Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I don't have a good tittle for this randomness

Hudson is currently napping, then its of to the mall for some indoor trick or treating before dad gets home :) that little pirate is really excited.

Its really really hard to be excepting of your lives now a days. Between all the social media outlets [facebook, instagram, blogs, etc] you cant get away from the news of everyone elses lives. I try to remind myself that what people put out there [usually anyways.....] are the good things about there life. The highlights. And all the bad/dirty laundry they keep to themselves [as they should!]. But its really really hard not to compare. "So and so just went on a vacation" "she gets to be a stay at home mom" "they just got promotions at work and are making even more money" "he just got a new car" "her house is always spotless"..yadda yadda yadda. Not to mention about 10 friends annoucned they are pregnant!!! (im excited for you all..I really am. Im just jealous ;)) I makes you get in a funk becuase you are looking at all the behind the scenes stuff in your life and comparing it to 
there highlights. I was doing just that the other day. Then BAM I got a smack in the face. I was so jealouse of some friends. I mean here we are, struggling as it is with budgeting, finding out im getting laid off, having to pay a freakin arm and leg to get our furnace fixed, and not to mention Hudsons feet decided to grow 2 whole sizes! so he has no shoes. It seemed like every little thing was going perfectly for these people, but then I found out they are struggling to get pregnant. That shut me right up. Here I am worrying about money and material things, when I have the greatest
blessing in the world staring right at me. My little Hudson.
So just remember, everyones lives might seem perfect but we all have our own struggles. try not to compare. It will save you lots of heartache.

 switching subjects here...some updates via instagram :)

We took Hudson to his first ever movie. Hotel Transylvania. He did sooo good :)

Pretty sure his favorite time of day is wrestling with daddy

We got our bed re-finished a bed post and end tables for us :) I love it

We got Hudson a white toddler bed. He has yet to sleep in it though ;)

My little pirate went trunk or treating

My friends two cute daughters. Spiderwoman & a Snowwoman

With grandma and aunt Jaida

His crazy pumpkin he decorated

My cute pourch! I know it isnt much, but its a start :)

adorable ghost feet

Me and Amanda at work today. We were twinners.



  1. I have the same temptation too. I feel like I get jealous of people easily. More than anything I want to be a mom, and when I see moms complaining about their kids, or my pregnant sister complaining about being pregnant, I want to slap her! But I always have to remind myself "Comparison is the thief of joy." I won't let my joy be stolen because I am comparing my life. I really should get that tattooed on myself so I stop forgetting my life-motto! haha... but thank you for sharing! I love Hudson's costume. It's so precious :)

  2. I've been wanting to write a post about this , with all the you're so lucky comments we keep getting. Just remember most people like myself don't like talking about their struggles and usually have a lot to get where they are. Everything good & worth having doesn't come easy. I think this crazy time in your life will only lead to new good stuff.