Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day One

I eat horribly.
I am not afraid to admit it, but...i'm OVER IT.
We need to get healthier in this house hold and its starting today!!
We keep saying were gonna do this, and gonna do that, but it never happens and im over it.
Infact I have been over it for a little while now. But I know I needed to get my mind in the right frame before I made any major decisions.

I found this on pinterest

However, ill be changing it just a little bit. First off, ill be adding "no soda" to the list.
Then, I will allow this house some peanut butter,
because frankly I don't think this house can function with out it.
So, I made my own little inspiration sign:

Im making the hubby do this with me.
He isn't thrilled, but he is willing and that is all I can ask.
I have also been searching pinterest for some great recipies, I will now be implementing 'meatless mondays'.

As far as exercising, this is somewhat new to me.
Were going on lots of walks as a family, and I got a little routine from pinterest that I have been doing everyday for a whole week now! (if you know me, you know that is incredible!)
I have asked for the zumba game for my wii for my birthday. (which is in just 2 weeks :))
My sister in law did the 30 day shred and loved it. So I went to target and got the dvd.
I plan to start this after I finish the 21 days with no junk food.
I don't want to completely set myself up for failure.
I don't think im ready to share my current weight, that will have to wait till I have seen some results and see how I feel about sharing.
But I hope to do an amazing before and after post some day :)

And just so were clear, this isn't about loosing weight and getting skinny.
This is about getting fit, feeling good about myself, being healthier, and having more energy!

I know this is going to be hard, its day one and already I am craving some chocolate milk!
But I have done well, oatmeal for breakfast. Home made bean/cheese burrito with wheat tortilla for lunch. Now just have to decide what is for dinner.

If anyone has some tips they would like to share I would love to hear it! I am very new to this, and just want to help my family get healthy.

some more inspirational quotes/pictures from pinterest:
(I do realize I have referenced pinterest way to many times in this post....but hey, that is what makes pinterest awesome)



  1. Good for you girl! I am definatly going to need a good healthy plan for after this baby. Good luck. keep us posted =)

    1. Thanks Vanessa! :) I'll keep it posted....hopefully that will keep me accountable lol

  2. You should get the ap called myfitnesspal. If your actually put everything in accurately it really encourages you to eat better.

    1. That is brilliant! :) I never think about apps lol. I have only had a smart phone for a couple months so i'm still getting used to that. But I will check tat out. Thanks!

  3. I love reading your blog! Good Luck you will do great!