Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Festivaties

I found this on pinterst, and I am just not crafty enough to make my own this will have to work. I think its just perfect.
even though I don't drink coffee, I will make it work for the lists sake
correct source

Its easy to say I am SO excited for fall!
I cant even tell you.
Boots, Jackets, Sweaters, Halloween, Pumpkin pie :D
This list could just go on and on.

The main reason im really excited though is this year Hudson is old enough to really participate in all the fun and mostly understand whats going on.
He will actually be able to go house to house and say trick or treat :D

Im looking for some awesome family traditions we can start too!
Do you have any?

Last year we didn't carve pumpkins, but we painted pumpkins
I think we might do this again.
I love carving pumpkins, but it can be a pain
& I don't feel like carving with a 20 month old ;] haha

Im really excited for the pumpkin patch though too!!
we went last year & it was loads of fun!

I also cant wait to use this wreath
At our new house!

AWWW I just love fall so much!

And...HALLOWEEN costumes.
I know, it might seem early.
but I dare you to wait until the second week in October...
there are NO costumes left
only crap cheapo, see through, basically nylon costumes.
So I think I have finally decided what Hudson is going to be & I am gonna buy it this weekend
Its a surprise though, so you will just have to wait and see ;]

But last year he was a cute little cowboy

Are you so excited for fall?!



  1. I just made up a fall bucket list for our family. I love fall too. Hudson looks so adorable in his costume last year

    1. thank you! :) he was a pretty cute cow boy ;) lol

  2. That's a great list, but here is the original source and printable updated for 2012:

    1. thank you so much :) this one was all over pinterest..but i love printable versions!

    2. No problem. Just like to give credit to the original when possible. Worth checking out her post; interesting read.

    3. Im so glad you caught that! I guess I just fell for the wrong blog claiming ownership. I try hard to make sure I give credit were credit is due, but this time I didn't double check. But its a kick in the butt to make sure I double check next time. thanks :D

  3. What a studly little cowboy and I might have to use that bucket list too!

  4. eeekkk =)) i am SOOOO excited for fall!! it's going to be so much fun with our little ones this year! getting to dang big =) i'm excited to see what hudson is going to be.. i bought bryn's last week and can't wait for it to arrive !! =)

    1. oh Vanessa I know!! They are getting so big, it makes me so sad and happy at the same time. Way to bitter sweet.
      I cant wait to see what brynlee is going to be :D

  5. This is sooo cute! I want to make a list of things to do for the fall! :)