Sunday, December 4, 2011

Over the Weekend

So I know I promised my DIY holiday craft...but smart me came to my moms this evening while Tanner is at work, and I left my camera at home :( between hauling my purse and diaper bag I always seem to forget that. But tomorrow for sure it will get posted.

Instead though, I thought I would share our weekend in pictures from my phone

We started off the weekend with band practice

 We have a little drummer on our hands.
 He loves when his daddy plays guitar.
 Mommys little monster.
 So, if you watch Jersey shore this saying should mean something to you. Its t-shirt time. But we call it bib time. If your like my mom and have no idea what Jersey shore is, its just a bib with a stupid quote.
 We had fun at pet smart. He would walk up and down the window pointing and saying "dah...dah...dah" which is Hudson code for dog. so cute.
 I decided to be extra christmas-y and got my toes done. I couldn't pick a color haha
 Little stink grabbed my sprite and ran.
 We got to spend last night at daddys work. So a little fun least the 12 year old inside me is screaming....Backstreet boys recorded their black and blue album at Tanners work. So I made it a point to go in the same studio as them! How dorky is that? That's not even the coolest thing at his work..but its the next best thing to meeting them right?
Just watching daddy...and running everywhere
 We got to spend time with the cousin.
And technically this was a week ago..but that is one of my best friends bethany from Through the Window Photography (that took our family pics!). Ignore her face...its hard to get a serious picture of her. We all went out to Z'tejas to celebrate her day of birth. I love this lady.

How was your weekend?


  1. I like your holiday toes! :-)

    I've never seen Jersey Shore,so I guess I'm with your mom lol


  2. Heads up, I sent you pics of Hudson's bday shirt to your etsy account :-)