Saturday, February 2, 2013

Whats for Dinner

Guess who turned two!
Yup...this little guy
I still can not believe it. 
He had a fantastic birthday :)
post up soon about that. 

Todays post is whats for dinner :D
Ive gotten into cooking lately
which im sure my husband is enjoying. 
I decided against a crock pot dinner and went with tacos
But, I wanted to make them healthy
(im on a health kick too...which has lasted over 2 weeks. It might actually be real ;))
Tacos were Wheat tortillas with ground turkey, cheese, onion, and lettuce.
The salad was topped with shredded ranch/taco chicken, avocado, boiled eggs, cheese and 'ancho ranch'.

The chicken was boiled in chicken broth and some dry ranch seasoning. then once cooked, I shredded it and poured the rest of the dry ranch and some taco seasoning right on the chicken. SOOOO good.  [I put leftovers in the fridge and they were good the next day cold too]
The ranch..which I realize isnt the healthiest but its delicious.. was just ranch and taco seasoning.

To drink I made a delicious smoothie I found on pinterest. Basically its any frozen fruit and crystal light. Really easy, approx 1 serving of water and 2 of fruit in each cup plus 0 weight watcher points.
I don't do weight watchers, but if ts 0 points im assuming its good for you.

I used a frozen bag of strawberry, pineapple, and I think mangos. I used mango peach crystal Light and added an Avocado.
Everyone approved!
Avocados are great in smoothies too. They make it creamier like a banana would but you cant even taste the avocado.


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