Saturday, September 22, 2012

20 month old little man

So I finally took Hudson to his 18 month check-up yesterday
and were only about 2 months late!
I have been dreading this appointment
Ever since Hudson had to get basically held down by 4 nurses and a doctor 
and they made my leave the room so they could draw blood to make sure he wasn't dehydrated 
(he was almost one at the time and very sick :( )
 He has hated the doctor.
he would basically scream bloody murder the second he saw the nurse would open the door and call his name. he would sign "all done" and just freakout.
I felt sooooo bad for my little guy.
Anyways, I finally made the appointment

I made the hubby get off work early to so he could help me.
The whole drive to the doctor I was trying to get Hudson excited.
We were saying how excited we were to see the doctor
& how nice he is and everything.

And to my surprise, he actually did VERY VERY well!
He didn't cry when we walked back to the room.
He allowed the nurse to measure and weigh him with out trying to jump in my arms.
I was so happy and relieved!
When the doctor came in though, he jumped on my lap 
and his little lip started to quiver
I thought for sure he was going to start crying
But we gave him a pen to color and got him excited again & he didn't shed a tear!

We talked all about Hudsons growth and development
The doctor was SO impressed with mr. Hudson!!
Proud momma moment
(ill go more into detail in a minute..)

Then the doctor had to do the normal check up, and look in his eyes and mouth and everything.
Hudson did so good! He just stood there and let him listen to his heart.
I was sooo happy.
Hudson did have to get 3 shots :(
He did really good with the shots too.
He cried, but only for a minute.

We were so darn proud of mr. Hudson that we took him to get Ice Cream right after the visit!

I figure since you just keep growing and growing, Ill do a 20 month post!!
Weight: 24.75 lbs [26th %]
Height: 34.5 inches tall [88%]
Teeth: 10!!!!!! yay!!! 
you still only have 4 on top and 3 on bottom in front
but you cut 4 molars (two on top, two on bottom) two on each side too!
they all cut with in a week or so, about 3 weeks ago.
They arent all the way in, but they are cut through!! finally some teeth to chew :D
Diaper: 4
Clothes: some 18 month, some 24 month, and some 2t.
Shoe: Size 6!! 
Hair: Still my little blondie! we got your hair cut last week, and you did so good! you sat still the whole time
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods: cheeseburgers!! these are a new favorite and one of the only things I can get you to eat. Your so darn picky!
Favorite toys:  cars are still a huge hit! as are any automotive. train, bus, plane you name it. 
Favorite activities:  slides! coloring, climbing, and jumping on the trampoline 

 What you've been up to:

You have become such a little talker.
I couldn't even begin to name all the words you know.
But every day you surprise me with the new words that you know.
You have started putting 2 and 3 word sentences together too!
You will say like "mamas car" or "daddy lawnmower" (while dads mowing lawn)
"play ball" "play car" "watch buzz"
You have been learning colors too!
Your really good at yellow and black!
The other morning on the way to grandmas you yelled "yellow bus"
I about freaked out! Your so amazing kid.
The doctor was very impressed with your speech, and says your at a 2 year old level! :}
makes momma very proud.

Your are becoming very independent with everything
You like to try and dress yourself, and undress yourself.

You can do a somersault! and you do them ALL DAY LONG.
Ill try to upload a video.

When we were at the doctors you were coloring with a pen.
The doctor froze mid sentence to watch you.
He was so impressed becuase you hold your pen the right way, and try to control your movements.
He says most kids just grab and put their whole fist around the pen.
He says your very advanced and that some kids still try to master that skill while they are in preschool. He asked if I taught you that, and we said nope. We let you color, and draw all day and you just do it all by yourself.  He always tells us how much he can't wait to see you grow up and what you do with your life because every check up you amaze him at how advanced you are!
That makes momma sooooo happy! I don't really tell anyone just how amazing you are, because I don't want to brag, but this blog is your baby book and I will do all the bragging I want ;)

Me and Tanner always joke that Hudson is so advanced that our next kid isn't going to walk till they are two, and probably wont talk till they are 4! HAHA ;)

You now sit at a booster up to the table and eat right along with us. You are so great at using spoons and forks too! You always have to eat by yourself, wich makes for some very messy meals.

Hudson, you also have an obsession with trucks. On Thursday mornings dad takes you to grandmas so you two can sit and watch the garbage truck in the morning. You just love it.

Hudson, You need to stop growing! It is so darn bitter sweet. I love seeing you grow and explore, but I so miss my little baby. I love you to the moon and back little man!

crazy blue hair when aunt jaida dyed her hair for crazy hair day

me and my man

Hudson and Ella Somersault!
[sorry its from my phone, so a little blurry]

Playing the drums, one of his favorite things



  1. He is such a cutie. Glad his dr appt went well

  2. Cute monster hat!

    Brielle loves to draw and color too---but she's very naughty and keeps drawing all over doors and tables! This is always while Lee is "watching" the kids, so clearly I need to fire him :-P