Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Christmas gift idea

I had a fun evening with my mom finishing up a few DIY Christmas gifts. Tonight im gonna share one I was really excited for. This one is floating all over pinterest and on a couple different blogs that I have seen. (see original pinterest post here). After we made a couple I thought of a few things we could do differently...but I'm jumping ahead, Ill share those at the end of this post.

We made mason jar & oil picture thingees [does anyone have some cool/better name to call these?]

Mason Jars [I got this case of 12 12oz cans for about 8 bucks at walmart]
Oil, I used Canola oil

Step 1
Pick a picture to put in the jar. You may need to trim it. This is one thing we did a couple different way. We had one pictures more in the back of the jar, then one we put around the front so it kinda wrapped around since that picture has our whole family and I didn't want anyone cut off. The third one we didn't try till later so I don't have a picture but we cut the picture even smaller so it just floats right in the middle. I think the third was my favorite.
Step 2
Fill Jar with Oil

Sorry the pic is turned. My computer is being dumb and uploads them crooked & I can't get it to turn :/
Step 3
Add your ribbon/embellishments
Apparently the ribbon I chose was kind that would not curl. I'm probably going to change the ribbon out so it can be curled down the side. 

Do you see how this picture kinda wraps around the front?

And there you have it. Easy cheap gift ideas! Oh pinterst how I love thee.

One thing I was thinking is that how cute would it be to use old baby food jars and put little pictures in it as a party favor? or decoration? The possibilities are seriously endless. this post just reminds me how bad I need a new camera! haha


  1. I think I've seen this done with glitter too, like a snow globe. Very cute!! You have a beautiful family. :)

  2. Those are super cute, and turned out really well! I may have to make some for myself :D
    Thanks for the idea!