Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road Trippin'

I think I have mentioned this once or twice,
but I have never traveled on an air plane.
and right now, im not to concerned about that.

Growing up any kind of vacation we did involved a road trip!
growing up we went to Idaho for family reunions,
we went to Arizona a few times to visit my aunt & unlce.
We also went to South Dakota twice to see my moms sister and her family.
There are more im sure, I just can't think of them all.
I tried looking for pictures, but I would probably have to get on my moms computer for those pictures
 so this is all I could find
 This was such a fun trip. I just love them all to pieces. I would love to take Hudson soon!!

 Right after I graduated high school, a few of my friends and I would go on a road trip every spring break.
The first trip was super short, we went to visit our friend at college in Rexburg, Idaho.
This was about a 4 ish hour drive. So just enough for our nervous parents!

The next year we went a little further and drove to Pheonix!
My wonderful aunt and uncle let us stay with them and we had a blast!
Tanner was also in school at this time so I got to see him :)
That was a big bonus.

The year after that we went to Washington.
This was by far the LONGEST road trip ever! It was about 16-17 hours one way.
But so worth it!
we drove up to Snoqualmi Washington then after a week we drove through Montana & down to Idaho to drop Bethany off at college.
I think this was my favorite vacation...well way up there any ways.
Not only is it just beautiful there, we got to see Seattle & Forks.
I got to ride a ferry, and see the ocean for the very first time!

The last 2 years I haven't gone on a road trip :(
Im having serious withdrawals...this is a yearly tradition since I was little!
But in a few short weeks I finally get to go on vacation!
I am very excited to take Hudson on his first road trip,
but im also nervous as hell.
The trip is going to be amazing.
also, a LOT of firsts.
I saw the ocean in Washington, but it was cold and a rocky beach.
So this will be my first mostly warm sandy beach!
It will be my little sister and Hudsons first time seeing the ocean too!
It is my sisters, Hudson's, and my first time to Disney Land :D
as excited as I am to go, I think im 80 times more happy to take Hudson!
We will also be stayin in Vegas.
How sad is it that we live about 6/7 hours from vegas and I have never been??
So, Another first!

I am nervous how Hudson is going to do on the road trip part though.
He does really really good in the car, but he has never spent more then 3-4 hours in the car.
And even then its broken up usually with atleast 1-2 stops/errands.

Does anyone have any advice on road tripping with a toddler?
Or some packing essentials for a vacation in general?

Im getting so so so excited, I need this vacation SO bad.



  1. Do you have a dvd player for the car? If not I'd borrow or buy one! It's the only way we survive long trips, and even that only works for 3ish hours. In general we try to drive at night as much as possible so they will sleep. We've done a 12 hour road trip with the girls and that's the longest we've done...left at 5 pm though so only the first few hours were still awake time with the dvd player. Good luck!

    1. We don't have a dvd player. But Tanners mom has an older one. So im crossing my fingers that it still works! Otherwise I will have to invest.

  2. I agree with the dvd player, it's a must! I always go to the dollar store and grab a ton a fun new toys, books, coloring stuff beforehand. That way it's all new and exciting. New snacks are always good too. When ever we did a road trip with Gage I noticed that the more stops the worse he was. I would only stop when it is a much needed thing. Getting him back into the car and into the groove of things can be a pain. Good Luck, road trips with the kiddos I think are a blast!

    1. I love the idea of the new toys! why didn't I think of that? I will for sure be hitting up the dollar store soon

  3. That is so cool that you got to go to Forks! Have a great time on your trip!