Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Color Me Rad

We did the Color Me Rad race again this year. This was our 2nd year and its so much fun!! 
Last year was just me, my mom and sister. This year we took Hudson. He had a blast! 
My favorite part, is they encourage walking ;) 
It isn't timed, its just for fun! There are a ton of moms with strollers, and just all kinds of people. 
Some running, some walking, but all having a blast. 
We will for sure be going again next year. 
I really want to start actually running though. I was starting to kinda at the beginning of the year.
Then I got prego and super sick. 
Now that I'm feeling somewhat better Im trying to be a little more active.
Ill hold off on the running though, until next year! 

Hudson and Aunt Jade. He looks great with pink hair ;)

we didn't go crazy in the color. After the race everyone is in a big crowd and loud music and they spray the color on you with fire extinguishers. Hudson was hungry and I think a little nervous of the crowd so we sat out on the grass and watched everyone. 

this is what happens when you let someone take a pic of you and don't check till after the race :/

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