Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday dilema & instalife

Ok, so I need some help today!

Hudsons will be 2 in 4 months!!!!!!!
I know, it seems like forever away but im kind of freaking out. 
 this post isn't about him growing up though, its about his birthday party. 
I cant pick a theme.
This is a huge deal for me.
Last year I had Hudson's theme picked out and started working on details months before.
 We had a mustache bash & it was so much fun!
[you can read my post on it here]
Ill admit it. I am one of those moms.
& I don't care, its a big deal.
We ALWAYS had birthday parties growing up, and I love looking back on them
I want that for my kids.
Were only a few months away, and Hudsons birthday is only a month after christmas
So in between all the party planning is the holiday season so I gotta start early
and give my self lots of time.
Ive been going back and forth on 3 different themes.
I want the theme to be a surprise..but I cant pick!
One of the themes is a party I know I really really want to do, but I feel like there are some fun things we could do with this theme if Hudson was a little older.
But, there are still lots of fun things I can do for the toddler age.
This one is probably my favorite theme for a birthday party ever too!
And I only have another year....maybe if I push it two be the one to pick the theme.
The older the gets the more opinionated he will become, and what if he doesn't like this theme :/
The second theme is one that is something Hudson loves.
I know he would have so much fun, but this one is another thing that I would be able to do alot more with if he were older. But...its one of his favorite things.
 So, Im positive if I don't do this theme, he will make me do it at one point in time.
And the third theme kinda plays on the theme of one of his baby showers & his nursery in our apartment. This was the original theme I was going to do last year, but we found the little man party and decided on that. This theme I think is perfect for the toddler age. I wouldn't be able to do this as he gets older, I just don't think it works for kids over 3/4 years old. I think he would really love this one too and we could have lots of fun and fun ideas for this one.
Ill have to make a lot more stuff for this party though.
But, im not opposed to that.

How do I choose? Who knew the momma stuff that would drive me crazy ;)
I just love this little guy and want to give him the best birthday ever.
After all, his birthday is my favorite holiday in the whole wide world.

some instagram lovin'
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This is me, my mom, my little sister, my aunt, and hudson!

this kids just cracks me up :)
and yes, we use shoe laces for belts.

we tried to teach Hudson to say peace. This is his interpretation and he walks around to everyone with this odd contorted hand saying peeeaaacccceee.

What happens when you say, 'hold on tight Hudson don't fall'
Cute cousins

this was at the fair, waiting to ride the big yellow slide

my mom is selling this jazzy for my grandma, and hudson and tanner had to check it out.
They do some mean donuts on that thing!

The hubby took me to a concert last friday.
Manchester Orchestra and Brand New were playing
It was awesome!

Little man was way to quiet in his room the other day.
So I peeked in and he was reading books :)

We went for a drive the other day in the mountains to see the fall colors. so pretty.

he loves to jump on our backs for a piggy back ride

having a blast at the park

it was a little chilly the other day so I pulled out his jackets from last year. It still kinda fits


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  1. He is so cute! My Daughter is only 6 months old and I am planning her party already! Im sure whatever you choose itll be great. :)