Friday, September 14, 2012

So What.....Friday

One of the blogs I follow {Mrs. Mommy} did this a few weeks ago
I thought it looked fun so I wanted to join in the link-up
So What Wednesday

  • so what if its friday & this link up is for wednesday
  • so what if have approx 2 weeks of laundry piled up and i have no intention to wash/dry/fold any time in the near future
  • so what if i had a shake from iceburg for dinner last night
  • so what if im addicted to big brother and REALLY really wan ian to win
  • so what if i am already planning hudsons second birthday
  • so what if i haven't done dishes for 3 days...gross
  • so what if i leave hudson in his jammies as long as i can because i think they are just so cute
  • so what if i have a countdown till our disney trip, and im the most excited in the house
  • so what if i enjoy the disney channel more then my son
  • so what if im trying really hard to talk the hubby into making hudson a big brother
  • so what if i have needed all four of my wisdom teeth for close to 6 afraid
  • so what if i watch all the harry potter movies once a month
  • so what if i have every line of finding nemo memorized and frequently recite them for my hubby, while he laughs
  • so what if i have never been on a plane
  • so what



  1. Haha I love this! I'm trying not to think of all of my own chores at home...ugh!

  2. Disney is so much fun w kiddos!