Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bullet Points

Today is a bullet point kinda day.

  • We got back the grand total to fix my car $3587.10! Thank goodness the lady that hit us had insurance. And thats assuming the only thing it needs from the tire place is a new hub-cap and an alignment. If they find anything else out it could go up. Its supposed to be done next Monday the first...keep your fingers crossed for me!! Were driving down to Phoenix on the 3rd for a little vacation and we kinda need my car for that. 
  • We bought Hudson his new carsesat the other day. We decided to go with the evenflo Securekid 400 booster. I really have enjoyed this seat so far! It holds up to 110 lbs, so converts to a regular booster when Hudson is big enough. The latch system is AWESOME. works great...atleast with the rental. Lets hope its the same when we get my car back :) It has two cup holders which is something our other seat didn't have. Big bonus.
  •   Also, in case your wondering buy buy baby S.U.C.K.S. seriously. we just had one open a few months back. Maybe last summer? We never went because, well we didn't need to. Hudson is older and I can get basically anything at good ol' target. We always went to Babies R Us if we ever needed anything. Anyways, after the wreck we decided to try out buy buy baby. Its right around the corner from my mother in law too. We went and I asked someone if he could tell me a little about the seats. He was apparently new but said he would get the store general manager, "she knows everything". So she comes walking over and I explain we had an accident and need a new car seat, and that we have a certain price range to stick in for the insurance to cover it. I showed her the couple seats we really liked and asked if she could tell me a little about this since they were booster type seats and we had been using a convertible seat. I also was wondering why one was about $80 more for the basically the same seat..I wanted to know if I'm just paying for a brand or if there is an actual significant difference. First off she didn't say a thing about the accident. Which fine...its not her job. But I worked in customer service for 7 years...its just what you do. You make small talk with the people your trying to sell the product to. I was expecting at least like "oh im sorry to hear about that. lets look at these car seats blah blah ..blah" lol, something along those lines anyways. Nope..she just walked over and kinda started reading the little tags in front of the seats that tell you the weight capacity, etc.  and then just looked at me. So I asked again about the price difference.  & she was just like I don't know. Umm...then starts trying to read the warning and how to labels on the side and touching the padding. So I I just paying more for a brand or is there a real difference. And she was like...well this one here (the more expensive one) feels like it has thicker padding...maybe like a memory foam.  Seriously lady? I was irritated at this point. I guess I was expecting the type of service I had received at babies r us when purchasing previous seats. I remember the guy telling us all about the seats, letting us try out the seats, telling us which car seats your paying more for brand, and which ones are really worth it. Telling us about all the safety features. He was great at his job and a great sells man! Finally I just said I wanted the evenflo one because that was in our price range. She said ok, and then I asked where the boxes were because we couldn't find any. She went to check in back. Apparently they only had the floor model left.  Again, this is the customer service in me, but she never apologized for not having one in stock, or said when they would possibly get more in. She just said, looks like this floor model is the only one we have. And just stood there, incredibly awkward. So Tanner took out his phone and scanned it to see if anywhere else had it. It came up $30 cheaper at Babies R Us. So Tanner said, its in stock at Babies R Us, and its 30 bucks cheaper. So I told the lady never mind, were gonna go to Babies R Us. Then she walked away. Really? Customer service says so much...I will NEVER go back to Buy Buy Baby again. Ever. We went to babies R us the next day and loved ever second of the visit :) 
  • Im getting kinda worried about Hudson's speech. Obviously he is my first, and I have absolutely no clue what "normal" is. But he talks in third person. ALL the time. I wasn't worried at first, I mean he is two after all. I thought thats what all little kids do. Apparently not. Everyone comments on it, and says how cute it is he talks in third person. I have yet to talk to anyone whos kid ALWAYS talks in third person. We try to tell hudson to say "my" or "I" etc...but it lasts for just the second we tell him. Once in a while he will combine the two and say something like "Hudson wants to play my truck" but 99.9% of the time it goes more like "hudson wants to play hudsons truck" or "hudson wants hudsons mommy". Does anyones kid talk in third person? or know if this is something I should bring up with his doctor??
  • Im baby hungry. Like VERY baby hungry. I have been baby hungry for like...a year now. Not even kidding. The hubby isn't totally on board with the idea, so I have accepted that and just gone with the flow hoping he would come around to the idea soon. That is until recently. I feel like babies are EVERY-FREAKING-WHERE. Everyone is either pregnant, or just had a baby. Everywhere I look there is a baby, or something baby related. Its like the universe is taunting me. Ugh. 
  • Hudson calls me Lacie. [or usually just lace]. Especially when he is mad or upset. He always says mommy. But if he is getting my attention it usually goes "mommy, mommy, mom, mommy, lace, LACE" or if he is sad/upset/hurt he comes running "Hudson needs Lace!" I secretly love it. I know some people hate when kids call them by their name..and it kinda bugged me at first. But now I just think its cute. 
  • Were leaving for Phoenix next week! So excited :) We have lots of family down there, some of which haven't had the pleaser of meeting Mr. Hudson. Im mostly looking forward to the warm warm sunshine.
  • My house looks like it was hit with a tornado. It actually was, the tiny terror that is the Hudson Tornado. If anyone is board you are more then welcome to come clean up for me ;)
  • Im kinda sad Easter is so soon. Its gonna be over before we know it!! There is still snow on the ground as well, and it had better be gone before sunday! Were gonna have a little easter egg hunt with Hudson's cousin saturday. Should be lots of fun im excited! 
  • Im officially done rambling your ears  eyes? off



  1. hehe...that's cute about him talking in 3rd person :-) I'm pretty sure that at this age they are happy to have them talking period, and if he's putting two+ words together on top of that then I doubt they would worry about all about how "proper" it is. That said, it never hurts to just mention it to your doctor. I'd be shocked at this age though if they were concerned.

  2. My little one just turned 2 last month and I wsa worried about his speech too, but I figured he's a boy and boys take a little longer. He has been saying more words lately so I'm not too concerned.

    And I hear you on the baby hungry. Seems like everyone around me is pregnant! I wish it was that easy for me to get pregnant. But I keep praying!