Wednesday, May 16, 2012

15 Months!

Hudson is 15 whole months old now! (well...15 3/4 but who is counting?)

Weight: 21.75 lbs only the 9%
Height: 32 inches
Teeth: 6, 4 on top and 2 on bottom
Diaper: 4
Clothes: 18 month
Shoe: Size 5
Hair: Getting lighter and lighter. Your our little blondie. You have had 3 hair cuts too! It grows fast like your mommas
Eyes: blue :)
Favorite foods:  You getting better at eating. But still not great. You will eat the first few bites of anything really good, then after that your all done. But you LOVE LOVE LOVE peanut butter. This has to be your favorite. 
Favorite toys:  books, your slide, your rocking moose, and your musical guitar are your faves
Favorite activities:  You love to go for wagon rides, Hang out with cousin Ella, pet the doggies, run around the park, and watch cars!
 What you've been up to:

At your doctors appointment your doctor was worried about your weight (you have only gained .5 lbs since your 12 month check up) So we have to work and getting you to eat better. Then means less cracker snacks and more solid meals :) Doc said add butter, cream or peanut butter to whatever we can ;) I think you like that idea.

The doctor also says you have reactive airways. You can click here to read all about that.

You eat pretty much ANYTHING, but as stated just little bits of it. Some of the favorites though are yogurt, toast, cereal, pb&j, spaghettios, pasta, crackers and hot dogs.

You got a new slide from aunt jaida, your pro at going down. Now you have learned to climb up the slide and slide down the stairs. Stinker.

You are getting SO independent! You want to do everything by yourself. Feed yourself. Turn on/off all lights. Open doors. Push the grocery cart. You name it. It makes mommas days very long. ;)

You love to climb, on EVERYTHING!

You are talking up a STORM! You constantly say things I didn't even know you knew. Your favorite phrase is I WAN DAT! I hear this many many many times a day. You also have started repeating us if we ask you to say something. Sometimes your response is hilarious.As of now all the words you know and use by yourself  (without us telling you to repeat) are:
momma, dadda, babba, shoeeee, wah-er (water), hi, buh-bye, dogg, cah-cah (yuckky), cracker, birrr (bird), CAR!, papa, maw-ma (grandma), pee buh-er (peanut butter), Ella, day-duh (jaida), ball, buh (book), eeeeh (eat), gee-lee (greeley our dog), no-no-no-no, goo-gurt (yogurt), tuhger (tiger), cold, haugh (hot). I am probably forgetting some!

Speaking of words Momma is VERY baby hungary. I guess its safe to say we had a "scare" about 2 months ago and even though I was relieved when the test said NO, I was also a little disappointed. I have been teaching you to say brother and tell daddy you wanna be a brother ;) Maybe one day it will work. ;)

You know tons of body parts, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, nose, belly button, toes, fingers, and bum!

You know animal sounds. Dinosaur, cow, dog, snake, & tiger.

You will point to your owies and make us kiss them better. It is so cute!

It is safe to say your addicted to the movie cars. Whenever we turn on the TV you start getting exciting going "CARS CARS CARS CARSSSSS". One time you even hopped on the couch, looked at me, pointed to the TV and said CAR! haha

Hudson you are just so so so much fun. We love that your our son, even when you run us wild. You get us laughing every single day and I love you so much. Happy 15 months little Buddy!

You climbed up the bar stool, on to the table to get moms ice cream!
Playing at the park with miss Keira
Your sweet Tat aunt Jaida got you.

You love to ride the scooter.
How you push the carts, it makes grocery shopping pretty difficult.

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  1. I can't believe he's only just now in size four diapers. We just moved our boys (who are eight months now) to size four... haha. AND, we haven't had Mackay weighed for a few months, but Nolan is 20 pounds 9 ounces. Hudson doesn't look that little to me...