Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas, Houses & Parties OH MY!

So, December is one heck of a crazy month here in our casa!

My manager is off the rest of the year, so I've had to work a mixture of opening and closing shifts which throw me off so bad!

Were trying to get everything ready for Hudson's first Christmas, and for our family Christmas party this weekend.

Then there is the house, I'm nervous to say anything since it isn't a done deal but im so excited I just had to share! We put our offer in on SEPTEMBER 13TH!! and its a short sale, so we have been waiting. And waiting, and waiting. [also this is the 3rd house we have offered on] Then finally a few days ago we heard the almost good news. They have verbally accepted our offer! They are giving us a little less in closing costs then we asked for, so we had to sign an addendum and were just waiting to get the contract back to send to our loan officer. We will be doing an inspection next week. So please please please keep your fingers crossed for us! I love my in laws, and I am so grateful for them to let us stay with them to save up and buy a house. But I think it's time we have our own space again & get back into our own little families routine. If everything goes good we should be able to close mid January. So we will have our very own home for Hudson's first birthday! YAY!

We also have had a few Christmas parties. We had Tanner's side of the family party. His mom has pictures on her camera I need to steal from her! & then we had Tanners work party. That was so fun to get out with no kids and have some adult conversation! I did manage to get one pretty good picture of the two of us, even with protests from the Hubby.

Tomorrow we have my family Christmas party. & were wrapping TON of presents for our game. I'll have to stick my camera in my bag tonight so I don't forget!

& I have one last thing to buy then I will be ALL DONE Christmas shopping. & everything is wrapped. I would like to say I am on top of things, but I still have a billion cards & presents to mail out. So I'm slacking in that department. It is a good thing our cards say merry Christmas & happy new year! :D

2011 has been a great year! IT has just flown by though. I can't believe Christmas is in 8...practically 7 days!


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that everything works out for you! I wish I could say I had my Christmas shopping done. I'm planning on finishing on Tuesday. I'm hoping it won't be crazy on a week day!

  2. OOh... I am keeping my fingers crossed too!

  3. Good luck with the house---soooo exciting!!!!