Friday, March 22, 2013

What a Week!

What a week it has been! 
Wow, on top of our first E.R. visit last weekend, we have been battling a nasty cold, dog sitting and Hudson and I got in our first ever car accident. 

Luckily it was in a strip mall parking lot kinda, so neither of us were going very fast. But the lady that hit us wasn't paying attention apparently (When she hit us she was holding her cell phone...but we will never know if she was texting/or calling) and T-boned into my passenger side. It was only a minor accident, but there is some extensive damage to my car. 

The initial impact was on my front passenger side tire and passenger door. The damage continued to the front of the back door as well. My back door wont open more then 1/2 an inch if the front door is shut, and when the front door is shut the top is still open, my hub cap is smashed and broken off & my car drives really really funny now. So were sure there are some alignment issues and possibly more. Im just crossing my fingers that the frame work isn't damaged. The lady that hit us, her car basically had scratches and paint on her bumper. 

UGH! car wrecks stink! And just an FYI, if your get in an accident in a parking lot or strip mall it is considered private property. So there was no citation given to the lady that hit us. She got off lucky. It was a pain in the butt with the insurance company though. We actually had the same insurance provider so they were screwed and had to pay either way.  Since there was no citation given, and the lady wouldn't immediately admit fault (her interpretation of the accident was "we were both driving straight and hit each other") I had to prove that she was at fault. otherwise they wanted us to pay our deductible. Screw that, I'm not having this mess my insurance up because some lady wasn't watching where she was going! Thankfully I took lots of pictures and was very detailed and persistent in my claim. They called this morning to say that they got my statement and pictures and have declared the other driver at fault. 

The tow truck came to get my car this  morning, now we just have to wait. It SUCKS being car-less. :( The body shop said it will be a couple days till they can asses the damage and fix what they can fix. Then it gets sent to big-o tires to fix any of the alignment damage. Were supposed to drive that car down to Arizona for our vacation in like 2 weeks. Its going to cut it super close...we might have to find another car to use. 

Today we also have to go look for a new car seat. Because we were in a wreck...even a minor one with no injuries...the insurance suggests getting a new car seat. There could be internal damage we cant see. I don't think we really NEED a new car seat. Im sure its just fine. But I am not taking any chances with little man, and the insurance will reimburse us for the replacement. I found an evenflo one I really like. The insurance company will only give us enough to replace ours, so it has to be in the same price range. This one we found is really nice. Its the Evenflo Securekid 400 Booster Car Seat. Its basically a convertible carseat and a booster seat all in one. Our current carseat only holds up to I believe 60 lbs. This new one goes up to 110 lbs and can be used with the regular seat belt when they get big enough. 

I think I just need a relaxing day cuddled up with my little man watching Wreck it Ralph and Hotel Transylvania. Which is exactly what were doing :)

Now some recent Insta pics :)

This is the was minor and doesn't look like much. But its gonna be pricey to fix

My adorable niece

We got hudson a new sand box! Now if only the snow would just melt again.

Hudson watching my car get towed away. 

some adorable loving going on at toddler time

painting with water the other day. Genius!!!

Ive been working from home...These are some fun glitter nails I did for St. Patricks day 
My cute niece again humoring me since I don't have a little girl to dress up. I got to curl her hair and give her some glitter nails too. 

This is my parents-in-law giant dog Duke were watching for them. Hudson is loving it! 


  1. Oh no, you're having bad luck! I love how that picture totally shows the other lady's claim that you were both driving straight into eachother lol ;-P

    1. I know right! I was laughing at her witness statement. Sure...if by both driving straight you mean perpendicular to each other and you slammed into my car. Haha

  2. Oh my goodness! Car accidents do suck. Glad you were persistent and took lots of pictures!

  3. Sorry to hear about your car accident, glad they finally sided with you though, taking pictures literally pays off sometimes :) Good luck on the car seat hunt