Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hudson's Easter Loot

Easter is tomorrow! This year is just flying by, and Easter in March is not helping.

I keep seeing this blog hop post on whats in your little ones Easter baskets, so I thought it would be fun to share what the Easter Bunny put in Hudson's Easter basket. the Good Life has such a fun blog hop going on!

Blog Hop 

Growing up the Easter Bunny always put spring toys in our baskets. We would get chalk, kites, bubbles, sand toys, and other little goodies. So the Easter Bunny sticks to this type of theme for our little man. I kinda go a little over board...but I don't care. I love making the holidays special and watching Hudson's face light up.

Hudsons Easter loot:
[sorry the pics suck..when I went to take these I found out my battery on my camera was dead, so these are phone pics.]

In the basket he has Chalk, bubbles, magnetic letters, bunny ears, a dinosaur construction book, his chocolate bunny & a grabber toy. We got him a sandbox a little while ago for summer, so I had to get a few sand toys. the orange and blue sand wheel toy was only 3 bucks at target, then the jake shovel and pail was only 2 bucks. Finally, we got him a buzz lightyear scooter. He is going to LOVE it. Im so excited. He used our friends daughters scooter and rocked at it. We knew we had to get him one.

That is the one thing that sucks about having a winter birthday...only a month from Christmas. He never gets spring/summer toys or spring/summer clothes, & there are no real 'gift giving' holidays until next Christmas. I gotta spoil little man somehow ;)

Im so excited for this Easter. Each holiday gets more and more fun the older he gets. He understands a little more whats going on, and I know he will enjoy the Easter egg hunts. [which he has 4 of!] Tomorrow were going to my sister-in-laws parents house for a fun little egg hunt. Its Hudson's only cousin [ella] and then Ella's cousin from her other side. Should be lots of fun! And sunday its a busy day of running around to both grandparents house. I really do love the holidays....hectic and all.



  1. Fun! My parents have a scooter at their house and Brielle is really good at it they said. I should probably get the girls scooters sometime, but first I'm trying to convince my husband they need a swingset haha.

  2. I agree with you on the Winter brays, my son's is January 8th & its all winter gear :/ love the scooter, can't wait to see how much he loves it!!