Friday, October 5, 2012

California & Disneyland

 So, if you follow me on instagram you know I have been in California/Disneyland the last few days!
It was a BLAST!
I get to cross a bunch of stuff off my bucket list too :)
We got home at 2am this morning, and I'm so tired. We haven't unpacked a single thing yet either.
We have probably a billion pictures on the camera that I am going to upload hopefully soon.
Ill post a bunch of my phone pictures though. 
The camera has some pictures though that I don't have on my phone
Like, with mickey mouse, jesse/woody, more of the beach, etc.

We drove all day Sunday, and the drive kinda sucked.
It was hot, and we hit construction leaving Arizona. It took us about an hour to go 10 miles :(
Then, leaving Vegas we hit all the traffic going to California.
But once we got to our hotel we were so excited.
We stayed RIGHT across the street from Disneyland, and Sunday night we could see the fireworks.
Monday we went to Disney!
It was so hot. like 106 hot! Plus humidity that I am not used to AT ALL!
My aunt lives about an hour from their and met up with us to spend the day together.
It was soo good to see her. It had been way too long.
Plus, as a bonus she has a resident/annual pass thing, and we basically walked on every ride.
We got to go in the fast pass lane, or one some we literally just walked up the exit and got right on!
We were so spoiled, especially since this was my very first trip to Disney.
It was pretty packed Monday, but from what my aunt said I guess it wasn't very busy.
Usually rides are 90-120 minute wait, for things like splash mountain in the summer.
The wait time that day was 30-40 minutes. 
and the wait time for us was about 5. HAHA
We got to ride 18 rides on Monday. That isn't including Tarzan tree house, toon town stuff, lunch, meeting Mickey and some other characters either.
And because I want to remember what we rode, im gonna list all the rides we did.
Pirates of the Carribean, Splash Mountain, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion,  Mr. Toads, Roger Rabbit, go-go gadget coaster, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Space Mountain (Halloween edition ghost galaxy), Star Tours, Finding Nemo, Tea cups, Small World, Jungle cruise, & Pirates again. I think I got them all anyways. One ride I will probably never ever ride again is finding nemo. It was cool to see, and the computer animated story was pretty awesome. But im WAY to claustorphobic for that ride. Plus its super long.
We got STUCK on Star Tours too!!! UGH, worst part.
My uncle was outside watching hudson while he slept, which as a mom is nerve wrecking. I mean, I totally trust my uncle, but he has never watched Hudson, and this is the first time he actually met him. Plus there is a billion people in Disneyland. So anyways, we're on Star Tours, part way through the ride and all the sudden it shuts down. The chairs stop moving, the lights go off. No one had any idea what was going on. Finally after a good 3-4 minutes of freaking out they come over an intercom and say "were sorry for the inconvienece, were working on getting you out as soon as possible"
Insert major freak out and panic attack.
they couldn't say like, sorry folks, were having some technical difficulites were working on getting the ride back running soon.
No, they had to basically say, your stuck in there and were trying to break you out.
We were stuck for about 10 minutes.
They finally get us out, oh and forgot to mention your seatbelted into your ride and its locked.
Then they move us over to another theater to re-ride. I was hessitent to get on, but I did.
The ride itself was fun, but of course we had to be the one to get stuck. grrr.
Monday was a great day though!

Tuesday we spent the day at the beach. We drove down to Huntington beach. This was a first for lots of us, and My first time playing in the ocean. It was SO fun. The beach was pretty empty (atleast from pictures you see of beaches in the summer time). That night Tanner & I went to dinner at Bubba Gumps too. YUM. Another first for me.

On Wednesday we spent our day at California Adventures. My aunt couldn't make it this day so we got to experience actually waiting in lines.
It sucked!
Really though, it wasn't too bad. We did a fast pass for the grizzley rapid ride, and for tower of terror. The longest line I think we waited in was about 35 minutes for Toy Story Mania. 
We rode 9 rides that day. And we did the Phineas and Ferb dance party, and Disney Jr. live on stage.
The rides we rode were, the flying car thinges over the water I don't remember the name, zepher something or other, then the ferris wheel, Maters junkyard jamboree, splash park at bugs land, tower of terror, franken weenie sneak peek, monsters inc, grizzley rapids, toy story, & luigis flying tires.
At the end of the night we did the world of color. That was by far my favorite thing ever!
On grizzley rapids we got stuck too!! Luckily it was right before the big drop and there was a guy working right there that told us what was going on. But we were stuck for 30 minutes!!!!!!
Luckily this one was outside, and my mom had Hudson.
Turns out it only took about 5 or so minutes to fix whatever was broken, but there was an upset guest that basically was threatening to get up and walk off the ride. He was very upset he was stuck. I don't know what raft thing he was on, but I wanted to punch him in the face if I could. The worker guy said that if he does get up and walk off, they would have to drain all the water on the ride then evacuate everyone on the ride. Which could talke about an hour. I was LIVID at this man. If only he was close to our raft so I could yell at him. Luckily though he stayed in his raft and we got to finish the ride.
There were a couple rides we didn't get to do, like california screamin and the radiator springs racers. But those waites were WAAAAY to long. Radiator Springs Racers ran out of fast passes for the whole day by like 11 am. The one ride we did here that I will never do is the ferris wheel. I HATE ferris wheels as it is. I don't like heights. I can do rides where your only at the high part for a minute, but on the ferris wheel you get stuck forever while they are loading people on and off. On the Mickey fun wheel the little cart things your in move on tracks and swing back and forth. Poor Hudson was so scared he wouldn't let anyone but me touch him. And I was freaking out the whole time. NEVER EVER EVER again. My sister begged to go on the moving carts, and she was terrified too!
We had so much fun here though. Hudson got to meet mater and see lightening. And we got to meet Jake the Pirate. Hudson was soooo happy. He was the only charecter that Hudson would hug and give a high five to.

Thursday we drove home. We stopped by Randy Rhoads grave, and stopped in vegas and the pawn stars pawn shop too. It was a really fun trip with lots of driving but so worth it. It was somewhat of a short trip with just one day for each park. But I feel like we got to do a lot, and it was all decorated for halloween which was fun. Next time we will have to stay longer so we don't have to cram so much in each day.

Hudson did AMAZING with the potty while on vacation too! The drive there (wich was about 13 or so hours) I only had to change Hudson once and that was becuase he peed while napping. I put a diaper on just in case, but he held it so good. Then on the way back I didn't have to change him a singe time. He stayed dry!!! Im so proud of him. He did pee in his diaper a few times at disney land, but thats expected while on the rides and everything. But he still did really good telling me when he had to go.

Now, enjoy some phone pics of our trip!!! And just wait till we get them all uploaded from the camera ;)
 and sorry...they are not in any sort of order!

a sort of picture of us and Mickey. We lucked out and only had to wait about 5 minutes to see him before they did this little parade thingee. The better pics on the camera..of course lol

grandma and Hudson escaping from jail

My sisters Mickey ears she picked out

on the pier

Playing in the ocean. Hudson LOVED the water so much. we had to hold him tight or he would run off.

SOOOO pretty. I am really going to miss those palm trees.

My dad and Jaida in line for luigis flying tires

My super cute little sister

Tanner and I on splash mountain. Plus some random old ladies with crazy hair

My uncle, aunt, mom, jaida, tanner, Hudson and myself going on Buzz Astro blasters

My cute boys and me

Love this one!

This was on small world, I told him to smile. Little stink did this instead. Then laughed histerically.

I don't know if this is chip or dale...but we got to see them both! :D

Hudson loves the color Yellow, and always asks for yellow anything. He kept yelling yellow yellow yellow so we had to ride the yellow cup (and yellow dumbo....)

Meeting woody & jesse

Little guy loves buzz. We let him pick one toy souvineer and he chose his buzz doll.

My mom and sister on the teacups & you can see my aunt and uncle in the background

The funniest thing we saw! The poor real seagull was haning out with the robot nemo seagulls. He would make noises and "talk" whith them everytime they talked haha! **MINE, MINE**

The hubby and I on our way to the beach.

It was such a great day!

Playing in the ocean with daddy

This cup lights up a bunch of differnt colors and about gave us a siezure! HAHA but it was yummy and the 9 dollar cup I got to keep :D

My cute parents. I love them soo much. So happy they took us on vacation.

The garbage man came EVERY DAY to our hotel. Right outside our door. Hudson was in heaven. The second day, as soon as he heard it he jumped off the bed and yelled "booooo gabudge cuck" (blue garbage truck in hudson talk)

We got to see mater!

And jake met his number one fan!! We didn't know he would be there, but Hudson was ready with his favorite pirate shirt. I love seeing his little face light up.

Ugh..and that stupid stripe is so annoying.

Waiting in line for toy story.

Dad and Jaida on flying tires.

Amazing world of color

My new favorite store

Us on the flying tires

Cars land!

Lightening went on brake right before we got to the front of the line...but we got to see him real close.

That is the evil ferris wheel in the background.

On Maters Junk Yard Jamboree

Sulley and My sister

At Randy Rhoads Grave.

My dad in front of the pawn shop

My sister and mom on tower of terror

Love them!



  1. Looks and sounds like you had a great time. We are taking the girls to Disneyland in may for kaylees 4th birthday. Can't wait to see more pictures

  2. I'm glad you had a great first time at Disneyland. You're making me so homesick for my favorite place on earth!