at work and are making even more money" "he just got a new car" "her house is always spotless"..yadda yadda yadda. Not to mention about 10 friends annoucned they are pregnant!!! (im excited for you all..I really am. Im just jealous ;)) I makes you get in a funk becuase you are looking at all the behind the scenes stuff in your life and comparing it to 
there highlights. I was doing just that the other day. Then BAM I got a smack in the face. I was so jealouse of some friends. I mean here we are, struggling as it is with budgeting, finding out im getting laid off, having to pay a freakin arm and leg to get our furnace fixed, and not to mention Hudsons feet decided to grow 2 whole sizes! so he has no shoes. It seemed like every little thing was going perfectly for these people, but then I found out they are struggling to get pregnant. That shut me right up. Here I am worrying about money and material things, when I have the greatest
blessing in the world staring right at me. My little Hudson.
So just remember, everyones lives might seem perfect but we all have our own struggles. try not to compare. It will save you lots of heartache.

 switching subjects here...some updates via instagram :)

We took Hudson to his first ever movie. Hotel Transylvania. He did sooo good :)

Pretty sure his favorite time of day is wrestling with daddy

We got our bed re-finished a bed post and end tables for us :) I love it

We got Hudson a white toddler bed. He has yet to sleep in it though ;)

My little pirate went trunk or treating

My friends two cute daughters. Spiderwoman & a Snowwoman

With grandma and aunt Jaida

His crazy pumpkin he decorated

My cute pourch! I know it isnt much, but its a start :)

adorable ghost feet

Me and Amanda at work today. We were twinners.


Friday, October 26, 2012

My First Friday Letters


 A lot of blogs I follow do these Friday letters. I thought today I would do my first ever Friday Letters. :D

Dear space heater, thank you for keeping me warm and cozy since my furnace is having issues.

Dear mom, thanks for letting little man spend the night since our house is just way to cold with no heat. your the best. 

Dear Hubby, thanks for being awesome and giving me some heating pads since im freezing. Also, thanks for letting me talk you into the crazy sell at the Disney Store to get Hudson some Christmas presents. 

Dear Work, oddly..thank you for "consolidating" and laying me off. As upset as I was when I first found out, and sad that I will miss all my amazing co workers, I am excited to try something new. This is the kick in the butt I needed.

Dear Pumpkin Pie, oh how I have missed you. Please stick around for a little while. 

Dear Moon, thanks for shining bright in the sky and making my little one so excited. "momma DA MOON! DA MOOOOOON!" 

Dear Hudson, Never grow up baby boy. Enjoy life and smile a lot and love your momma!

Dear Taylor Swift, I love you...I really do. But when 'Never Grow Up' comes on on shuffle I bawl my eyes out every. single. time. 

Dear Blogger Peeps, thanks for existing. No really. I know we will probably never meet in real life, but I feel a special connection with ya'll. I feel like I know so much about your lives, but with out being a creepy stalker. Its awesome. A few of my friends just don't get "blog land" but you all do and no ones judges ;)

Dear Cracker Barrel, you make amazing biscuits and gravy and my husband loves you. Can you give me the recipe so he can love my cookin too?

Dear Ben & Jerrys, curse you for inventing phish food. That stuff is heaven in a carton I tell you. 

Dear sister, Im so excited for our sister date. We don't hang out just the two of us enough. I love your teenage dramatic face.

Dear Saturday, its going to be a busy day please let me sleep in. I would really appreciate it.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hudsons Chirstmas and Birthday Wish List

I know its almost Halloween
but its never to early to talk Christmas right?
I actually have some good reasons as to why I'm working on Hudsons Christmas list
you see, his birthday is one month from Christmas, so I have to plan what ill give for each holiday.
I also am getting laid I want to try to have everything done soon so its one less worry. Ive been looking online and found some fun toys I think Hudson would LOVE for Christmas/Birthday

 Im pretty sure Hudson will freak! Were for sure getting him these two little guys 
(also, in case your wondering there on sale at the Disney store for 20 bucks and officially cheaper then target/walmart crazy I know!)
Were going to give him one for his birthday, and one on Christmas. Not sure what one for what holiday yet. But im so excited to get him these. 


Ill be for sure checking out some Jake and the Neverland Pirates stuff. My mom is thinking about getting him the boat for his birthday. I think if she doesn't end up getting it for him I'll probably have to. Im not sure what we will get yet, but he loves Jake to much to not include somthing.

Im pretty sure we will be getting this too! Tag Jr by leap frog. It looks so fun, and perfect for my little man who cant get enough of all his books.

These look awesome and only 10 bucks at target! There these cute little cards that are touch and feel and connect to strollers and what not. Something fun while were out and about. You can't beat the price either. 
This I think would entertain Hudson for a long time. Its like one of those shape cookie jar things, but with Noahs ark animals. 

 I really really want to get Hudson one of these for his birthday! its smaller then the normal riding jeeps, and a little cheaper. Its more for the 1 1/2-3 year age range. I am having a very hard time talking this hubby into this one though.

Anyone that knows Hudson knows he LOVES the lawn mower. I think he would die for something like this. Although, with winter coming I think this would be a fun easter gift instead so he could mow like daddy.

 We will for sure be stocking up on some more mega blocks! We have a few, but we cant really make anything big. So hopefully after Christmas we can make some sweet towers.

 So, it probably wont be this exact set. But my poor child NEEDS a train set. I don't know how/why but this kid is obsessed with choo-choos. And he CRYS and WHINES if he sees one at the store. He also pretends some of his trucks are trians. My mom is actually looking for a train table to get him for Christmas. I think it will be his favorite. 

Im pretty sure every toddler I know has this darn thing! haha Hudsons little friends has one, and he loves playing with it at there house. So im sure ill be on the look out for this bad boy too!

Well those are a few of the things that are on Hudsons wish list. We will see what Santa actually brings him, but hopefully whatever he doesn't get for Christmas, he will get for his birthday ;)

Just in case your wondering, only about 8 1/2 weeks till Christmas by the way!

What is on your little ones lists?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cornbellys Part 1

I didn't want to do this as a two part post, but we STILL don't have a computer. Things just keep coming up that cost lots of money, and due to the recent news I have a feeling its going to be a while. So I snuck on my moms computer during family dinner. I only got to upload half the pics, so I will upload the rest later. Hopefully soon, I really hate not being able to post when I want to. 

Last weekend we took Hudson to cornbellys. We had so much fun. We went on Saturday because they did a "trick or treat" thing that afternoon and all the kids got to dress up. It was packed, so I have a feeling we will go back on a weeknight when it isn't so crowded. Hudson was not a fan of waiting in the lines ;)

My cute little Pirate.

he insisted I look at his straw.

they had this little parade thing with all the "characters" and the kids got to follow behind the parade. Then at the end is where they handed out all the candy.

Oh my gosh he is so cute!

Tanner was having fun getting different angels of hudson I think...

His pumpkin is his pride and joy. He kepts saying "dudson norrange punkin"
[hudsons orange pumpkin]

he would not touch the candy with this woulverine guy holding itf

so he set down the bucket and backed away....then hudson would touch the candy. crazy kid.

The tooth gave out lil candy bars with toothpaste. I guess that counters the evil sugar right?

He really liked little bo peep though. I think he took like 3 suckers

Im just going to go ahead and say the tigger, pooh, eyore, and dalmation were super creepy!

He was fliriting with the pumpkin princess though!

A cute little robotic chicken show they put on.

had to stop and get some water.

Tanner thought it was hilarious trying to wash our hands wiht the foot pump water

he wasnt so sure about the little kiddie maze at first and just stood in the same spot. but once he saw the other kids he was running around like crazy.

then randomly he just started sitting down and trying to "slide". It was on a bit of a hill, and it was hilarous. He would try so hard to push himself, then say weeeee even though he wasn't moving.

all the kids checking out the helicopter

I was SO mad at this darn slide. The line was forever long. We finally get up there and the burlap sack thing doesn't have a pocket on the end for your feet. The guy says its ok and it will still work......
yea right.

we kept stopping becuase my feet would touch the slide and I would have to push us down the WHOLE slide.

In front of EVERYONE

basically the most embaressing thing ever.

Waiting to ride the "moo choo choo"

his cheese kills me

I dont remember what was so exciting

Our attempt at a family portrait. Turned out pretty good I think!

Tanner kept taking picute (your lucky i didn't post all of em ;) so I finally started pulling some cheese faces of my own

This kid is OBSESSED with yellow school busses. Everytime we get in the car he whines for "lellow busss"
try explaining its 8 at night and there aren't any!! makes for some loud whiney car rides.

driving the wood buss

Well, I guess that all for now! There is lots more for the next post! We had the giant jumping pillowes, lots of big slides, and I got to royally piss of someones kids and make then "share". Yea...that was fun! :)

There were lots of pumpkins too, but we didn't get any pumkins this day. We are hoping to go to the pumpkin patch by our house this weekend. I just love this time of year.