Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 months old!

So, we are recovering from an AmAzInG ChRiStMaS! I have a pretty long, kind of epic post that is in the works. However, im gathering a few more pictures together and it is late. So tonight we will catch up on Little man. He is now a whopping 11 months old!

I can not believe in less then a month I will have a OnE yEaR oLd. This year has literally just flown by! This little guy is the highlight of our life, and Hudson we just love you more and more every single day.

You are weighing in at give or take 20 pounds. 

You wear mostly 12 month clothes, and getting into 18 month jammies.

You wear a size 3 diaper still, you skinny little bugger.

You new favorite thing is to point and say "dat". I about died when you started with the "dat", Its so stinking cute but makes me so sad your getting so big.

You know where everyone's nose is. We ask you to point to "insert persons name" nose & you get it right 99% of the time (the other 1% you are usually distracted) You can't find your own nose those. We are working on that one.

You love to play patty cake and clap your hands and 'roll it'.

We had our very first owie involving blood yesterday (12/26/11). You tripped and fell unto your toy and hit your lip. At first you were crying so hard it was a silent cry. Then you rubbed your face and there was blood all over your little hand, mouth and nose! I about freaked out because we didn't know where the blood was coming from. After we cleaned you up and calmed you down we discovered that the blood was from your gums, and your top left tooth is now cutting through a little. Not the funnest way to cut a tooth, but apparently effective.

You are starting to give loves to everything, and most anyone. You love to give out hugs and kisses, especially to kids you barely meet! You are not shy walking through crowds until someone tries to pick you up, then you run for momma.

You lost your voice over christmas weekend. Everyone has been sick (mom, both grandmas, and aunt Ash all lost their voices too!) so I tired my best but you have been a little sick. A slight runny nose, low grade on/off fever, and im sure a soar throat since we have all had one. Then yesterday I heard it, that little raspy crackle of a voice as you tried to blabber. I know it shouldn't be, but its the cutest little raspy voice in the world.

Speaking of talking, as of now all the words you can say are mama, dada, dog [sounds like dah], baba, dat, and a lot of jibber jabber.

You are just a bundle of energy Hudson, and never stop moving. You make me and daddy [and everyone for that matter] so dang happy! You are just perfect, and smart and the best little guy I could ask for! we love you more then you will ever know!!

Enjoy some pictures from our little "11 month photo shoot"

 hahaha...love it
 peek-a-boo mom

 giving momma some love

just playing with some Christmas toys!