Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well, Its dead.....

 my laptop that is.
Like crashed. In the middle of a post. 
Black screen, wont turn on.
I really might cry.

I know this has been a long time coming. I have had my 'baby' for about..oh 6 years maybe.
It was my first 'big purchase' after I turned 18.
Nothing fancy, but it served its main purpose.
Facebook, blog, pictures, homework..etc.
The last year the battery life has gotten shorter and shorter
till eventually It had to be plugged in otherwise it wouldn't work. 
It was taking forever ever ever to load anything. 
I knew in the back of mind I had to hurry and get my pictures on the hard drive. 
which never happened. 
Hence why I want to cry.
lesson learned. 
The hubby thinks he can salvage my computer at least for a moment to back up my pictures.
Currenty im on his work laptop
don't get me wrong, its an awesome computer! 
and a mac!
but no pictures or anything :(
and I only have limited use of it
So now I have to try and talk the husband into getting a new computer and/or laptop
and asap
he is very into dave ramsey [which is great don't get me wrong] 
but that means he will want to save first
Im impatient
especially for things like this
I say, put it on my 'no interest for 18 months' card and we can pay it off after we get our taxes
no how to convince tanner?!

On to some fun news!
we got a bike seat for Hudson so we can all go on bike rides together
My cute parents got him a new "ishy" helmet to protect that cute little head of his
Today we used it for the first time
I haven't been on a bike ride in forever, I missed it so much
The only advice ill give though is....
no matter how darn cute the beach cruiser bikes are make sure you don't go for the 'vintage' style
I did, and I love it
But it has no gears
and going up hill makes for some VERY EXTREMELY soar legs
Hudson loved the bike ride.
He would wave at every single person and say HI HI HI
haha love him so much
 as we were getting closer to home it looked like his helmet kept slipping infront of his face
So I made Tanner pull over & fix it.
Little guy was out!
How he was sleeping in that seat I have no idea
but it was the cutest thing in the entire world!

new helmet-check
Cheese smile-check

Look at that im gonna miss it when he grows out of it
hopefully he grows out of it ;)

annnnnnddd he is out!
bike ride=success

 Happy Hump Day!


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