Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Home Tour: Hudson's Room

When we got this house the color theme for Hudson's room changed many many many times. We shared a room for almost a year while we lived with Tanners parents so I was very excited to really get to give Hudson his own space. Since Hudson was one when we moved in, I also wanted something that was a little more "big boy" and less baby-ish. Hudson is obsessed with all things cars. After discussing it with Tanner we decided that we would do a car theme (but NOT car's the movie theme) and just make it subtle. We chose a blue and red color theme and once Hudson gets a big boy bed, I'm pushing for a car bed :) Also, whenever we decide to have another baby, if its a boy they will share this room. I will probably move the dresser into the closet and put the other bed there. 

This is Hudson's Room before:

And this After:

I think it turned out so cute!

His cute license plate shelf and cute picture frame my mom got us for Christmas.

I love this table and chairs! When you push in the chairs it looks like a stack of tires.

I was originally looking for a toy box, but i'm SO happy I want with the square shelves thingy. He has legos in the bottom blue bin, the right red one has all his toy cars, the left red one holds some puzzles and some misc. toys. And the top blue one holds some old baby-ish toys he has outgrown. It also has a place for his books, his tball set, his music set and some other misc. toys. I HIGHLY recommend this for everyone! Its so much better then everything lost in a box. 

The mickey lamp was from my great grandma..she passed away before Hudson was born but I was so happy to pass it on to him.

This side of his room is pretty bare...any suggestions??
Also, don't mind the boring crib..we didn't buy any matchy matchy sets..just a bunch of target white sheets.

First off, I promise he has LOTS more clothes..this momma just stinks at laundry and needs to catch up on like 5 loads.
Also, the blue bin on the floor holds all his shoes, and the red one is his dirty clothes hamper.

The two drawers up top hold his clothes as he grows out of them.

Lots of stuffed animals, and the zig zag box on top is his baby box.

Cute little hand prints.

Hudsons room was so much fun to do! The stripes were a major major pain to paint, but so worth it!


  1. OMG! It's adorable! Where did you get the tire table/chairs? My husband would die over that! (
    He's in the tire business! LOL

    1. Thank you! I actually got them at Walmart. its a "cars two" theme, we just left those stickers off! :)

  2. Soooooo cute!!! Love the stripe you painted on the walls!!!

    Above his bed, maybe hang letters to spell his name? Or if you look on Etsy you could find on of those vinyl wall quotes to put on the wall above his bed...might even be able to find one related to little boys and cars :-)

  3. It looks so good! I love those tables and chairs!

  4. Love it! Those are two of my favorite colors together. And I love his little handprints!

  5. That room is awesome! Love the colors!

  6. The room looks great. Love the stripes. I agree with Shawna over his crib put his name or a quote. Good job